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A bit of a buzz in Year 2

On Monday afternoon, some members of Basingstoke Bee Keepers Association were making a bit of buzz in Year 2! They kindly gave up their time to come and talk to about bees! This was Year 2's link to 'Science in the Real World' and linked very well to their current topic of Traditional Tales and lifecycles. Year 2 have been learning about the lifecycle of their bean plants so it was very helpful for them to understand the important role bees play for food.


Year 2 had a hands on experience, getting to investigate a bee hive and feeling the honey comb. They also learnt about the differences between bees and wasps and the variety of different bees there are. It was great to see how enthusiastic the children were and how much knowledge of bees some of them already had! They also learnt a very important lesson; bees are our friend and without them the world would be a very different place! 


Later in the week both Beech and Ash class will get to try some of the delicious honey made from the very bee hives they were looking at! In the meantime, be sure to ask the children some facts from the afternoon!