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Hazel Class (Year 3)

Spring 2 in Hazel Class


We cannot wait to welcome you all back in a week and a half. The children who have been learning in school are really looking forward to having everyone back J Mrs Holdsworth, Miss Rendall, Mrs Wood, Mrs Clarke, Mrs O’Neill & Mrs Zamin can’t wait to welcome you back either of course!


We are continuing with our Spring topic of ‘All around the world’ but this half term with a focus on rivers instead of mountains. This will tie in nicely with the work we will be doing on the water cycle. We will also be taking a look at what is needed for plants to survive and the functions of each of their parts.


In Maths we will be looking at: length, division and fractions. We have been astounded by your times table/multiplication knowledge so it’s really important we also understand the related division facts. So for example if we know that 2 x 5 = 10 we also know that 10 ÷ 2 = 5 and 10 ÷ 5 = 2. Remember the key difference is that multiplication can be written either way e.g. 2 x 5 = 10 or 5 x 2 = 10 whereas division calculations must start with the largest number.


In English we will be: completing a free write based on the very adventurous story of a red boat, writing travel leaflets and completing some instruction writing. We will continue to embed the grammar skills we have been working on such as: inverted commas, apostrophes, word classes and punctuation.


Excitingly, we now have our indoor PE slot back – hurrah! This will take place every Friday afternoon so will be a great way to end the week. Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs Wood look forward to doing some ‘bootcamp’ with you and get those hearts pumping! Our outdoor PE session will remain on a Tuesday afternoon and will be cricket.

Listen2Me will continue with Mrs Vaughan, Computing will be in the form of e-safety (including creating our very own avatars!), Jigsaw will revolve around the theme of ‘Healthy Me’ and we also have ‘Fresh mind Friday’ to look forward to where we will be creating our own paper plate hot air balloon. We also have some Mother’s Day bits up our sleeves too so watch this space!


Thanks for reading and, on behalf of the whole of the Year Three Team, we can’t wait to have you all back!

Spring 1 in Hazel Class


We know that this Spring 1 is quite different from previous Spring terms but actually the basis of what we are learning remains the same :-)


This term the Year 3 topic is ‘All Around the World’. Our main focus will be 'mountains' as part of Geography and in English we will be doing Haikus and writing non-chronological reports. Children will love finding out interesting facts using both books and online resources. In Computing we will be using Kiddle, the child-friendly version of Google, in order to research countries and produce a fact file. Children will continue to develop their knowledge and awareness of e-safety and how to use search engines sensibly in order to benefit their learning.


For Science we will be investigating rocks, fossils and soil. This is always an interesting topic, understanding what is beneath our feet! It also links well to our research about mountains, understanding how mountains are formed and the different types of rock they can be made from. Why not ask us about sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks so we can explain some of our learning?


As part of Art and DT we will be choosing cities from around the world to research in order to design and create an 'inchie'. An inchie is a small piece of fabric that you use specific skills for: such as cutting, sticking and sewing. 




Season's Greetings!


Here we are in the penultimate week of term, super excited on the build-up to Christmas. But there is no sign of us winding down any time soon here at GBPS! This week has been jam-packed..! We completed our end pieces for Topic where we wrote an educational statement, we showcased our wonderful musical skills at our Ukelele concert and we then did some Polyblock printing as part of our William Morris Art/DT topic. You will see our wonderful designs on the front of your Christmas cards :-) We have also concluded our Measurement topic in Maths by making some Victorian potions to help cure Jim from the workhouse. We've had lots of fun!


Next week continues to bring lots of excitement for us all, including: Christmas dinner, Christmas jumper day, Panto, Golden Time, RE day, French day, Golden Time and then of course a half day on Friday! We are exhausted just at the thought of it! The children continue to astound us with their brilliant attitudes to all they do. Ms Rogers couldn't believe the standard of the polyprints we completed - she thought they had come straight from a shop!


From all of the Year Three team,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas.  

Ukulele Concert December 2019

The beginning of Autumn 2 welcomes... Victorian Day!


Victorian Day was both amazing and terrifying all at the same time! We did a range of activities including: playground drills (as terrifying as they sound!), History recital, transcription, handwriting on slates and Geography (using maps to plot the British Empire).  In the afternoon we took it in turns to each read a line of 'Goldilocks' then created a mini DT project in the form of a 'thaumatrope'. The teachers were stricter than ever and even did hand inspections. Boys and girls were treated very differently with boys doing technical drawing and girls doing sewing. The children were treated with very little respect and were even spotted at times wearing the Dunce hat!


