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Remote Education for EYFS children

For other questions and answers around remote education in EYFS please read the letter below. 

Your child should access their remote education via Tapestry - a learning journey platform. 

However, it is important to note that if your child is ill then they should not be expected to engage in remote home education until they are feeling better. This information just needs to be communicated with your child’s teacher via your child's Tapestry platform.


Different areas of the EYFS curriculum will be planned and uploaded for your child to access daily so that they do not miss out on the objectives being taught in class and therefore reducing the risk of missing key concepts and hindering their learning EYFS journey. Activities/tasks will be designed to be completed in your home and garden. These activities will now be directly linked to what your child would have been taught in school at that time and will make specific reference to new teaching and playing content as well as consolidating previous playful learning too.


Remote Education will be shared on the Tapestry platform in a variety of ways – sometimes through PDF documents, images, videos explaining concepts, teacher audio recordings and links to other websites/video links.


Children can respond to the tasks set on paper and then take a photo to upload to Tapestry or they can draw, type, act or record audio or video straight onto the platform.


Log onto your child's account below to find out what they will be doing. 

Your child's teacher will give Tapestry feedback on your child's uploads using typed, icon or through audio responses.

Your child's class teacher may also give advice on next steps, some extra explanation or a further challenge.