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Ash Class 2020-2021

Autumn 2 – The Greeks


This topic is one of the Y4 staff team’s favourites so we were very excited to get going with our Ancient Greek learning.

We began by listening to a range of Ancient Greek myths including Theseus and the Minotaur, Icarus and Daedalus and of course the tale of Medusa. A myth analysis was conducted on each to ensure we had a brilliant understanding of the characters, creatures, adventures, triumphs and despair that was present in the wonderful stories. Of course, there were many morals to explore – something that really got us talking. We then wrote our very own myths, inspired by those that we had heard. This was a huge success and we were so, so proud of the wonderful creativity that went into each one. It was great to see the children take home their myths to share their weeks of hard work.

In Maths, a highlight was interviewing Year 5 via Microsoft Teams on which myth was their favourite. We turned this data into a bar graph that shared with us some surprising results. We have also enjoyed solving problems related to time, angles and place value this half term. A lot of our strategic, systematic problem solving skills have been tested and we have found ourselves in the pit a few times.

Last half term, our Science took us inside the body – this half term we have been thinking about the outdoors as we learn more about what it means to be a predator, producer or prey. We have thought about the different food chains and food webs present in our immediate outdoor area (the fitness trail to be exact!) as we plan a longitudinal study to start 2021 testing how our mini habitats will encourage different birds to visit.

In Computing, we have been working on our coding skills in Scratch. We made race track games with mythical creatures moving around the game. There was a huge amount of trialling, testing, fixing, reviewing and adapting in our sessions and we are very proud of the independence Year 4 has shown. Don’t forget that you can use Scratch at home for free – there are so many tutorials to follow if you would like to further improve your coding knowledge.

When sculpting in Art, we got to grips with clay to make our Greek amphoras. We spent our weeks studying examples of vases, sketching the shape, creating our own design before finally getting the clay, paint and sharpies out. The results are definitely something to be proud of and look brilliant displayed in our classroom.

There have been so many other highlights this half term – Hockey in PE, forest school fun, Celebrating Difference in PSHE, Ancient Greek linked Music and so much more.

As we move further into our festive celebrations in school, we would like to say a huge well done to everyone in Year 4. We have loved this half term and seeing you all engage so positively with this topic. We are very much looking forward to our next Geography focussed topic – Extreme Earth. We will be thinking about plastic pollution, volcanoes and earthquakes, climbing Everest and lots of other exciting learning opportunities.



Autumn 1 - Scrumdiddlyumptious 

What a half term! We have been so, so incredibly impressed with how well the children have settled back into school and into our new routines. Not only have they come into a new year group but they have also had to adjust to a new school-set up. We have had a lot of fun together, getting to know everyone and our fab new topics. Year Four should be very proud. 

We have had a fun and busy half term learning all about Maya civilisation and how chocolate has changed our world in History and Geography. The children worked really hard on their Ma Humbugs advertising posters – researching, planning and editing. We know the children were so excited to share their writing with a wonderful audience. We also created a poster sharing everything the children have learnt about the origins of chocolate. This was planned to be shared with Hotel Chocolat however this has been put on pause due to the shop closing temporarily. We will keep in regular contact with the team to get this back on track. 

The children have also been working hard in Maths, we have developed our written methods for addition and subtraction, telling the time and developing our understanding of place value. Our multiplication is also improving and we love our Times Tables Rockstars challenge in the morning. We know the children have been working really hard on this at home too – we are looking forward to seeing how they progress this year. 

During our Art and DT sessions we have been looking at chocolate packaging and designing our own boxes. To give balance to our Scrumdidlyumptious learning we have explored our teeth and the digestive system during Science. This was launched with an interesting demonstration of the digestive system using tights, Orange juice and crackers and has finished with a demonstration on how different substances affect our teeth. PE has been great fun this half term – the children have been working up a sweat with Miss Lyddon as she puts them through their paces. In Netball, we have been dedicated to improving our skills when sending and receiving the ball. We have also worked on our gameplay and how we can improve team work and communication skills. 

Our RE focus has been ‘temptation’ this half term and has linked brilliantly to Scrumdiddlyumptious and all things sweet. The children have really surprised us with how deeply they have thought about the concepts explored and they have really challenged their own views.

Our particular focus in Computing this half term has been on E-safety. We put it into the context of developing Mr Wonka's chocolate website. We thought about what information should be sharing online, developing safe and secure password habits and also how to train ourselves to look for child appropriate websites. We reminded ourselves of what the CEOP button does and where it is located as well as discussing age limits on games and apps available to us.  

We have lots to look forward to next term when we start our Ancient Greeks topic! Our topic day is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really get stuck into their learning with lots of creative activities. We will be learning all about the competitive start to the Olympics and the inspiring Greek Myths! In Science we will be starting to look at predators and prey, in Art we will look at Ancient Greek vases and have a go at making our own and in PE we will have our expert come in to help us develop our Hockey skills. This will also be the term leading up to Christmas so we look forward to the fun festivities to come!


The staff working in Year 4 this year are:

Ash Class teacher – Miss Hanafin

Pine Class teacher – Miss Grove

Y4 LSAs – Mrs Lowe, Mrs Bhawan, Mrs Shillito, Mrs Clarke.

Have a look here to get to know us all a little bit more

 In Year 4, we are very conveniently placed right next to the fitness trail so we have been getting our heart rates up and moving our bodies. We have also been taking our learning outside as much as possible so that we can enjoy the weather whilst it is dry! Our first topic is Scrumdiddlyumptious and what better way to launch this then to make our own chocolate bars! Our expert chocolatiers combined some lovely flavours and are now taking inspiration from Mr Wonka himself designing their own magical bars.


We have lots of exciting and fun things planned for our Year Four learning and we can't wait to see what the children manage to achieve. They certainly have made a fantastic first impression.


Please feel free to drop us an email or phone call via the admin office account if you have any queries or concerns at all throughout the year. There will also be a member of the Year 4 Staff team on the  gate at the beginning and the end of the day should you wish to quickly pass on a message.