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Rowan Class (EYFS)

Spring Term


Before Christmas the children were all very excited about the new Frozen film that was in the cinema.  Therefore we decided that our Spring Term topic would be Frozen.  Alongside looking at the films, we will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctic, polar animals and different types of weather.  We will also be thinking about how to look after our world and discussing the different ways that we can do this.


During the first week of the term we spent some time sharing our holiday news.  The children were so keen to talk about the different things that they had been doing.  We completed a holiday writing sheet where the children had to think about something that they watched, a present they received, somewhere the went, something they ate and finally something that they gave someone else.  We were really impressed by how hard the children were trying with their writing and that they were starting to become more independent in their work already.


Following the first week we then moved onto our main topic.  In maths we have been doing lots of chilly work, such as sorting snowflake numbers, building a snowman by solving addition sums, creating paint snowballs to help us with our number recognition or addition and subtraction work.  In our writing work we have been thinking about the characters in Frozen and writing character descriptions.  We also helped Elsa and Anna sort some of their objects and tried to write some labels and sentences about the things that they had.  Alongside this we have been continuing learning our Monster Phonics and each fortnight we use a different story to support us with this.


One week we read the ebook "The Girl who went to the North" which was a girl who went on an adventure to the Arctic.  Following on from the story we did some beautiful art work, creating the Northern Lights from chalks.  We also became composers and composed our own soundtrack for the girl's journey.  


In the middle of the term we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We focused on the story of the Great Animal Race.  The children read the story and then wrote a short section, retelling part of the story.  In maths they sorted the animals into groups of whether they would be heavy or light.  They then weighed some toy animals, making predictions about much they would weigh and then checking to see how close they were.


Alongside our topic work, this term we have been taking part in Relax Kids sessions.  During these sessions the children are given time to be calm, learn breathing techniques and think about different ways to relax their bodies when they are feeling anxious or worried.  We also encourage the children to think positive thoughts about themselves and we send our negative thoughts away in imaginary balloons.   


Finally we had a mental health week and an internet safety day.  For mental health week we had the theme of being brave.  We read the story 'Be Brave Little Penguin' and thought about what it means to be brave.  The children came up with something that they were going to do in the future that would require them to be brave.  For the internet safety day we were thinking about what information we share with others.  We watch a Lee and Kim cartoon which taught us that we shouldn't share information such as where we live or go to school with people online.  


It has been a busy half term but we are all looking forward to continuing with our Frozen topic next half term.



Autumn Two term


This term has been very busy and the children have come back full of energy. The term kicked off with our exciting Halloween Disco and a fantastic set of parents evenings, where all the children have made us so proud. We have been practising for our Nativity, learning about our bodies and the changes in the season, Armistice Day and the true story of Christmas to name but a few. All of this alongside our reading, maths and writing learning! What busy busy children we have.....








Our Nativity- A King is born



Our children have been working very hard learning their lines and the songs this term and I am sure you will agree that the show was just brilliant! It is quite incredible to see how far they have all come in such a short space of time. Their confidence has grown so much and they impressed us all with their enthusiastic singing! 

At the end of the term he children have learnt about the Story of Christmas during their visit to Christchurch. Again, they have shown how sensible they can be with their walk to the church and whilst in the church itself.

Autumn One

Welcome to Rowan Class


We cannot believe that we have already reached the end of our first half term at school.  It has been such a busy time in Early Years, as everyone has been settling in, getting to know school routines and most importantly building relationships.  


It was so nice to see the children arriving at school so confidently on their first few days, with lots of beaming smiles from the children and the adults.  Over the first few weeks we have been learning about how to be a good friend, use kind hands and look after our classroom resources.  Before starting school the children had all completed some 'All about me' sheets.  They have then had opportunities to share these with their classmates.  It has been really interesting learning about each other and finding out what we all have in common.


