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Pine Class (Year 4)

Spring 1 – Extreme Earth


This topic has been incredibly powerful and full of successes for our Year Fours. We have had a brilliant response and engagement from the children and we know they have really enjoyed taking their learning home.

It all started with three weeks exploring the great Mount Everest and the monumental climb to the top. We watched video diaries of experiences climbing the mountain and really got into character as we kept diaries of our own travels. During this unit, we had a disaster morning where lots of wild adventures took place and we had to respond quickly with our thoughts. During this time, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr Clark who has completed this challenge himself. He spoke about the journey, his 10 year training (!) and about the trials and obstacles he faced. The children were blown away by how much hard work and effort is required and a few children were inspired to look to this challenge in the future themselves.

As part of our Geography this half term, the children have been exploring natural and human caused hazards around the world. In one session, we had pictures of different natural hazards (including locusts, landslides, avalanches, and drought) and the children had to use clues and their skills of deduction in order to figure out what each image represented. After this, we looked at volcanoes and earthquakes. We had a memorable session thinking about the impact of earthquakes where we used jelly, cocktail sticks, jelly tots and marshmallows to model the impact on the human and physical Geography of those countries that are affected. After exploring naturally occurring hazards we moved onto the plastic trail. This is something that the Year Four children are very passionate about so they really enjoyed learning about how plastic can travel around the world in our oceans. We developed our understanding of the currents and winds that occur in different parts of the world and tracked plastic online, connecting it up to mapping tools including Digi Map and Plasticadrift. The children have created some brilliant reports on plastic that will soon be shared with our school community.

This half term, our Art focus has been on The Great Wave by Hokusai which has allowed us to develop our collage skills but also our capacity to discuss the mood and tone that we as artists are trying to create. In Dance, we learnt and created choreography to a song called Clap Your Hands by Leo Soul. The song is particularly uplifting and the children’s routines really reflected that. Outdoor PE has been all about Golf! This was a very exciting unit for us as the game is quite different to other team games we often play and it also allowed us to revisit and further some skills we learnt back in Year Two when we had a golf teacher come in.

One stand out part of the topic was a home learning opportunity shared with the children. They were tasked with researching an extreme location, weather type or hazard from around the world and then to present their findings in any way they choose. We were absolutely blown away by the response and know that there was a lot of hard work completed at home. They certainly received a lot of attention in school as we displayed them in our shared area.


We have squeezed in so much this half term that if we mentioned it all here, we think it would be about 6 pages long! Have a look at the pictures to see what else we got up to.


Our next topic is Lights Camera Action and it carries over Spring 2 and Summer 1. Within this time we have Reading and Writing Week, Science Week and more. We will be starting off the topic writing reviews for The Greatest Showman with a very special audience in mind.

Autumn 2 - The Ancient Greeks


The Ancient Greeks is a stand out topic for Miss Hanafin and Miss Grove - we really love teaching it as it opens up a world of mythical adventures! We started off listening to several myths and completing 'myth analysis' documents where we thought about the range of characters, plots, morals and settings. We very soon realised that Ancient Greek myths tend to have a happy and sad ending .. one that is often quite shocking! We also explored a variety of mythical creatures and beasts that tormented the characters in the tales. The children used all of this information to plan, draft and then create their very own myth. These pieces of writing were incredible and we were blown away by the use of language and style through all of the myths. The children even took them home to share with their family and friends.

In Maths, we continued the mythical theme and surveyed staff around school on what their favourite myth is, we used this data to create bar graphs – all of which were accurate and precise.  We have also refined our skills of column addition and subtraction, in numerical and worded questions. The children have really enjoyed seeing how much they have improved in this area as we reach bigger and bigger numbers and more complicated problems.

Science has taken us outside this half term, as we explore the different animals we have living in our woodland and in turn, the different food webs and chains we have. We use the ipads to compile some facts about the different producers, consumers, predators and prey we have in the woods and then used this to create a whole class food web. It was quite complex!

An area that we have worked especially hard in has been Art, where we have been studying Greek pottery. We started off looking at the intricate patterns and designs that often tell a story or show an aspect of Ancient Greek life. We then moved into sketching the amphoras before finally designing and creating our own clay version. Many of us spent time in the pit during our clay session, but we all made it to the other side and have some beautiful pieces of sculpture to now show for it.

Guiding much of this learning has been our History question “What did we learn from The Ancient Greeks?”. We have explored different profiles in Ancient Greek society, The Ancient Greek Olympics and their events as well as what we can take from Ancient Greek Art. The children have absolutely loved conducting their own research and learning more about this time in History.

