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Induction Day Success

I know that change can be daunting for some but change is good - that's what we promote at our school. We change our classes each year so the children get to work with different children and different adults. It helps them develop their social skills, opens up their circles of friends and develops our children's tolerance as well as understand that different people have different lives, cultures, religions and issues too. 

Yesterday our children had their Induction Day - where the children from 11 of our 12 classes got to meet their new class teachers in their new classrooms. Sycamore Class went to their new classroom but will meet their new teacher, Miss Canfield on the 14th July. Our Year 6s had Miss Grainger for the day as of course they will be moving on to secondary school soon.

All of our children made a great first impression and it was lovely seeing them all engrossed in their activities and getting to know their new Year Group Team.

I hope they came home with positive news - and if they are a little anxious still, that's only natural. Within a short period of time in September, they will settle in to their new surroundings.