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Rowan Class 2020-2021

Autumn 2 


With the weather turning chillier as Winter approaches, our children have been little super stars this term. Once again they have really impressed us with their hard work and perseverance and their enthusiasm with school. We find that the children find Bonfire night fascinating, not just because of the fireworks of course but learning the history and reasons why we celebrate it. 

Further into November the children were learning about Diwali and Rangoli patterns. They even had a go at creating their own Rangoli style patterns using shapes. They did a great job getting creative whilst at the same time using great mathematical language for the shapes that they were using.





Christmas fast approaching, we had to think outside the box this year as to how The Nativity was going to be performed this year. With a live performance not allowed, we had to go virtual. Mrs Khan and Mrs Davis were really put to the test, technically, to create our Nativity Story fit for Hollywood. However, our brilliant cast of mini actors once again shone bright showing that they are quite capable of anything new we throw at them. The Nativity Story was a great success and we all. children and adults had such a great time creating it. We hope you were able to catch the film on the website at the time. Otherwise here are some photos of our mini masters in action.



 We have been so proud of all the children this Autumn term. 

We are really looking forward to our new term topic Let's Go Explore, which will take up all over the world learning about now places, cultures and animals to name a few.

We hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. 

Autumn Term 2


We have a busy term ahead of us after the October Half Term and hope that the children are fully rested and ready to go!

We will be kicking it all off with a BANG with lots of fun activities and learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night.

Followed by Armistice Day and the importance of remembering those who fought for us in the past and present. 

We will also be starting to think about..... Christmas! Can you believe that it is almost that time already? 

So watch this space and get ready for another jam packed term!

 Autumn Term 1


This term the children have been learning about Autumn.

Despite the wet weather, we have been able to get outside and explore our beautiful woodlands and take in the stunning changes that nature has to offer. We have talked about Autumn and the changes that we have seen and why the season is so special. The children have loved using nature's treasures in the mud kitchen, collecting different coloured leaves, acorns and conkers for their ingredients in their cooking. 

We have brought Autumn into the classroom whenever we can. In maths for our counting and creating patterns and in Literacy looking at books and retelling the story of The Little Red Hen.





Ordering and recognising numbers activity






Creating Patterns from Natural resources


Also this term the children have completed their scooter training. They were able to practice skills on our school playgrounds, such as breaking safely, weaving and balancing. They were super sensible out on our road just outside school, practicing crossing the road and the importance of using our eyes and ears when we are out and about on our scooters and ensuring that we are safe.



Scooter Training- Road Safety and skills



    Maths- Button sorting and matching activity

Welcome to Year R Rowan Class!


We have enjoyed welcoming our lovely Year R children to school and what a lovely cohort of children we have. They have impressed us so much with how well they are settling in at school and our routines and systems, which are in place to keep us safe. They have been particularly fantastic at washing their hands and getting used to the staggered start and finishing times that we have.  


Year R Staff


Teachers: Miss Khan (Rowan) - Mrs Davis (Birch)

Miss MacDonald (Friday PPA cover am/pm across both classes)

LSAs: Mrs Daly - Mrs Drewett - Mrs Wallace


Autumn Term 1


We are kicking off Year R by getting to know each other and learning all about ourselves. We will be talking about ourselves, our families and our bodies. We will also be learning about families all over the world and what makes us all wonderfully different and unique. This term the children will also be noticing changes in the seasons, so we will be making the most of our outside areas, learning about the changes in nature. We will be going on nature walks and using the natural resources that we can find to help us in our literacy and maths learning. 


We have introduced the Monster Phonics to the children, so listen out for monsters such as the Black Cats and friends. This term the children will be learning the Black Cat sounds, we start with s, a, t, p , i and n.




If you need to contact us please send an email or make a phone call via the schools admin office account. A member of the Year R team will also be available at the gate, at drop off and pick up times, for you to pass on quick messages to the team.


We look forward to spending time getting to know the children and supporting them with their learning.


The Year R Team.