There has been so much happening this half term that we couldn’t possibly mention it all. Looking forward to Spring 1 though, we will delve deep into natural hazards and human impact on our world as we begin our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic.


Pine Class have had a fantastic first term!


Wow! We are so proud of how well Pine class are settling in to year 4, they are working well as a team and relishing the challenges in their learning! The children have thoroughly enjoyed our topic Scrumdiddilyumptious, in particular our topic launch day!

We have had a fun and busy half term learning all about the Mayans and how chocolate has changed our world. If you have not already seen, have a look at our website post showing the beautiful display of posters in Hotel Chocolat (Festival Place). This was a real celebration of learning from everything we have covered in our topic. The same level of enthusiasm and excitement has been shown whilst writing our Ma Humbugs persuasive posters in literacy too. Pine class have also been working hard in maths, we have started our written methods for addition and subtraction, telling the time and developing our understanding of place value. Our multiplication is also improving and we love our Times Tables Rockstars challenge in the morning.

During our art and DT sessions we have been looking at chocolate packaging and designing our own boxes. To give balance to our Scrumdidlyumptious learning we have explored our teeth and the digestive system during science. This week we will be doing an experiment all about keeping our teeth clean and healthy. Our dancing has come on well in Zumba and netball has been great fun! Overall we have had a fantastic start to the year!

We have lots to look forward to next term when we start our Ancient Greeks topic! Our topic day is a fantastic opportunity for the children to really get stuck into their learning with lots of creative and fun activities. We will be learning all about the competitive start to the Olympics and the inspiring Greek Myths! In science we will be starting to look at predators and prey, in art we will look at Ancient Greek vases and have a go at making our own and in PE we will have our expert come in to help up develop our Hockey skills. This will also be the term leading up to Christmas so we look forward to the fun festivities to come!

Settling in to Year 4

We hope you have had a fun filled summer break and are refreshed and ready to start your new and exciting learning journey in Year 4! On our first day back we started off by sharing our experiences from the summer holidays – lots of very unique and interesting spades to look at, linking to our transition theme of ‘Sam and Dave Dig a Hole’. We then spent some time getting to know our new Year 4 area by making classroom maps, complete with key and lots of attention to detail. We also created our class charter, thinking about what expectations we have of ourselves and each other. There were lots of really great ideas and the children took real pride in discussing them. We will return to this regularly in the year.

After our first day, we launched our first topic – Scrumdiddlyumptious! One of the questions we will be thinking about during this topic is ‘How has chocolate changed our world?’. To start thinking about this, we looked at some of the different people involved in chocolate production and the implications the chocolate industry has on these people. We also thought about Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory and designed our very own chocolate factory posters using oil pastels and a blend of colours. They are so eye catching and would definitely encourage visitors the chocolate factories; we are going to love having them on display! One of the highlights of the week was our chocolate bar making. We had to work in chocolate design teams to firstly agree on what we wanted the bar to be like, then we melted and marbled the chocolate and finally added the delicious toppings. They look so professional, as if they were made in Hotel Chocolat – a company we are creating leaflets for this half term.

It has been a brilliant first few days getting to know the new Year 4s and we can already tell they are going to be fantastic. Have a look at the pictures to see us settling in.

Welcome to Year Four!


We are very much looking forward to the year ahead and have lots of exciting things planned in!


Left to right : Miss Hanafin (Ash class teacher), Mrs Teasdale (Y4 LSA), Mrs Lemar (Y4 LSA), Miss Grove (Pine class teacher), Mrs Folan (Y4 LSA)

Summer in Year Four


Summer really has absolutely flown by in Year Four, it is difficult to count all of the brilliant things we have been doing. Having enjoyed and celebrated Stone Farm (I think we all remember that well!), we moved onto the final stage of our Lights Camera Action topic. A crime was committed in a local theatre where a range of expensive jewels were stolen! It was our job to investigate sources, evidence and accounts in order to write a story about who we thought the real suspect was. After two weeks of great investigative work and some creative, detailed crime stories ... the truth was revealed and the best detectives were rewarded. 


Whilst all of this was happening, we explored Sound in Science and tested many theories about how sound is made, travelled and heard by us. One noisy session that we particularly remember is exploring cup telephones - observing how the string vibrates in order for sound to be made. We also enjoyed looking at different countries from around the world, plotting them on maps and thinking about where our favourite films were based on. 


Moving into Summer 2,  our topic changed to Celts and Romans. This is a very big and complicated time in History so we focussed on some of the impacts that were made on our country (still ... very big and complicated!). As part of this, we enjoyed reading The Captive Celt and rewriting our own versions - using the knowledge we have gained in History to make us factually correct. In Art, we spent our half term looking at different Celtic knot designs - exploring the patterns and intricate details - until we created our own Celtic Knot initials.


