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Early Years and Year 1 had SUPER Scooter Training

The children in Early Years and Year 1 arrived at school extremely excited, as today was the day they were able to keep their scooters at school! Each class participated in an hour session, ran by instructors from Bike Ability Hampshire, as part of their road safety scheme. Once the children had found their scooters and popped on their helmets they were very eager for the session to begin. The classes were split into two and each group completed both parts of the session. Some of the activities took place on our school playground; the children practised their gliding skills, how to ride their scooters and stop safely and played lots of fun games. For the second part of the session the children took their scooters to the road outside the school. The instructors taught them the golden rules for crossing a road; always being with a grown up, looking in all directions to check for traffic before and whilst they cross the road, using our ears to listen for traffic and finally to walk with our scooters across the road. In small groups and with an instructor the children practised crossing three different parts of the road safely. The children enjoyed riding their scooters, but also learnt how to keep themselves safe - especially near roads. Lots of children couldn't wait to be reunited with their scooters at home time and were keen to tell their families all about the training!