The children were able to reflect on how fortunate they are now to be in such a respectful school and how awful it would have been to live as a Victorian school child. 

The end of Autumn 1


Well it's hard to believe that we have only been a Year 3 family for one half term! This half term has absolutely whizzed by and we continue to be wowed by the children's passion and enthusiasm. We have really got stuck into our Victorians topic this half term and looked at how awful (!) it would have been to be a Victorian - whether they attended work or school! We are looking forward to acting out a Victorian classroom when we have our Victorian Day next half term.


This week we have been looking at time in Maths, following on from calendars last week. We are now all secure in o'clock, quarter/half past; it's just those tricky 'to' times and converting between analogue and digital times which we need to continue to work on. We have been busy writing up our diary entries this week in English, where we empathised with a boy or girl from Victorian times who had to suffer the conditions of a Victorian workhouse. They certainly didn't get Fish & chip Friday; daily sloppy gruel was on the cards for them!


Highlights of our half-term have been: World Peace Day, Friendship Week, First Aid Day and our visit to St Mary's for our Harvest Festival. But we still have: the Halloween Disco, our House Point Reward and Dress down day to look forward to.

Have a wonderful half term break and thank you all for your continued support - your children continue to be a real asset to you and the school.

An update


WOW! Well who would have thought we would already be getting to the halfway point of this half term. Your children have settled into Year Three wonderfully and it feels like they have been a part of Key Stage Two for much longer than a matter of weeks.


We have been busy getting stuck into our 'Victorians' topic - researching artefacts, becoming Historians and placing events on a timeline. One of our favourite inventions of theirs was ice cream - who knew?! So when you're tucking into your next ice cream sundae - think of them!


One of our highlights of the week is always our Listen2Me sessions on a Thursday with Miss Vaughan - she is fantastic and we learn so much. We've started reading music to help us learn the ukulele and she is so impressed with how far we have progressed in such a short space of time.


After visiting the church this morning for Harvest we will be working on our Christmas cards this afternoon (we like to be organised!) - did we really just mention Christmas in September?!


Thank you for reading and for your continued support.

Welcome to Year Three - 2019-20!


WOW! We are so super impressed by how well the children have already settled into life as a Key Stage Two pupil at GBPS. They have blown us away with their work ethics, growth mindset approaches and maturity and we have had great fun getting to know them all already! We have launched our Victorians topic and the children have created some beautifully colourful Topic front covers. We also enjoyed creating 'Curiosity Collages' this week where we explored the great outdoors and thought about what made us wonder and what made us curious. What a great welcome back to school that was exploring our fabulous grounds.


We will be getting stuck into English and Maths next week in our first full week. Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday (except for this week when it's Monday and Thursday!). We do occasionally have swaps so the best advice is to bring PE kits in on a Monday then take them home to be washed on a Friday. 


Your children are already a wonderful credit to you all, what a fantastic start they have made.


~Mrs Holdsworth (Hawthorn), Mrs Barnhouse/Mrs Rendall (Hazel), Mrs Shillito, Mrs Bhawan & Mrs Clarke.

The end is near! :-'(


We cannot believe we only have one more full week to go! But we will be sure your children go out with a bang as we have so much to squeeze into next week, including: Open Evening, water fight Golden Time and Binfield's Got Talent. We wanted to share with you the amazing pictures we have from Stone Age day. We had such a good day out in the woods making dens and building our settlements. The stew which we prepped ourselves (with a little help from Mr Wood!) tasted absolutely delicious and we were all up for seconds! Yum! We cooked it authentically using an iron pot on a real fire in the woods - as you can hopefully see from the pictures.


Thank you so much for all of your support this year - we have been very lucky to have your wonderful children in Year Three and know they will go on to achieve wonderful things in Year Four and beyond.

Summer term is here!


Well as we write we are entering week THREE of Summer 1 - a super short half term which promises to be just as jam-packed as usual! We launched our topic this half-term in true GBPS style with fragments of Iron (which we can only assume belonged to the one and only Iron Man) being found scattered all over the playground..! Our English has since been focused on this with a build-up to newspaper reports on the Iron Man Mystery being written next week. Year Threes have had first-hand experience at journalism: writing headlines, taking notes and listening to eye-witness accounts.