Amongst all of this, we had an incredibly successful Sports Day, a visit from the Tree House Theatre, Transition to our new class and much much more. It has been a wonderful final term with Year Four and we are looking forward to our final week together

Spring 2 - Lights Camera Action


This has been quite a funny half term for us in Year Four, full of new experiences and exciting weeks. We started the half term with Reading and Writing week where there was a whole school focus on poetry. We chose a poem all about shadows which inspired some performance poetry, writing our own poems, shadow art and craft and lots more. Not long after, we began our rehearsals for our production - The Peace Child. We made Great Binfields history as this was our first ever Year 3/4 production and what a hit it was! All of the children had a huge range of songs to learn with rounds and different beats. They also had lines, dances and props to prepare - all of which took a lot of time and effort. We incorporated our Literacy into the production and became film production companies designing adverts for The Peace Child movie. These were incredibly persuasive and positive. 


Later in the half term, we had Science week - an annual event that all of the children definitely look forward. Year Four had a focus on shadow and light and had a busy week exploring, planning and testing. We learnt how to make some hand puppets and thought about which materials light could travel through. Outside of Science week, we have been exploring sound. Lots of sense work! We have been been thinking about how sound is made up of vibrations and sound waves and that our ears do all of the hard work! We will be exploring this further next half term.


In PE, we have been playing a variety of net and wall games where we have been thinking about aim and tactics. We have really developed our team work skills and had the chance to plan, create and deliver our own team games in groups at the end of the half term.


Next half term, our topic continues with the added extras of Stone Farm and also Art Week

Autumn 2 2018 in Year 4

This half term has been all about The Greeks! We launched the topic with a day full of learning little snippets of information about the Ancient Greeks – enough to get us asking lots of            questions, keen to find out more! We made laurel wreaths and found out who would have worn them and also sampled some delicious Greek inspired food. Toward the end of our topic, we celebrated our learning with a Greek Day. Everyone made a huge effort dressing up as someone connected to the Ancient Greeks. We loved cooking a delicious meal, creating some fantastic Greek Art and discussing all that we have done. 

We have absolutely loved reading a variety of myths such as Medusa, Pandora ’s Box and more. Which was your favourite? We used this enthusiasm to plan, write and share our own myths. What a success they were! Such a huge range of bold characters, adventurous plots and sad but triumphant endings. We were so inspired by the Medusa myth that we wrote a piece, in any style we wanted, all about her. Some children chose to write a diary entry from her perspective or from Perseus. Some children chose to write a warning letter to the people of Greece. Some children wrote a leaflet to give factual information on her. There were so many unique pieces of writing.

In Maths, we have been really focussing on 4 digit numbers and expanding our knowledge of place value. We have definitely been in the learning pit but it has been worth it as the progress we have seen is brilliant. We particularly enjoyed doing bar graphs, analysing data and answering questions.

Our History enquiry question was ‘How and why did the Ancient Greeks begin the Olympic games?’. We have learnt so much about who would have competed, how different Greek people were treated, why the games were important and connected to the gods. The children have really loved getting in to character and we know they have enjoyed sharing this with their families at home.

Science has really got us moving this half term. We have been investigating our joints and muscles, thinking about how we can get them working and moving as well as how they all connect up. To round the term off, we will be investigating whether our leg length impacts how far we can jump. What do you think we will find out? This has linked really well with our Hockey sessions this half term where we have been working our muscles in lots of different ways.

After Christmas, we will be starting our Extreme Earth topic. What do you think we mean by the word ‘extreme’?

Autumn 1 2018 in Year 4

It has been a brilliant start to Year Four for both the adults and the children. It seems a long time ago we launched our topic with chocolate bar making and factory poster designing. Since then, we have been working as Mr Wonka himself in creating a new chocolate bar, making sure our instructions were clear and detailed. We have also designed chocolate bar packaging, thinking particularly about how to capture our buyers attention. In History we have enjoyed learning about the Ancient Maya and how Art can tell us lots about the past and previous civilisations. We rounded this off with our own sketch designs of Mayans and air dough sculptures of some aspect Mayan civilisation.

After all of this we moved on to our big competition. We researched a local sweet shop to find lots of interesting facts and knowledge in order to create a persuasive poster that would convince people to shop there. We worked on this for a long time and created some fantastic pieces. There were sweet treats for the winners and best of all – one piece of writing was actually displayed in the shop!

