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Helpful Links during COVID-19 Lockdown


Remember you can speak to an adult in school if you have a worry, are scared or are really sad. We will help you. No problem is too big or too small.


Our telephone number is 01256 460532 and ask to speak to Miss Lyddon, Miss Rendall, Mrs Teasdale or me, Miss Rogers. 


Remember that adults in school are ringing you at home once a week to check how you are if you are self isolating, so you can talk about any worries or sadness you have when they ring you. We are good listeners and will always take your worries seriously.


Or if you have an email account, you can email our school asking to speak to one of us and we will ring you or email you back as soon as we can. Our school email address, as we have shared before is


Or you can contact Childline 0800 1111: Remember Ms Rogers' assembly in the summer on Speak Out, Stay Safe. Child Line is a charity that can help you.

General Guidance about Covid 19

Bereavement and Loss signposting of agencies