Maths has revolved around column addition so far where we have been consolidating our knowledge on this formal method. Our teachers have been so impressed with how much we have remembered about this from last half-term. This week we will be looking at shape - focusing mainly on perimeter and right angles.


Last week we enjoyed a fantastic 'Love of Day' which centred upon 'Wonders of the World' - of which we realised there are so many! We really enjoyed sharing our Art work with our partner year group Year One. As well as cooking next week, we have Art Week to look forward to which will conclude with our much anticipated Art Festival. We will also be re-organising our River Study which was sadly cancelled last half term due to the weather. Fingers crossed that this half-term delivers on weather and lives up to its name!



Photos from Spring term!

Spring 2 

Happy Easter from the Year Three team..!


WOW! What a jam packed half-term it's been! Our Peace Child performance featured very heavily this half term and we were so proud of the children for their efforts in this. As Miss Rogers said, if they are that brilliant now, just imagine their performances by the end of Key Stage Two in the Year 5/6 production!


We also really progressed with our PE skills with the help of Mr Filbe who came in to help us for rugby - both class teachers were incredibly grateful for his generous support with that. We battled through all elements (and even had some sunshine on one week!) and the children now have an excellent understanding of the skills required for tag rugby.


Another highlight of this half term has to be our Listen2Me concert where the children once again performed beautifully (their second performance in one week!). It never ceases to amaze us just how much they can learn from one instrument in a relatively short period of time. Thank you again for your support in attending these events - it means so much to us and the children that you attend and support them and show value and appreciation in all they do.


Have a wonderful Easter - we know next half term will be just as busy as this one for our 'Iron Man' topic.

Spring 2!


It seems hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the second week of Spring 2. I know we say this about every one of them, but this half term really is jam packed! Alongside all of our usual learning, we are busy preparing for our Spring performance, as well as learning how to play the Ukelele and a bit of rugby on the side! We're exhausted just at the thought of it! We are really fortunate to have Mr Filbe in to teach us rugby and he comes every Wednesday morning - just a reminder that we do need full PE kit and proper footwear to do this as we are outside (rain permitting!). Thank you.

We also have a number of other events going on this half term, including World Book Day which we are celebrating today (brilliant effort on the costumes guys!) and Red Nose Day which will be next Friday. Our topic whilst still 'All around the world' has changed focus from mountains to rivers and we are really enjoying learning more about these. In Art we have begun some water lily sketches which are proving tricky, but with our Growth Mindset approach, we know we can achieve anything!

Before we know it, it'll be Easter. It really is 'blink and you miss it' at the moment!

Spring 1 Newsletter

As we near the end of Spring 1...


WOW! What a jam-packed half term we have had since the new year. We have launched the Lower School Easter production 'Peace Child' and children have begun learning their lines, as well as practising the songs and dances for the show. Our topic 'All around the world' reached a peak last week when we wrote a postcard to Miss Rogers from either Mount Everest/Scafell Pike (quite a difference) telling her about the changes we have witnessed such as: erosion, human traffic and climate change. Mrs Holdsworth and Mrs King were so impressed by all of the knowledge we showed during this task.


We are doing really well with our Ukelele and look forward to showcasing you our skills with these next half term. Both classes were also fortunate enough to earn a golden trail treat this half term, where we enjoyed ice-creams and a film. Bliss! We were fortunate enough to enjoy two topic days last week in the form of 'Safer Internet Day 2019' and 'Love of Tolerance' day. We really enjoyed both and are now looking forward to putting both our e-safety and tolerance skills into practise.


Next half-term we have external rugby training on Wednesday mornings...we'll be exhausted by Easter (and that's just the adults!)... Have a wonderful, well-deserved half term break.

~The Year 3 Team 



It feels very strange to be writing 'Spring term' as the weather lingers in minus temperatures and sleet was falling from the sky this morning! But it won't be long until we see the first signs of Spring appearing...We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break (a distant memory by now I'm sure) and have started 2019 in the right way.


We have launched our new topic 'All Around the World' by looking at a map of the world and signposting any links we may have to other countries. We have learnt how incredibly multi-cultural and diverse we all are with stories linking us to various parts of the world. We have also begun to learn about mountains, which has been a fascinating learning journey for us all so far.


