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Registration during self-isolation

Registration on Seesaw/Tapestry to be completed by 9.30am each day please. Read on to find out how. 

Days 1 and 2 of self-isolation

Children to register (using either the audio or video tools) by leaving a short (approx 1minute) message to:

- Saying a short greeting 'Good morning Miss/Mrs  .....'

- Saying how they are feeling at that point, for example,  'I am fine just sorry I can't see my friends today'. 

- Stating what activity they are starting first  (or in the case of EYFS, Tapestry). 'I am doing Numbots first of all today.'

Your child’s teacher will acknowledge this ‘short message’ and this will be marked as registration.

Days 3 -14 of self-isolation

Your child’s teacher will send a brief morning message on Seesaw (or Tapestry) that is either typed or audio.

Children to respond to this message on Seesaw using the tool the teacher has asked for. This could be send an emoji to show me how they are feeling or type them a message saying what they were proud of yesterday or they may ask your child to use the audio or video tool to answer a question they ask them.

Your child’s teacher will acknowledge this ‘short message’ back as registration for the day.


If your child is coming back to school the next day as the Covid test returns as a negative result, please get your parents to ring or email the school office so they can let your child's class teacher know at registration so they stop the Seesaw or Tapestry remote education.