In Maths we have been revisiting a lot of our key skills. For example helping Mr Wood learn to tell the time accurately in order to help his side-job as a sweet shop owner. We have also been working on our column addition and subtraction – getting up to 4 digit numbers! In order to do this we have had to work really hard on our place value knowledge which we will continue to do as the year goes on. We have had some fun home learning challenges to work on our times tables and it has been so clear what a difference that has made.

Our Science learning has been very interesting – especially when it focussed on our own bodies! We have been learning about the digestive system. Did you know, the digestion process starts with your teeth crunching up the food? We have had lots of opportunity to look at and discuss the different teeth types and the jobs they do. We also got very messy with a visual representation of the digestive system – this involved squishing crackers up into a pair of tights!

There have been so many other wonderful things happening. So much so that the half term has flown by and we are now getting ready to launch our next topic – The Greeks. We will be reading lots of myths and exploring the mythical creatures and ways of life experienced by the Ancient Greeks. We will also be thinking about the development of The Olympics, linking this to a focus on healthy bodies.

Welcome to a new year in Year 4.

We hope you have had a fun filled summer break and are refreshed and ready to start your new and exciting learning journey in year 4! On our first day back we shared our experiences from the summer holidays, it looks like the crayons have had so much fun! This week in class we have been spending some time getting to know each other, our new teachers and new classroom.  We have been working hard re-capping some of our maths and literacy skills this week to see what we can remember. On Thursday we had our exciting topic launch day, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Our first topic this term is Scrumdiddlyumptious which will focus on the history of the Myans and all things chocolate. On our topic launch day we experimented with making our own chocolate bars and designing posters. We also expanded our vocabulary of flavours and smells by trying different foods and even started to learn about where chocolate comes from and how it is made. The children (and the adults!) had a fantastic time and are very excited to start the topic.

A wonderful year!

We have reached the end of the year and we are sure the children are looking forward to a lovely break before moving up to year 5. We hope the children have enjoyed their year! 

It has been an extremely busy final half term, and the children have been doing lots of different things. Our topic has been the Celts and Romans and in Literacy, we read 'The Captive Celt' by Terry Deary and then wrote our own endings to the story, thinking carefully about historical language. We also had the Treehouse Theatre come in where we learnt about the rise and fall of the Romans in Britain - we all had so much fun, dressing up and acting. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our Celt and Roman day, designing and creating Celt or Roman Shields and drawing Celtic Woads. During this topic we also learnt about roundhouses and hillforts, then made our own using clay, studied maps to look at the spread of the Roman Empire and found out about the Roman Gods and Goddesses. In our Science lessons, we have been finding about different types of rock and how they're formed as well as testing to see which are more durable and permeable. We learnt about the variation of fossils and how fossils are made. 

As well as topic linked activities the children worked incredibly hard to learn the songs for the school performance of Cinderella Rockerfella, which I'm sure you will agree was fantastic. The children also did amazing in sports day and it was so good to see them cheering each other on and persevering especially as it was so hot. 


We hope you all have a fabulous Summer holidays and look forward to seeing you in September!

Summer 2 - Celts and Romans!

During this half term, our topic is the ‘Celts and Romans’. We are all really looking forward to this topic and have already been learning Roman numerals and about the lives of the Celts. We will be finding out about the lives of Celts and Romans and  focusing on the impact of Celts and Romans on Britain.


In Literacy we will be reading the book ‘The Captive Celt’ by Terry Deary and writing our own story linked to the book. During our Science sessions we will be focusing on rocks, looking at their properties and identifying and grouping. We will be looking at plotting coordinates on a grid, solving problems involving the 4 operations, interpreting bar charts and adding and subtracting fractions in maths.


We are lucky enough as well to have the Treehouse Theatre group coming in on Tuesday 26th June to do a play in a day. We also have our Celts and Romans day to look forward to, which will take place on Friday 29th June. Children are invited to dress up as a Celt or Roman and we will be taking part in lots of fun activities.


Another busy half term!

We have had a super buys half term and I'm sure the children are looking forward to a well deserved week break. We started off the term with a fabulous week in Devon - the children are still talking about our time at Stone Farm, we all had tremendous fun looking after the animals, visiting the Eden project, the Plymouth Aquarium and Lydford Gorge. 

Back at school we have continued with out topic 'Lights! Camera! Action!'. In Literacy we have been looking at the book and film 'Hugo' and were able to create a playscript. We have also written film reviews about 2 short Pixar films - 'Piper' and 'Lou' - which the children thoroughly enjoyed watching and talking about. 

During our geography sessions we compared 2 countries where Disney films were based and used our ICT skills to make a PowerPoint presentation with the information we had found. 

All the children have had a whale of a time at their swimming sessions and it has been so lovely to see how they have progressed over the weeks. 

