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Chestnut Class 2020-2021

Autumn 2 – Celebrations and Festivals


Year 5 have had a fantastic half term learning about the different celebrations and festivals observed across the world during their topic, for example: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Remembrance Day and Bonfire Night. The children have also had the opportunity to research and present information about a celebration of their choice based on family heritage and personal preference. The children have been able to gain a wider understanding and a new appreciation of some of the differences and similarities between diverse cultures and religions. The children used their new knowledge to create non-chronological reports about Hanukkah, Remembrance Day letters and wonderful bonfire descriptions.


In Maths, the children have been securing their knowledge of the four operations and learning how to apply these methods within a variety of word problems. They have also at adding and subtracting fractions, equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals, as well as how to use place value to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000. 


In History we have been learning about the heritage of different celebrations, with a focus on how Christmas traditions have changed over time. In Science the children have been looking at how light travels in straight lines. They have even  conducted their own light experiments, thinking about how to record their results accurately. In PE, the children have grown in confidence with their hockey skills, despite some bad weather! 


The children have also been taking part in a number of Christmas crafts such as painting elves and ceramic decorations plus designing and making fabric ice skate decorations. Take a look at their Christmas Showcase video to see more of this!


After Christmas we will be looking at Ancient Egypt in our topic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’. We will learn about the mummification process and study the infamous Tutankhamun.

Welcome to Chestnut Class 2020-2021


Our new Year 5 children have proven themselves to be resilient, upbeat and enthusiastic learners who have set a great first impression since being back at school. It has been fantastic to hear all about the adventures, challenges and personal achievements that the children have experienced during the lockdown period and into the Summer holidays. The children have settled in brilliantly and have already adapted to our new routines and safety reminders very well. They have loved the start of our new topic (Ooh La La) and have shown great focus and determination so far. Keep it up Year 5!


Year 5 will have their PE session on a Monday this year. Please remember that the children need to come into school wearing their PE kit and therefore should not need to bring any PE bags into school. Guidelines for this have been emailed to all parents.


We would also like to introduce you to the Year 5 staff team that your children will be working with this year. Mrs Osborne (Chestnut Class Teacher), Mrs Ellis (Beech Class Teacher), Mrs Teasdale (Class LSA/ELSA), Mrs Lemar (Class LSA), Mrs Sheers (HLTA) and Mrs Folan (1:1 support). If you have not had chance already, make sure you take a look at our meet the staff information pack as it provides a lovely insight into all of the different adults who are working in Year 5 this year.


Please feel free to drop us an email or phone call via the admin office account if you have any queries or concerns at all throughout the year. There will also be a member of the Year 5 Staff team on the Pyotts Copse gate at the beginning and the end of the day should you wish to quickly pass on a message.


We look forward to catching up with you soon.