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Signs of Spring Hunt -

Games for Walks

How about playing these games and may be it might give you inspiration to make up your own too...

Pirates - Use fallen trees in the woodland to imagine these are pirate ships. Look for land ahoy! And keep an eye open for swashbuckling pirates keen to invade and steal your treasure. What could be your treasure today?

Spies - The adults walk ahead and children secretly follow behind, darting from tree to tree and ducking down to remain hidden. 

Bad Dad/Mum/Brother/Sister - Your dad/mum/brother/sister plays the role of a robber trying to escape. They run ahead and the family run behind shouting "Don't let him/her get away!" 

Sloths - The children hang upside down from tree branches being sloths. The adults are the conservationists coming to help them. 

Motorbikes - This means running up and down steep-sided halfpipe like paths and ditches, pretending to be motorbikes, making higher and higher pitching revving noises when going uphill. (You have to not care about looking like numpties if you encounter other families out walking though!) 

How old is this oak?

Noticing the enormous oak trees in our local woods started a conversation about how old they were. Arm-spanning the trunks to measure the girth (your arm span is the same as your height), we used this table from the Woodland Trust to work out their age. We began to talk about the events these trees had lived through and created stories about their lives. The planes that flew over in the second world war; the disappearance of the red squirrel and the arrival of the grey; how fashions and land use have changed since they were an acorn. Fuel for inquisitive imaginations!

Puddle Skating

In very cold weather find icy puddles to skate on, or pretend that you are intrepid explorers walking across cracking ice, trying reach the other side without going under. It’s very important to 'up' the drama obviously. There aren’t many better ways to have peril without actual danger. 

Wrap up warm after making a flask of hot chocolate and pack a few tasty treats - Take a blanket to sit on and a throw to pop over you - who says you can't have a short 5 minute picnic in the middle of winter??