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Welcome to our online Arts Gallery. This section of the website will be updated with photographs and videos of our Art Work, Performing Art pieces and Design and Technology work. We will be adding pictures from each year group - so keep an eye out! We hope you enjoy.

The children in Early Years have been looking at the colours in nature this Autumn. They explored our woodland carefully, finding natural objects to match their colour wheels. All the children were excellent at comparing the colours and matching them up to the colours on their wheels. We discussed the importance of plants and flowers and the children were respectful only picking live plants that they needed and only one at a time, otherwise the children found natural objects which were already fallen. It was wonderful to hear the children discussing the colours and debating if they had found the right green or brown. This activity has shown the children that there are many types of colours in our world.


These colour wheels were then displayed at our Local Tesco for their Autumn window displays.

Some of our children visit Southampton Art Gallery
Our children really enjoyed their art gallery experience. They not only produced a superb wire sculpture which are all now displayed in our library at school but they saw some beautiful art within the gallery itself. A huge thank you to the Education Team for making their day so special. The children really appreciated the different styles of art and the mediums used. Together the children looked deeply into some of the many beautiful paintings... which gave us lots of historical clues about the time period.

Year 1 had a visiting artist, Fatima share some great clay skills

Year 1 experienced a clay workshop with a local artist called Fatima. As their topic was The Secret Garden she designed the children's clay learning around this. Everybody learned to coil (this involves making a pancake shape and attaching sausages to it) to form a clay pot. Can you remember the name of the liquid that kept the clay together? Yes, you are is called slip. On the lid of the pot the children created a cactus using photographs of them for inspiration. Finally, they painted their pots before displaying them in the classroom. A wonderful experience for the children to work alongside a professional artist and to find out that she always makes mistakes with her artwork too!

A group of children from EYFS through to Year 6 enjoyed creating some 'Masterpieces' for the new build It was a great to see the children persevering when they found it tricky. The children were great at reminding each other about 'Growth Mindset' and were so proud of themselves when they saw the finished products. The children used classic story books as a stimuli. See if you can guess which books they were inspired by from looking at the pictures!

Some of our children from EYFS to Year 6 went to the theatre on a Sunday to watch T'was the Night Before Christmas. It was magical and we will definitely booking more theatre trips soon.

Textiles with Year 1! The children used flour and water resist to create firework patterns, then they added the dye!



On a recent Inset day, our staff enjoyed taking part in a practical Art INSET day. Jayne Stillman (the LA inspector/ advisor for Visual and Performing Arts) came in and carried out different textiles and sculpture based activities. She looked at the teachers Art planning and came up with exciting new ideas to link in with our topics. The teachers had a chance to learn new skills themselves and try out the activities which they will be carrying out with their year groups! Have a look at the pictures below...


We are looking forward to carrying out these activities with the children!



EYFS learnt how to sing 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' in Spanish as part of our 'Love of languages' day!

Still image for this video

Year 1 have been studying the Artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo!

Hawthorn class have been learning to play the ukulele in their 'listen to me' Music lessons!

Willow class enjoyed taking part in drama sessions as part of their E-safety day!