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Year 5/6 Netball Tournament

On Monday 4th March, nine netball super stars hit the courts at Russell Howard to take part in the first session of the Hampshire Youth Games Netball tournament. The children played against several different schools around Basingstoke and were able to compete with great skill and confidence. For most of our team, it was our very first versatility netball tournament meaning we had to give every position on the court a try! When team members were not playing, they had roles and responsibilities too- time keeping, scoring and centre pass marker! Everyone took this in their stride and tried their best at every rotation. Our team did remarkably well whilst representing our school, winning two games at 6-0! This was down to our superb team work and determination! Miss O’Hagan and Miss Rendall were extremely proud of our netball team because even when the score line wasn’t going our way, we kept fighting and never lost confidence or gave up. It was clear to see excellent growth mindset within each individual on our team. I am extremely honoured and thrilled to say that we made it through to the final stage of Hampshire Youth Games. This is a fantastic achievement, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you for those parents who attended and supported their children. It was lovely to see the pride in your faces too! Thanks to Phil Jeffs for organising this event and to Costello who hosted. I thoroughly enjoyed being there to support them.