We finish the term with our annual art week, and the children have already created some incredible pieces of artwork using many different mediums and techniques. 


Happy Easter!

We have had a wonderful half term and have done lots of exciting things. We have been learning about electricity in science, making circuits using different components, finding out about insulators and conductors and looking at what items need electricity to work. During Science Week we planned an experiment and  investigated the quickest way of melting ice cubes to try and free gummy bears.

In Literacy we watched the short film 'Lava', thinking about the feelings of both the characters then we retold the story from one of the characters point of view. In Maths we have been looking at properties of shapes, learning to tell the time on both analogue and digital clock and covert between them and have started finding fractions of amounts. In Geography, we looked at where Disney films are set or based on and then used atlas to located them on world maps. 

In summer 1 we are looking forward to going to Stone Farm, starting our swimming lessons, and carrying on with our Lights, Camera, Action topic. We hope you have a wonderful Easter break and look forward to welcoming you back in the summer term. 

Spring 2 & Summer 1 - Lights! Camera! Action!

For the  second half  of Spring term and the first part of Summer term, our topic is called Lights, Camera, Action! We have a lot to look forward to including Science week and Stone Farm (after Easter break). We have already enjoyed Reading and Writing week where we looked at the picture book called 'Mirror'. This book inspired us to write our own magic carpet stories and we even made our own mini magic carpets using hessian. 

For the rest of the term, we will have the opportunity to write a biography, become film critics by writing a film review and we will be looking at the book and film 'Hugo'. 

In Maths we will be focusing on the properties of shapes, drawing and measuring angles and drawing lines of symmetry. As well as this we’ll be solving fraction problems and practise telling the time both on analog and digital clocks. 

During our Science sessions we will be focusing on electricity, light and sound and will have the opportunity to make LED torches in our Design Technology lessons. In Geography we will look at landscapes from around the world that appear in films. 

Spring 1 - Extreme Earth


We have had a lovely half term looking at the topic Extreme Earth. During this topic, we learnt all about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis! We were fortunate enough to have Mr Clark come in and speak to us about his incredible experience climbing Mount Everest and show us some of his equipment! It was amazing to hear about his journey and inspired us to write our own diary entries imagining that we had just reached the summit of Mount Everest! As well as this, we researched the 2004 Asian Tsunami and wrote newspaper reports.

In art, we looked at the Japanese artist Hokusai and his famous piece 'The Great Wave'. We used this as a starting point for our own Great Wave pictures. We studied the different hues of blue and used a range of mediums to create the background for our wave. These came out looking fabulous! We also developed our shading skills by creating colour tornadoes which really stood out on the black backgrounds. 

We hope you have a lovely half term and look forward to our next topic!




Welcome Back!


(Mrs Lemar, Mrs Newman, Mrs Folan, Miss Corcoran, Mrs Byrne, Miss Rendall & Mrs Evers)

We hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer holiday. We have been really impressed with the way the children have settled back into school so smoothly.


This half term our topic is called ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and we have many fun and exciting things to look forward to. In Literacy we will be looking at the book Charlie and the Chocolate factory, writing poems that include metaphors and similes and using persuasion through adverts for a new chocolate bar or sweet! Within our Maths lessons, we will be covering mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, place value, problem solving and written methods for the four operations.


As well as this, we will be learning about the journey of food through the digestive system, finding out about the Aztecs and Mayans, looking at the history of chocolate, including where it comes from and creating sweet based artwork. Our first focus in ICT this half term will be e-safety. This is a very important area and it may be something that you want to discuss at home with your child. In French we will be looking at where France is in Europe, capital cities and where we live.  


Please may we remind you that the expectations evening will take place Wednesday 13th September at 5.45pm and this will also include information regarding our residential to Stone Farm in the Summer term.

Summer 2 - Celts and Romans


During this half term, our topic is the ‘Celts and Romans’. We are all really looking forward to this topic and have already been learning Roman numerals and about the lives of the Celts.


In Literacy we will be reading the book ‘The Captive Celt’ by Terry Deary and writing our own story linked to the book. During our Science sessions we will be focusing on rocks, looking at their properties and identifying and grouping. We will be looking at plotting coordinates on a grid, drawing shapes and adding and subtracting fractions in maths


We also have our Celts and Romans day to look forward to, which will be taking place on Monday 19th June. Children are invited to dress up as a Celt or Roman and we will be taking part in lots of fun activities. A letter regarding this will come out shortly.

During this half term, our topic is the ‘Celts and Romans’. We are all really looking forward to this topic and have already been learning Roman numerals and about the lives of the Celts.