We have been incredibly proud of the children and how well they have come back in, raring to go for this brand new year of opportunities. Their levels of enthusiasm have certainly not wavered, even after two weeks away from us. Please continue to support your child by ensuring that their Home School Books are signed at least five times a week and are brought into school every day. Thank you.


Watch this space for our next update...Thanks for reading.

As you can see from the pictures below we had an awful (!) time for Victorian Day! The children enjoyed 'paying' for their education and lining up separately as boys and girls outside the classroom. They didn't enjoy how strict us teachers were or how little help we gave them during their activities, which included: rote learning of times tables, writing on slate boards with chalks (left hands behind backs of course!), mapping out the British Empire and, definitely their favourite part of the day, making Thaumatropes. We hope it really did give them a real insight into what life would have been like in the life of a Victorian child.

Victorian Day

Autumn 2


We made the decision this year to extend our 'Victorians' topic into Autumn 2 and we are so glad we did! The children are absolutely loving it - as are we! We are also looking forward to giving the topic a Christmassy vibe towards the end of the term. Victorian Day will be taking place next week and we can't wait to get into role and be the strictest of Victorian teachers!


The children have settled back into class wonderfully after half term - as we knew they would. We have lots to look forward to this half-term, including: making Punch & Judy puppets, learning how to play 'handball', performing a Gym sequence to our partner classes and completing William Morris style Artwork.


We are also continuing to develop our Growth Mindset work and, in particular, our focus on wellbeing. The children are always the first to inform us if they are 'wilting wallflowers' or 'flourishing flowers' and we're pleased to report we have a lot more of the latter!


Thanks for reading and for your continued support as always.

With our very best wishes,

Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs King 

On Monday, Year 3 had their First Aid sessions. We learned all about why First Aid is important and what to do in an emergency. We had a go at putting each other in the recovery position, wrapping bandages and saw how CPR should be done on Annie the dummy! In class, we have started making some First Aid posters to show the things we have learned.

Totally tennis!


On Wednesday last week we were fortunate enough to be visited from Phil at Totally Tennis. He taught us a range of super fun games, including basketball tennis and tennis keepy uppies! We really enjoyed our morning with him and we each received a certificate for how hard we had worked. We also received an invite to a free event on Saturday which lots of us attended. Thank you Phil for rejuvenating our love for tennis - we can't wait until the summer now when we consolidate what we have learnt!

Freeze frames in Literacy and Maths multiplication game fun!

Having fun whilst learning!


Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs King continue to be astounded by the work ethic of our wonderful Year Threes. Our 'Victorian' topic is going from strength to strength and last week we found out about some quirky artefacts from the Victorian era. We are really enjoying becoming historians and digging deeper for clues. In English we have been continuing to write descriptive scenes on 'Journey' (a beautifully mesmerising picture book). We have been working hard on improving our vocabulary choices to ensure they are the most ambitious they can possibly be (just like us!). Having ensured our number/place value knowledge was secure we have since moved onto each of the four operations. We are beginning to see the relationship between numbers and operations and have learnt some super tricky maths vocabulary, such as inverses and multiples.


Take a look at our photos to see some of what we have been up to! Thanks for visiting our page!

We have had a fantastic start back to life as a Year Three at Great Binfields Primary. Last week we launched our brand new topic ‘The Victorians’ by watching some re-enactments of diary entries written by people living in the Victorian era. We then completed KWL grids on what we know (a lot it would seem – our teachers are impressed!), what we would like to find out (we asked some great questions here such as ‘What was Victorian education like?’ and ‘How did they get their food?’) and what we have learned (we left this section blank and ready to fill out at the end of our topic). Our teachers have been so impressed by our wonderful work ethic and willingness to learn. We have also showed great perseverance and determination with our ‘quizzes’ and continue to do so! We are looking forward to getting our teeth stuck into some number bond work later on this week. We look forward to seeing you at the Expectations Evening tomorrow night too.

Many thanks,

The Year 3 Team

(Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs King – Hawthorn & Hazel Class Teachers, Mrs Folan & Mrs Sheers – Hawthorn LSAs, Mrs Bhawan & Mrs Teasdale – Hazel LSAs)

Spring 2 in Hazel Class


This half term our topic has been Ground Force. It has had a great Science focus looking at plants and flowers and becoming more scientific in our understanding of how they grow. We worked as small groups to complete an investigation in order to find out the most effective conditions for a plant to grow. Whilst some of us took all the leaves off the plant (because we knew that photosynthesis works via the leaves, which gives plants energy) other groups investigated roots systems and how they absorb water. Children created posters about this in order to teach each other about their findings. 


