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Maple Class (Year 6)

Spring Term 1 - The Terrible Tudors


This half term, we have looked at ‘The Terrible Tudors’ during our topic work. We have taken part in lots of exciting activities including our trip to Hampton Court.


During our English lessons, we have been writing our very own historical stories which were part of a continuation from the book ‘The Thief, The Fool and The Big Fat King’ written by Terry Deary. As well as this, we have written a newspaper article depicting the demise of Anne Boleyn and have written persuasive letters to Henry VIII convincing him to not execute or divorce us in the voice of Catherine of Aragon or Anne Boleyn! During our Blended Reading sessions, we have been studying Shakespeare and have been inspired by the tale of true romance and tragedy in Romeo and Juliet.


In our Maths lessons, we have looked at co-ordinates, shape and data handling. Science lessons have involved studying changes of state and matter. During ICT, we have developed our research skills by independently gathering facts for our Tudor newspaper reports. We also developed our skills using the programme Keynote, in order to create our very own Tudor presentations. Within our Music lessons, we have been listening to traditional Tudor songs which have helped us to compose our own music using recorders. Within Art, the children have sketched and painted beautiful Tudor portraits and studied the creation of the Tudor Rose through the use of collage.


Next term is incredibly important for our Year 6 children as they prepare for their up and coming SATs test. It is essential that the children are reading and recording at home, practising reading the time on an analogue clock whilst also being able to convert this into the 24 hour time and ensuring that they are confident and efficient with their times table knowledge. Thank you for your continued support with this!

Autumn 2 – Space


Wow! What a jam packed half term it has been! The Year 6 children have learnt lots of exciting new facts about Space and the Solar System that we live in. They have taken part in a variety of exciting activities such as: creating planet pictures using the technique of marbling, drawing astronauts inspired by Alexi Leonov and creating their very own solar system models. As well as this, we have learnt the names of the planets in French and are able to describe their colours, climates and sizes. In Literacy, we have written an informative non-chronological report about a planet of our choice and written a letter to the Man on the Moon inspired by John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas advert. During their Maths lessons, the children have completed a range of Space themed word problems focusing on the four operations and have gained an understanding of how to find fractions of amounts.


We also had a visit from Mr Brown, in association with Surrey Satellites, who informed us about the different uses and capabilities of satellites, including to support the clear up of the enormous amount of Space rubbish that we have contributed to. To finish off our wonderful topic, we considered the prospect of Space exploration. Our line of enquiry was: ‘Should we stay or should we go now?’. We argued that as a species on this planet, we have not placed enough emphasis upon the preservation and care of our home. Therefore, we considered the dilemma of whether we should we be allowed to explore our solar system for alternative inhabitable planets, or should we focus on trying to rectify the damage that we have caused here on Earth first. This was a tricky debate that really got the children thinking. Finally, Year 6 also managed to squeeze in gaining their road cycling proficiency (Bikeability) and of course a wonderful week away at Avon Tyrrell. We hope the children have enjoyed this busy half term as much as the adults have!


Looking forward to January, we will be starting our new year with a focus on theTudors. We will be looking at the trials and tribulations of Henry VIII’s reign during the Tudor period and will be eagerly anticipating our Hampton Court visit.



Autumn 1 Summary – We’ll Meet Again

This half term, our topic has been based around World War Two. The children’s level of in-depth discussion and ability to empathise with a variety of characters from World War Two has really impressed us. We have been astounded by the children’s mature and compassionate attitudes to their learning as we have tried to answer our historical enquiry: ‘should we always do as we are told?’


During History, the children have learnt about the key dates and important facts from World War Two, some of the famous faces involved in the war and how the lifestyle of children living in1940’s war time Britain differs to life today. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed our World War Two themed day where they were invited to wear evacuee style clothing to school and take part in a range of war time activities such as: cooking, sewing, gardening and army drills. We also had a visit from Treehouse Theatre, where the children performed a ‘play-in-a-day’ which reflected the key events throughout Britain during the war.


Our Literacy lessons have also linked to World War Two as the children have written their own evacuee diary entry, fighter jet poem and letter from the perspective of a World War Two soldier. As well as this, in our Maths lessons we have focused on solving topic themed word problems, calculating percentages of amounts and consolidating place value knowledge. 

In Art, we were inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and focused on his work which reflected his time in the army. The children also produced their own propaganda posters to help persuade civilians back at home to help with the war on the homefront.  The children have also choreographed and performed a 1940’s dance and learnt a variety of WW2 songs, including: ‘evacuate, evacuate’ and ‘we’ll meet again’.


Next term, we will be delving into the mystery of outer space and looking forward to Avon Tyrrell (November 25th-29th).

WW2 day - quick, that's the air raid siren!


Year 6 had an excellent World War Two themed day today. They started the day by filling out an identity card, which they had to keep on them at all times (just in case anyone thought they were a secret spy!). Following this, they took part in a variety of activities such as: sewing, cooking homemade blackberry and apple pies, medal making, gardening and army drills. For lots of children, the highlight of the day was spending time in our brand new Anderson Shelter! The children were able to empathise with how civilians would have felt during WWII when the air raid siren would sound. We also looked at propaganda posters and analysed some of the key messages the government were trying to encourage back at the Homefront. What do you think the true meaning behind the slogan 'Keep it under your hat' is?


Take a look at our photos to see what we got up to...

Welcome to Maple Class 2019-2020


It has been fantastic to welcome the children back after a long summer break and hear about all of their adventures over the holidays. The children have all settled in brilliantly and have worked well in their new classes over the past few days. They have certainly been impressing us with their focus and determination to succeed in lessons so far and have also been able to enjoy the perks of sitting on the benches during assembly time too. They have certainly adjusted to Year 6 life incredibly well!

Year 6 PE will be on a Tuesday and Thursday this year, however their kits should be in from Monday to Friday in case we need to make last minute changes.


We would also like to introduce the new team your children shall be working with this year. Pictured below from left to right: Mrs Wilson, Miss Hunt (class teacher), Miss Crossley (class teacher), Mrs Sheers, Mrs Clarke and Mrs Barham. Mrs Evers also works with us in the afternoon.


Please feel free to pop in and keep us up to date with any concerns or queries at all. Otherwise we look forward to seeing you on Thursday 12th for our expectations evening.