In Literacy we will be reading the book ‘The Captive Celt’ by Terry Deary and writing our own story linked to the book. During our Science sessions we will be focusing on rocks, looking at their properties and identifying and grouping. We will be looking at plotting coordinates on a grid, drawing shapes and adding and subtracting fractions in maths


We also have our Celts and Romans day to look forward to, which will be taking place on Monday 19th June. Children are invited to dress up as a Celt or Roman and we will be taking part in lots of fun activities. A letter regarding this will come out shortly.

Summer 1 - EXTREME Weather


I hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and the children are looking forward to the term ahead.

During this half term, our topic is ‘Extreme Weather’. We are all really looking forward to this topic and have already started writing diaries from the point of view of a mountaineer climbing Mount Everest. In art we will be looking at the artist Katsushika Hokusai and creating batik pieces in the style of his famous ‘Great Wave’ piece.


In Literacy we will also be writing a newspaper article about a famous weather event. During our Science sessions we will be focusing on states of matter, looking at the differences between solids, liquids and gases as well as changing states of matter through melting and freezing. We will be focusing on negative numbers, Roman numerals, decimals and division in Maths.  

We also have Art week to look forward to during the last week of half term and all the teachers are currently busy planning some super lessons for the children to take part in. As you are aware, we are currently taking the children for their swimming lessons on a Wednesday morning – they have already had a brilliant first session and are very excited to get back in the water! Watch this space for photos and updates!

Spring 2 - Lights, Camera, Action!

We hope that you all had a lovely half term and look forward to the rest of the Spring term!

We have a lot to look forward to this term including taking part in the Big Sing on the 14th March and Stone Farm from the 21st – 24th March! We will also be going to Christchurch to help with the Easter gardens.


So far we have enjoyed pancake day, and were able to try some on Ash Wednesday with lemon and sugar. We have also learnt about the meaning of Lent. During Literacy we will be writing thank you letters to the Anvil and suspense stories and in our Science sessions we will continue to focus on electricity, light and sound. We will be looking at division, addition and measure within our Maths lessons.In DT we will be designing and making Withie Lanterns and looking at the artist Michael Craig Martin within art. 

Our trip to the Anvil!

Today, year 4 had the opportunity to go to the Anvil for our topic of 'Lights, Camera, Action!'. We set of on the bus to town then walked to the Anvil and we got to go through the stage door! Inside we were welcomed in one of the dressing rooms, then made our way to the Auditorium, where we were split into 2 groups. Both groups went into the dressing rooms and saw what it would be like for an entertainer about to go on stage. We made our way through the 'Green Room' and into the 'Prompt Corner' which is where the stage director would sit and where there are MANY buttons and switches! From there we moved onto the stage and learnt where stage left, stage right, upstage and downstage were. We also learnt about the Fly Floor and the Acoustic Reflector that comes down when an orchestra is playing. We then went up to sound and light desk and were able to speak into the microphone with different effects - some of us spoke like chipmunks! We also saw how the lights worked including putting different silhouettes in front of the lights.  Finally we joined back together as a whole class and went back on stage to have a go at doing some freeze frames for different scenarios, using the lights that were on stage. We had great fun and learnt a lot about the organisation that goes into putting an event on at the Anvil, and we look forward to going back in March for the Giant Sing!

Spring 1 - Lights, Camera, Action! 


For the whole of Spring term, our topic is called Lights, Camera, Action! We have a lot to look forward to this term including our trip to the Anvil! There will be a letter nearer the time giving more details about this.

We will be writing our own film reviews during Literacy and we have already started writing acrostic poems linked to light. In Maths we will be focusing on the properties of shapes, drawing and measuring angles and drawing lines of symmetry. As well as this we’ll be solving fraction problems and dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers.

During our Science sessions we will be focusing on electricity, light and sound and will have the opportunity to make LED torches in our Design Technology lessons. We will also be looking at the history of film and film from around the world.

Greek Day!!

Today Year 4 had their Greek Day! All the children came dressed in their outfits ready to take part in the activities lined up for the day. In the morning, they had the opportunity to taste some traditional Greek cuisine including: green and black olives, feta cheese, pita bread, tzatziki and baklava. Some children were eager to try some new foods which was great to see. After break, we talked about the myth of the Minotaur and then they created 3D labyrinths - they looked super and we cannot wait to test them out. 

During the afternoon, Year 4 finally got to paint their fragile Greek vases, that they carefully made out of clay on Monday. They decorated them in traditional Ancient Greek style with patterns and pictures. We had a few handle breakages but nothing that glue can't fix! They children should be really pleased with how fantastic their vases turned out - we're looking forward to showing them to the rest of school. 