We started this half term with ‘Book and Writing Week’ of which the focus was ‘Without Words’. The children looked at a selection of strange pictures from our book, Flotsam and had to write their own story openings by inferring meaning from these pictures. A message we discovered through the story is all about looking after our oceans so we also sorted recycling to make bar charts and recycled plastic bottles to make fish in Art. The book certainly linked well to our topic and the recent National Science Week we took part in. Mr MacQueen from Veoila kindly visited to talk to Year 3 about what happens to our rubbish and specifically what happens to the rubbish that cannot be recycled. We wrote information posters using this information to help make us more aware of what we should be doing to help our environment. 


In Geography, we have been comparing two different coastal towns in England and looking at their physical and human geographical features. We have located towns, cities and counties on UK map and have begun to locate rivers around the UK.


We also had a Victorian 'Play in a Day'. It was certainly a very busy day but wow did the children work hard to put on a fantastic performance in the afternoon. Each group only had half an hour in the morning before putting on a 1 1/2 hour play focusing on significant events that took place during the Victorian era.


The end of term closed with the Year 3 Listen to Me concert. Children worked together with their families on different drums to teach others about the rhythm and beats they had been practicing; it sounded fantastic!


Next half term our topic will be Up Up and Away where we will continue to focus on Geography, specifically focusing on countries and cities around the world. In Maths children will be practicing reading and recording the time in minute intervals and using developing our knowledge of money. We will also be looking forward to our annual Great Binfields Art Week so watch this space for more information...I wonder what surprises are in store this year!

Spring 1 in Hazel Class


During Spring term our topic was Iron Man. The term began with a shocking discovery; Iron Man had exploded into pieces on our school playground! The children interviewed one another, as well as staff members, about their experiences before writing a news report about the surprise event. Throughout the term Year 3 read Iron Man by Ted Hughes in order to think carefully about the appearance and personality of the Iron Man. Children used this descriptive language to write poems and character descriptions.


In Science Year 3 focused on magnets this term, investigating the north and south poles and how different materials attract and repel. Children loved building structures with magnets and made a whole array of designs. 


Children have worked hard on their number work this half term including fractions and place value. Children also investigate angles in shapes, specifically identifying right angles. How many right angles can you find in your home?


Year 3 also took part in Safer Internet Day as well as having a whole-school e-safety awareness day. During these sessions we welcomed Andrew from Harrap in to speak to us about how we use the internet and how to stay safe online. Children understood that the internet is a great resource but we must also be aware how to stay online when things do go wrong. 


This half term our topic is Ground Force. We will be looking at plants and flowers and becoming more scientific in our understanding of how they grow. We will be writing our own Eco Leaflets and doing some non-fiction writing about how plants grow. In Geography, we will be comparing two different coastal towns in England and looking at their physical and human geographical features. We have already begun to locate town, cities and counties on UK maps. During our Maths lessons we have already done some handling data and multiplication. We will be moving on to start looking at more formal methods for addition and multiplication this half term.


We started this half term with ‘Book and Writing Week’ of which the focus was ‘Without Words’. The children looked at a selection of strange pictures from our book, Flotsam and had to write their own story openings by inferring meaning from these pictures. A message we discovered through the story is all about looking after our oceans so we also sorted recycling to make bar charts and recycled plastic bottles to make fish in Art.


This half term is jam-packed full of exciting activities so keep your eyes peeled for the Victorian theatre workshop, Listen to Me concert and Easter events. Also, please remember our information evening for the year 3 residential trip on Tuesday 13th March.

This half term our topic is Ground Force. We will be looking at plants and flowers and becoming more scientific in our understanding of how they grow. We will be writing our own Eco Leaflets and doing some non-fiction writing about how plants grow. In Geography, we will be comparing two different coastal towns in England and looking at their physical and human geographical features. We have already begun to locate town, cities and counties on UK maps. During our Maths lessons we have already done some handling data and multiplication. We will be moving on to start looking at more formal methods for addition and multiplication this half term.


We started this half term with ‘Book and Writing Week’ of which the focus was ‘Without Words’. The children looked at a selection of strange pictures from our book, Flotsam and had to write their own story openings by inferring meaning from these pictures. A message we discovered through the story is all about looking after our oceans so we also sorted recycling to make bar charts and recycled plastic bottles to make fish in Art.


