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Our Philosophy - Curriculum Intent and Impact

Our curriculum is knowledge rich and skills based; we believe that our children should have the opportunity to study all areas of the National Curriculum and beyond in greater depth. We want our children to produce exceptional outcomes whilst developing their independence, curiosity and creativity. We want to produce collaborators, innovators, leaders and more than anything else, young people who understand what it means to be human. 

We strive for our curriculum to be inspiring – the kind of curriculum that goes beyond what is expected because our GBP children deserve that!


In addition to the curriculum taught in school and on the school grounds, our curriculum is enriched and enhanced by Forest Schools and our extra-curricular  provision. We offer a variety of different clubs and activities, which encompasses the sports, arts, music, science and computing. Provision is varied across the year, taking into account the interests and needs of our children and suggestions from parents. The curriculum taught during the day is enriched by our strong focus on values-led learning,  enquiry skills and outdoor learning. It is also enriched by the many visits, both day and residential and the many visitors specially invited to widen our staff expertise, motivate and inspire our children to learn and achieve.  Special curriculum days and themed weeks provide the final enhancements to the way we deliver the national curriculum to meet the needs of our children.


Our school have developed progression documents, derived from the outcomes, skills and knowledge we expect children to gain through our personalised knowledge and enquiry/reasoning skills based curriculum. Teachers use these documents to strategically plan and assess children’s learning throughout the academic year against age related expectations.  Parents continue to receive termly reports about the achievement and progress made by their child against the end of stage expectations of the National Curriculum.


Our school allows a more creative and innovative approach to our children’s education, promoting and encouraging them to use their natural curiosity to lead them onto a lifelong journey of learning. This approach ensures a continuity of approaches and a smoother transition from the Early Years into Year One and through the rest of the school. The unique blend of child initiated and adult directed activities used in the Foundation Stage prepares the children for the independent and conscientious studies developed further up in the school. 


We take great pride to ensure that our children are motivated, nurtured, supported and challenged in all aspects of their learning journey. This is seen through our school values, life and enquiry skills, residential and non-residential school trips, community involvement, participation in local and national competitions and the delivery of exciting lessons that take place in and outside of the classroom. We ensure that children develop a love and awe for nature and the outdoors by using our school grounds and resources as well as feeling inspired by the interactive learning environment provided for them within the school building.


The needs and opportunities of experiences for every child is at the root of the Great Binfields Primary School and this is why children leave our school fully prepared to branch out and continue their journey of learning.


It is through our long term plans and first quality teaching that we see our children grow from little acorns to great oaks.


Our GBP curriculum encompasses the following important skills to become an effective learner for life