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Our Arts Vision


Our children participate in a variety of engaging and inspiring opportunities; that enable them to develop positively within their learning, academically as well as socially, emotionally and culturally. Giving all children quality experiences of the Arts in and out of the classroom impacts greatly upon the standards of attainment in the core areas achieved by our children. At Great Binfields we encourage all children and staff to adopt a growth mind set approach to all tasks and  apply this not only to learning but to ensure they are being  global citizens. The Arts play a vital part in children being able to foster this mind set and one of our school’s well know phrases ‘Don’t give up until your proud’ really applies to creative learning and  encourages children to persevere with struggles and challenges, just like those many professional artists face / have faced.

'Art and design technology is not just a subject to learn, but an activity that you can practise: with your hands, eyes and your whole personality' Quentin Blake, Children's Laureate


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Art and design develops spiritual values and contributes a wider understanding to the experience of life, which helps to build a balanced personality.' Bridget Riley, Painter

Art and design stimulates creativity and imagination and we really value this in our school. Art Provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a unique way of understanding and responding to the world around us. Our Children use colour, form, texture, pattern and different materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel and think.

Through art and design activities, our children learn to make informed value judgements and aesthetic and practical decisions, becoming actively involved in shaping environments. They explore ideas and meanings in the work of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers - both past and present.

Our older children learn about the diverse roles and functions of art, craft and design in life and in different times and cultures.

Understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the visuals arts is a huge part of our learning at Great Binfields Primary School - we truly believe 'The Arts' have the power to enrich our lives.

Every year group has a whole programme of art that links in primarily with either the children's current topic, IT, Science, RE and Literacy but on occasions this stretches to maths and other areas of the curriculum too. In addition to this we have an Art Festival week in May which spans across the whole school and culminates in an Art Exhibition for the local community.

We book visits to art galleries, theatres, craftwork workshops and also regularly invite artists to work with different year groups too.

We are resolute in our determination to ensure all children receive a rich art experience during their primary years here at GBP so that they develop a love for The Arts as they mature.

Click on the link below to check out our Latest news section where will you will find lots of Art learning that our children have participated in. Some highlights include school performances, theatre workshops, theatre visits, school trips and much much more! 
Austin's Butterfly is a video that we are very familiar with here at Great Binfields! The video shows the journey of a boy called Austin who is asked to draw a butterfly. The video shows the importance of peer and self critique and that our first attempt is not always our best. This links strongly with our school Growth Mindset ethos and this video is used in not only our Art lessons but in many others too. Austin's attitude is something that we can all take inspiration from and reminds us that making mistakes is part of the learning process.  The video is posted above and is well worth a watch! 

Critique and feedback - The story of Austin's butterfly - Ron Berger

Featuring Ron Berger from Expeditionary Learning. Produced by David Grantwww.elschools.orgwww.realschoolchange.orgHelp us caption & translate this video!http...


Useful Websites


Here are some links to some really interest and exciting Art websites, that you may like to have a look at. Some websites are linked to galleries where they tell you information about latest exhibitions and the work of famous Artists. Do you recognise any Artist names?

The work shown on these websites or the information you find out about different Artists' styles may inspire your next piece! If you discover any other useful websites let Mrs Harvey know and she can pop them on this section. 


Tate Kids:


National Portrait Gallery:


Southampton Art Gallery




Art Leaders


A fantastic opportunity for children to shine, showing their talent, skills and a role of responsibility in the school. These children attend regular meetings to share ideas about their thoughts on our Art curriculum, run Art activities and clubs, support with resourcing Art activities and our annual Arts Festival.