Autumn 2 - Groovy Greeks


This half term is a very busy one as we will be learning all about our new topic the Groovy Greeks but also getting excited for Christmas! As you are aware we will be having a Greek Day on Wednesday 16th November, giving the children the opportunity to live like a Greek for the day. We will be taking part in some Olympic sports and trying different Greek food. There is more information in our newsletter. 


In Literacy, we have started looking at non-chronological reports with the aim of writing our own report of a new mythical Greek beast. During maths, we will be looking at time, focusing on 12 hour and 24 hour clocks as well as looking at fractions. We will also be designing and making Greek pots during art, learning about the history of Greece and looking at the different Greek Gods and Goddesses. In PE we have already had our first hockey session and are looking forward to making shapes and balancing in gymnastics. 


We are really looking forward to another brilliant half term!


Fencing in Year 4

Autumn 1 - Healthy Hearts, Happy Humans


This half term, our topic is called 'Healthy Hearts, Happy Humans' and is based around keeping fit and staying healthy. The children have already started looking at the Eatwell Plate to develop an understanding of the different types of foods we eat and what counts as a balanced and varied diet. As well as this, the children will have the opportunity to use their knowledge of healthy foods to create their own healthy cereal during Design and Technology. 


Our Literacy lessons will link to being healthy – we will be creating poems about a sport or hobby and writing instructions for making their cereal. As well as this, in our Maths lessons we will be focusing on: calculating the cost of healthy meals and working out the amounts of ingredients in different foods.


The children will also be learning some Zumba during our PE lessons and will be looking at the work of artist Andy Warhol when creating Pop Art of famous sports stars. Watch this space for photos and more information! 

Summer 2- Stone Age


This half term our focus has been on the Stone Age. We've become historians and discovered how these pre-historic hunter gatherers lived, looking through the eyes of the boy in the story Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. 

One of our highlights of the topic has been our Stone Age day. We dressed up and took part in a number of activities, these included: stew making in the woods, cave painting, mock bone and teeth jewellery making and constructing our very own Stonehenge with biscuits. Photos to follow!

Summer 1- Up up and away


Our main focus will be history investigating the history of flight and learning about The Wright Brothers.

There will be opportunities for design and technology, making kites  and revisiting forces.In art we will be designing and making prints about flight. There will be strong links in literacy with poetry, letter writing and adventure stories.


Spring 2- Ground Force


This half term our topic is Ground Force. It is a science based topic and our focus will be on plants and flowers. We will become scientists and conduct experiments investigating the requirements of plants for life and growth and how they vary from plant to plant. In art we will be studying the work of Monet and Van Gogh using it to inspire our own creations.


The Iron Man


This half term our topic is The Iron Man, based on the novel by Ted Hughes. We will become scientists and conduct experiments involving magnets, electricity and the effect of rust on different metals. As part of our Computing lessons we will learn about branching databases, and even programme different robots. Mr Cushing is also going to be visiting us, showing us his collection of robots. Also, we will be developing our sketching skills, by sketching our own robotic style hands and creating our own interpretation of the Iron Man.




In Pine Class we’ve had a fantastic half term studying the Victorians.


On our Victorian day the children got a sense of what it was like to be at school in the 1800s and everybody who took part really got into role. This, alongside our drama workshop with the Treehouse Theatre Company, inspired the children to produce fantastic pieces of writing in literacy (a diary entry from the perspective of a Victorian street child and a non-chronological report).


Take a look at some of our photos to see what we have been getting up to.


Welcome to Pine Class


We’ve had a brilliant first few weeks in Pine Class and have all been settling in well. We are getting much better at knowing our weekly routine and the expectations of being in year 3/4.


Our topic this half term is called ‘Journeys’ and we have already been learning lots about the different continents and oceans in our world. We have also been looking at a story called ‘Journey’ (by Aaron Becker) in literacy and have been thinking about where we would like to go on our own journeys.


In music we have been going on an African journey with the help of Listen2Me and have begun to learn all about African percussion. Photos of this to follow soon, so watch this space!

Summer 1

Savage Saxons and Vicious Vikings


This half term, Year 5 and 6 are studying The Saxons and Vikings. They will learn how to plot these two time periods on a time line, in relation to other key historical events. As well as this, they will learn all about Saxon home life by designing their own Saxon villages and clothing. The children will study Saxon battles, armor and weaponry; they will design and make their own Saxon shield which will then be used in a whole year group ‘battle!’


In addition to all of this, the children will be rehearsing hard for their KS2 Summer production of Aladdin!

