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Year 2 Great Fire of London Tree house theatre visit

Today year 2 were visited by Ben from Treehouse Theatre. We went back in time and learnt all about the Great Fire of London. To begin the session we sat round and Ben re-enacted the story. The children were very excited by this and it was interesting to hear the various things that happened when the fire broke out. We then took part in a workshop where we had to pretend to be someone who was around during the Great Fire of London. The children dressed as their characters and then chose jobs that they would have done. They then re-enacted each part of the story. They had to think carefully about what items they might take with them and how they would feel about all those that they have left behind. They then acted out trying to put out the fire, and realised what a tricky job this would have been in 1666. To end the workshop they had to work as a team to use the items they had to pay the ferry to take them across to the other side. Overall the session was a great success and the children gained a great deal of knowledge from it.