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History and Geography

History and Geography

At Great Binfields, we know that understanding the world we are living in is integral to the development of children as young learners and global citizens. It also gives children the essential opportunities to explore how views about periods of time and places in the world have been constructed, all the while developing skills of empathy, communication and justification. We believe that the best way to explore this learning is by making real life links, connections to other areas of learning and engaging, active opportunities. We balance the important relationship between knowledge and skills; exploring and deepening ever-growing knowledge year on year as well as broadening the tools children have in order to navigate, interpret and communicate their learning. 




“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the questions”


“Engaging children in investigating questions about people and events in the past helps them to better understand their lives today, the contested nature of knowledge and prepares them for the future as more informed citizens.”


“By developing empathy for other people and places, geography students are able to participate in shaping a better, shared future for the world. They are able to develop a sense of self and appreciation of cultural diversity, support social justice, human rights and building peace, and undertake actions for a sustainable future in different times and places.”


Each half term, each year group has a new enquiry question to frame their learning. These questions are designed so that children can delve deep in to aspects of periods in time or places in the world; forming judgements, making observations and summarising. Learning opportunities are planned so that children are getting a rich diet of both knowledge and skills that they can apply in a variety of ways and settings. These enquiry questions then filter out right into our Literacy, our Reading, our IT, our Art and much more.


Some enquiry questions that have been explored in school recently include:


-How do our favourite toys compare with those of the children in the 1960s?

-What is special about our woodland?

-The Great Fire of London: How do we remember?

-What is different from one end of a continent to another?

-Going Viking: Why did Scandinavian people travel to Britain?

-Who owns the Rainforest?


Learning opportunities are enriched with role play activities, artefacts and memorabilia, mystery objects, slow reveal sessions, visitors and field work. We also take lots of our learning outside to make use of our wonderful grounds.

Here are some websites we enjoy using in school, which ones will you try at home?



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