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Year 6 SATs treat - Go Ape

Year 6 had a cracking time at Go Ape today celebrating the end of their SATs week. They fully immersed themselves in all of the activities on offer and let off lots of steam as they courageously swung from rope to rope in amongst the trees. The Treetop Adventure course proved to be quite a challenge, yet every single child plucked up the courage to face their fears and enjoyed the exhilarating zip wire at the end of the first trail. There were lots of children who felt out of their comfort zones but with a little encouragement, they blew our socks off with how determined they were to conquer their worries and reach the end with a huge sense of achievement. The children also took part in a Gorilla Games session where they used their teamwork skills in a variety of games. The Go Ape team brought lots of fun and energy to the activity and were absolutely fantastic at supporting the children through the day.


We are so pleased that they all enjoyed a wonderful day and well deserved treat. The Year 6 children have been absolutely incredible this week; we are SO proud of their mammoth determination to succeed, superb Growth Mindset and never-ending perseverance to demonstrate how brilliant they are. We hope they are feeling very chuffed of themselves for all they have achieved this week.


Here is a collection of photos for you to see how much fun we had.