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Stay and Play

Stay and Play After School


This is an opportunity to give the children a chance to explore the Early Years Unit with their parents’.   For many children it can be quite daunting to visit the school when it is already full of children, so this session allows you to investigate the areas without our current pupils being present.    The children will be able to play with resources inside and outside the classrooms and become familiar with where things are.  This is a time for parents and children to stay and play together in the Early Years Unit.  It is also a time to meet the Early Years team and mix with other parents.


Stay and Play Session 1 – Afternoon


This is your child’s first opportunity to spend some time in school on their own.  The children will visit the unit in three groups depending upon their birthday.  You will be meet by the Early Years Teachers who will then take the children down to the unit.  Over the next hour the children will be given opportunity to play and become familiar with the environment and start to get to know the other children who will be in their year group.  Whilst the children are playing, parents will be invited to stay for a drink and meet some of our school governors and current parents.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions of existing parents and get to know the school community.


Stay and Play Session 2 – Afternoon


This session is almost a repeat of session one to help build up the children’s familiarity of the Early Years environment.  Once again the teachers will meet the children in their birthday groups and take them down to the unit.  During this session we do ask the parents to leave the site during their child’s visit so that we can start to see how well the children settle. 


Stay and play Session 3- Afternoon


This is the final visit for the children and will be the only time that the children all come in at the same time.  At this visit the class teacher’s will tell the children which class they are going to be in.  The children will then be collected in class groups and will be taken to their new classroom.  Once again they will then get to play with a range of activities and get to know the children who will be in their class. 

Once this session is over the children will be sent home with a summer holiday activity to complete and bring to school in September.  They will also be given a photo sheet of all the children who will be in their class and an information booklet about their new teacher.



Stay and Play sessions

Dates for your diary:

Mon 3 July 2017   13:30 – 14:30
EYFS Induction session 1 for Autumn and Spring  birthday children This event has notifications.
Wed 5 July 2017   13:30 – 14:30
EYFS Induction session 1 for Summer birthday children This event has notifications. This event has notifications.
Mon 10 Jul 2017   13:30 – 14:30
EYFS Induction session 2 for Autumn and Spring birthday children This event has notifications. This event has notifications.
Wed 12 Jul 2017   13:30 – 14:30
EYFS Induction session 2 for Summer This event has notifications.birthday children This event has notifications.
Mon 17 Jul 2016   13:30 – 14:30
EYFS Induction for all children - Session 3 This event has notifications.
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