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Appreciating nature in our area and how happy it makes us all feel!

Today for our assembly, we were celebrating the fact that we live in a wonderful part of the world and how experiencing nature is really good for our wellbeing.

One of our local Chineham residents Darren Burton is a photographer and he has been posting some superb photographs on the local Chineham Community Noticeboard of when he has been out and about with his trusty camera. I had to share these superb shots with our children here at GBP in the hope they would be inspired to continue exploring their local area even now the weather has got cold and grotty.

The children were blown away with the beauty of each photograph I shared this morning and they gave a huge 10/10 for his work. I reminded them all that Darren would have had to be patient and wait for long time to get some of the shots and he would have had to sift through lots of them before deciding on what he thought were best. He would have had to use a lot of our growth mindset strategies. Many of the children were agreeing they were going to take their cameras out the next time they ventured out with their parents on a local walk. I have challenged our GBP children to post their best picture onto Seesaw so we can have a gallery share in the future.

Thank you for inspiring us Mr Burton. Our children loved your work - seeing them in awe, getting excited and be thankful of the area we live in was priceless this morning!