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Our links with Gambia

During the autumn term, we created Christmas handicrafts to sell on our stall for the school for the blind in the Gambia.


We really enjoyed making our crafts, with the help of Jane Summer, (James Morgan's Mum) who came to help us at VIP club.

Kim Wilson, our technician, and one of our super learning support assistants in the VI unit, is paying a visit to the school for the blind at half-term.


Our funds will be use to develop the vegetable garden, the produce from which, will be used to supply breakfasts and lunches for the pupils, who would otherwise go hungry.


Thank you everybody for supporting such a good cause.

Children who are disabled, either mentally or physical, have the right to special care and education so they can lead full and independent lives.

Article 23


Great Binfields Primary School is linked with a school for visually impaired pupils in the Gambia, West Africa. The Government Organisation for Visually Impaired (GOVI) Resource Centre is the only school for the blind in the Gambia where visually impaired children have access to attend a special needs education from pre-school up to age of 12, when they are later integrated into mainstream school to complete their education.


In 2013, the incredible sum of £2400 was raised from the ‘Grow a Pound Project.’ The money was used to buy new uniforms and shoes for each of the 42 children at the school, tape recorders, batteries and computers. The GOVI also bought tinned meat and fish, rice, salt and oil so they could provide breakfast and lunch for the children due to shortages in food donations from the United Nations.


Back in 2011, the children from Great Binfields raised £400 which was used to create a vegetable garden to help provide food for the school children.


The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. On average, WFP reaches more than 90 million people with food assistance in 80 countries each year but due to the conflict in South Sudan, Syria and the Central African Republic the help provided to the GOVI has reduced drastically. They receive only 3 bags of rice, salt and oil every three months but this is not enough to feed the children.