Saxon vs Viking Catapults


Spring 2

Walk on the Wild Side


Year 5 and 6 studied an extremely exciting topic called ‘Walk on the Wild Side’.  During this topic, they looked at different rainforests around the world and the wild life living there. If you asked one of them, they will be able to explain the importance of the different rainforest layers.


During their Literacy lessons, they wrote descriptions of a trek through the rainforest, a balanced argument about deforestation and a rainforest poem.


Maths lessons involved looking at climate and rainfall graphs and charts. They also completed some jungle based word problems.


As well as this, the children studied Henri Rousseau’s tiger artwork and used acrylic paints to create their own paining in the style of this artist.


As part of their Science lessons, they learned about food chains and how animals adapt to their natural environments.


They learned the names of a variety of rainforest animals in French and even wrote a description of these in French.


The main highlight of this topic was definitely Jungle Jonathan’s Roadshow visiting school; the children got to look at and hold a variety of creepy crawlies and snakes!


Miss Collins and Mrs Hill were extremely impressed with the effort and enthusiasm they all put into this topic and look forward to their next one ‘Savage Saxon and Vicious Vikings.’

Spring 1


This half-term, Year 5 and 6 will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians as part of their topic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian.’


The topic is beginning with a trip to Highclere Castle where the children will learn all about Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Back at school, they will write a diary entry as if they are Howard Carter discovering the ancient treasures.


The children will also learn all about the mummification process and will even get to have a go at mummifying each other! During their art lessons, they will make canopic jars out of clay, which will be painted in an Ancient Egyptian style. They will also learn how to write their names in hieroglyphics.


In their Maths sessions, the children will complete a variety of Ancient Egyptian themed word problems to develop their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. They will study 3D shapes and measures (area, perimeter and volume) focussing on the pyramids in the Valley of the Kings.


To top this all off, they will learn an Egyptian style dance and take on roles of Ancient Egyptian characters in our Drama lessons! We are all really looking forward to this topic!

Egyptian Biscuits

Autumn 2 - Celebrations and Festivals

After a well-deserved half term break, we have started our topic for Autumn 2 (Celebrations and Festivals.) This topic focusses on 4 different celebrations/ festivals around the World: Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving and Hanukah.  


Already, we have learnt about the history of Bonfire Night and written some beautiful descriptions about going to a firework display using our five senses. We have created freeze frames to show the key parts of the gunpowder plot story which we have transformed into our own Beano and Dandy style comic strips.


As well as this, we have solved some bonfire related questions in Maths and focussed on converting and ordering fractions.


We have discussed the importance of Remembrance Day, made our own poppies to create a whole school sea of poppies on the field and written some beautiful emotive poems to remember all the fallen soldiers. Miss Rogers was so impressed with our poems that she has put some up on display in her office!


Next, we will be moving onto learning about how Thanksgiving is celebrated and finally how people celebrate Hanukah. We are looking forward to continuing with our Festivals and Celebrations topic.

Guy Fawkes Freeze Frames

Electricity Science Day

Autumn 1 - Oh La La!

We have had an extremely busy first half term in Year 5 and 6 learning all about different aspects of French culture and traditions through our ‘Oh La La!’ topic. We have completed a geographical study of France’s regions, focussing particularly on Basingstoke’s twin town – Alençon.


During our Literacy lessons, we have written: a description of a walk through Paris, a personification poem about the Eiffel Tower, instructions about how to make a French baguette and even a newspaper report about a murder at the French Football Stadium!


As well as this, during our Maths lessons, we solved lots of French word problems involving money using the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We also looked at drawing and measuring angles.


One of our favourite lessons was when we become food connoisseurs, tasting a variety of different French foods and drinks such as: quiche Lorraine, baguettes, croissants, pain aux chocolate, crème caramel and wine (grape juice!)

As part of our science day about micro-organisms, we had great fun growing our own yeast to blow up balloons. We had to make predictions about which type of sugar would react with the yeast the quickest and produce the most carbon dioxide. Mr Wood also showed us how to make our own delicious ricotta cheese as this is made up of micro-organisms.


In our art lessons, we have sketched famous French landscapes such as – The Eiffel Tower, L’arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum, focussing on using tone and texture in our work. As well as this, we have created landmark silhouette pictures and recreated pastel versions of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night.’


Obviously we have also learnt plenty of new French vocabulary; we can now sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes in French, name items around the classroom and have a simple conversation with one another about our hobbies, family and school.  


On top of all of this fun and excitement, the Year 6 children enjoyed an action-packed week at Stubbington Study Centre where they took part in a range of activities such as: shelter building, beach study, badger watching, mammal hotel making and the Eggstreme Challenge. They came back with so many fantastic memories and stories to tell – we know that the Year 5’s are looking forward to their visit next year!