This half term is jam-packed full of exciting activities so keep your eyes peeled for the Victorian theatre workshop, Listen to Me concert and Easter events.

Autumn 2 in Hazel Class


Year 3 loved the topic Victorians this term and thoroughly enjoyed focusing on the book Street Child by Berlie Doherty. We used this story to understand the life of a poor Victorian child and how they would have survived. Children made comparisons between the education and life of a poor and a rich Victorian child and found it interesting to think about how this differs from life today. These differences really came to life on our Victorian Day! They day began by boys and girls having to line up separately before coming into school. They then had to spend lessons sat in rows, in silence, unless invited to speak. Afterwards some children said they enjoyed the layout of the classroom and liked a few more of the rules, others however were glad when the day ended! During Victorian Day girls learnt to sew whilst boys went out to complete technical drawings. The class also learnt about the British Empire, using old maps to find these countries. Everyone made a great effort with their outfits; it was certainly clear who the rich and poor children were!

Throughout this term we have also focused on the Victorian artist William Morris. Children were inspired by him, designing their own intricate and detailed drawings. They then used these ideas to create their own polyblock prints, which were used for their Christmas cards this year.  In Maths children had to use their knowledge of capacity to create and produce a Victorian medicine! Each group had a set of instructions such as it must measure 250ml in total, 1 ingredient must be a multiple of 5 etc. children had to put their team skills into practise in order to carefully follow their instructions! Children have also learnt about food chains, understanding the differences between consumers and producers. This linked well with our Love of the Environment Day this term, where we focused on what happens when the food chain is broken.

Year 3 have also spent a lot of time focusing on Punch and Judy. From designing and creating their very own puppets, dioramas and even play scripts, children loved the humorous, traditional Victorian story. With a DT focus children used a saw to cut their dowling for their puppets, some sewed their costumes and everyone made colourful, creative dioramas to stage their plays. Over several weeks children learnt how to use speech in stories as well as play scripts. All of this hard work was then put together to put on a performance for Year 1 children. Year 3 wrote invitations to the classes, explaining what they might expect to see. It was lovely to see the plays be performed, as well as the audience get involved and enjoy the afternoon.

In Spring 1 Year 3’s topic will be Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We will be focusing on descriptive vocabulary at the start of term in order to produce poetry and our own descriptions of the Iron Man. This is also a great scientific topic to investigate materials and magnetism! Watch this space for more information!

Autumn 1 in Hazel Class


Year 3 have settled in well this term, enjoying our topic Journeys. The children created some persuasive writing for people to visit their underwater hotel, linked to the story 'Snail and the Whale'. We then focused the rest of the term on the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. This is a great story; despite there being no words children understood the book very well and loved thinking of their own ideas describing the setting and characters, Children also had to read digital and analogue time in 5 minute intervals in order to order the events within the story. We also created some beautiful sketches and water colour paintings linked to this story too. 


During the term we visited Tesco to understand where in the world our food comes from. This helped us understand about the different continents and oceans, which we used to create a journey around the globe. When visiting Tesco we found out that if we were to go back at a different time of year our food journey might be a very different one...why do you think this could be?


In Science we have focused on learning about the water cycle. We created investigations in the playground about puddles and created our own water cycle in a bag in order to understand the cycle on a much smaller scale!


Children have loved starting the ukulele this term, learning about the different parts of the instrument in order to being to strum and play it. They are very excited to be performing in their concert next term. 


In Autumn 2 we will focus on a new topic Victorians! The story 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty will help to understand what life was like for children, and poor families during the Victorian period. We can't wait for our Victorian Day where we will experience what life was like in a Victorian school! Keep looking for updates on this in our Latest News!

Welcome to Hazel Class



We've had a brilliant first day in Hazel class and we are settling in well. We have been working really well as a class team! smiley It was really exciting being able to use the snack trolley and we are getting to grips with being in KS2 and the changes that come with that fantastically. 


Our topic this half term is 'Journeys' and we will be completing lots of fun and interesting work for our topic books. We will look at the journey of a river and the water cycle in Geography and Science. In Maths, we will be working hard to add and subtract numbers to spot patterns that will help us solve problems more quickly and will also putting the map reading skills that we have been learning to the test by plotting coordinates on a grid! In Literacy, we have lots of exciting writing planned based around the stories of Journey, by Aaron Becker, Grandfather's Journey, by Allen Say and The Snail and the Whale, by Julia Donaldson.


