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Year Four and Mount Everest

Year Four have had a busy week launching our Extreme Earth topic. We started it off on Wednesday with a shelter building task. We went out into the woodland and used our resources to create a shelter that could withstand heavy rain and strong winds. Ash and Pine mixed up and it was great to see the children working as a team, strategy planning and showing high levels of determination. Mr Wood and Mrs Ellis were very impressed. Having completed some research on Mount Everest, we began writing diary entries as if we had just arrived at Base Camp. We did some of our writing in tents, imagining what it would be like to reflect on our travels after a long day. To round the week off, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Clark who has completed the challenge of climbing Mount Everest. He delivered a fantastic talk all about his experiences which taught us all an incredible amount. He talked to us about the conditions, the training, the prep, the risks and hazards of such an amazing climb. He also showed us some of the kit he used for the climb. We will be using his talk to inspire our future diary entries and will even be sending him a few of our best to review.


What a brilliant start to the half term! Have a look at the pictures to see what we got up to.