We will be starting our Listen 2 Me lessons next week and will learning to play the Ukuele so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming concert day near Christmas!

Summer 2- Stone Age


This half term our focus will be the Stone Age. We will become historians and discover how these pre-historic hunter gatherers live, looking through the eyes of the boy in the story Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura.

One of the highlights of the topic will be our Stone Age day. We look forward to dressing up and taking part in a number of activities. Watch this space!

Up Up and Away


This half term our topic is Up, Up and Away. Our main focus will be history: investigating the history of flight and science: learning about every day materials and air resistance. There will be opportunities for design and technology, making parachutes and revisiting forces. In art we will be designing and making prints about flight. There will be strong links in literacy with poetry and non-chronological reports.

Spring 2- Ground Force


This half term our topic is Ground Force. It is a science based topic and our focus will be on plants and flowers. We will become scientists and conduct experiments investigating the requirements of plants for life and growth and how they vary from plant to plant. In art we will be studying the work of Monet and Van Gogh using it to inspire our own creations.

Iron Man


This half term our topic is The Iron Man, based on the novel by Ted Hughes. We heard a very loud crash and bang in the playground and found all sorts of bits and pieces from Iron Man.


During the topic, we will become scientists and conduct experiments involving magnets. As part of our ICT lessons we will learn about robots through BeeBots and Roamer, looking at programming. In art we will be sketching Iron Man and making sculptures.


This week, we have started writing our own Iron Man poetry following a rhyming structure and will be writing our own newspaper articles about Iron Man’s arrival in town.


In Listen to Me this half term we will be using our voices to create music and look forward to seeing you all for our concert before Easter!


The children have been VERY excited about this topic and we are really looking forward to teaching the children all about it this half term.



This half term is a very busy and exciting one with Christmas fast approaching. Our topic is Victorians. We have been doing a lot of research already to find about what life was like in Victorian times and have completed a timeline of key events.


In Literacy we have started looking a story called ‘Street Child’ about a young boy living in the Victorian era. Later in the term we will be writing our own play scripts for a puppet show as well as making our own puppets in D&T. In Science we will be looking at Victorian medicine and conducting an experiment looking at teeth.


We will be having our Victorian’s day on Tuesday 15th November and there is more information about this in our newsletter. 


We are very much looking forward to another super half term!

Welcome to Hazel Class



We've had a brilliant first few weeks in Hazel class and we are settling in well. We have been working really well as a class team to earn ourselves some gold spots! smiley


Our topic this half term is called 'Journeys' and we have already completed lots of fun and interesting work for our topic books. We have looked at the journey of a river and the different continents in Geography; written a holiday brochure for the Snail and the Whale in English and we are moving onto diary writing based on a book called 'Grandfather's Journey' by Allen Say soon. In Maths we have been working really hard when adding and subtracting numbers to spot patterns that will help us solve problems more quickly. 


Also, we have started our ukulele lessons with Listen 2 Me which we really enjoyed. Check out the pictures on the website!

Welcome to Hazel Class


We hope you enjoy looking at our page and all the exciting learning we have done so far this year. no



We have had a marvellous half term learning lots of exciting things about the Victorians. Our term began with a brilliant theatre workshop where we learnt about what life was like for Victorian Children. We used the story ‘Street Child’ to inspire our writing and carried out some interesting science experiments to do with Victorian hygiene, and why they liked to have black teeth. Take a look at the range of photos below, showing what we have got up to.

'Street Child' Freeze Frames

Treehouse Theatre Workshop

Victorian Toy Talk from Mr Cushing

Egg Experiment (Victorian Teeth Hygiene)

Victorian Day



What a fantastic first few weeks we have had in Hazel class. We are getting much better knowing our weekly routine and lots of you are making a real effort in improving your learning behaviours. Our topic is titled 'Journeys' this half term, and we have already been learning lots about the different continents and oceans in our world. It has been fascinating to find out where we all went on our holidays and to pin our postcards onto our class world map. We are going to be exploring lots of other Journeys this half term, so watch this space! Photos will be added below showing our learning and work that we will be doing.

Journey to School Homework Project

Literacy: Understanding how paragraphs are written

MSSC DAY: Love of Rastafarianism

Our Journey to Africa (Listen2Me)