Our main topic this term has been 'Ourselves' and this will be continuing into Autumn two.  As part of this topic we have drawn portraits of ourselves focusing on our facial features, and created writing and pictures about our families.   We also thought about how to keep ourselves healthy.  The children displayed great understanding of the importance of eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and doing exercise.  To support this the school nurse came in to do a talk about how to wash our hands properly.


Alongside our topic work we have been thinking about Harvest and Autumn.  The children have been exploring the school environment and looking for signs of autumn in our woodland.  Currently there are lots of berries and mushrooms growing within the brambles, and the children were very quick to tell us that we must not pick or eat any of these as they might make us poorly.  We have loved exploring the woods and are looking forward to spending lots more time in this part of the school.


Finally we had a very exciting day where we all brought our scooters to school so that we could take part in Scooter Training.  During our training we all learned about the importance of helmets to keep us safe.  We then completed several different activities including learning how to control our scooter, how to stop and start, how to glide on one leg and how to steer around cones.  We also went out to the road by school and practised how to travel near a road and then cross a road safely.  All of the staff we so proud of how well the children listened and demonstrated good understanding of road safety.


We are really pleased with the progress that we are already seeing from the children and look forward to our new adventures in autumn two.

Summer Term


Our final topic this year has been 'Our Wonderful World'.  The children have been learning all about different countries, habitats and mini beasts.  To kick off the topic we thought about the links that we have with countries around the world.  As a cohort we discovered that we have so many connections through family living in different countries and places that we have visited.  We were really impressed by how much knowledge the children had of different countries and with how much detail they were able to share about those places.


We have been using our woodland and outdoor environment a lot over this term.  In our creative work we have been doing pencil sketches of the pond area and creating images out of real life objects e.g. sticks, leaves and stones.  We also used the woods to look at the homes of different insects and then had a go at making our own bug houses.


In our literacy work we have been writing about what makes our world wonderful.  The children came up with some amazing ideas and wrote about the different creatures and environments that they felt made the world special.  We then did some descriptive writing about a walk in the woods.  The children tried hard to think about all the things that they could see, hear, smell and touch if they were in the woods.  


One of our big issues to investigate has been the impact that people are having on the world.  We investigated the effect that pollution is having on the world and the changes that we can make to help look after our planet.  The children have been really inspired to become eco-warriors and now show good understanding about recycling, saying no to single use plastic and trying to use cars less. 


Alongside our topic work we celebrated Father's Day.  The children all made cards and key rings as gifts for their dad.  We then invited all of the class dads into school for the afternoon.  During the afternoon there was a range of activities on offer such as scavenger hunt in the woods, paper aeroplane competition, biscuit decorating and tower building.  It was a fun afternoon and the children loved having their dads in school.


At the end of our topic we went for a school trip to Hillier Gardens.  Our focus was Animal Homes.  We explored different animal homes and did pond dipping, building animal dens, sweep netting and making a colourful caterpillar using different plants.  The children enjoyed exploring the gardens, especially going through the bamboo tunnel and across the wobbly bridge.  There was certainly a lot of tired children on the coach on the way home.


Summer term has been very busy and we have learned a lot.  The children are now very excited about moving up to Year 1 and we are very proud of their successful first year at school.

Hillier Gardens

Birch and Rowan Class had a wonderful time on their school trip today.

They enjoyed activities such as Pond dipping, small animal home building, hungry caterpillar hunt, walk through a prehistoric trail and insect and butterfly catching in the long grass.

 We were very proud of how well behaved all the children were and how engaged they were with all the activities.

Spring 2

We started the first week with Poetry week. We read and performed our own dinosaur poem in assembly. The children were brilliant! In literacy that week we wrote our own Dinosaur poems.  

 The children all looked fabulous in their World book day costumes. We had an array of characters from lots of different stories!

The children enjoyed talking about their character and looking at each other's costumes. We all dressed up too. Mrs Drewett's teeth certainly needed a good clean as Mrs Twit! 

The children have continued to enjoy Dinosaur's and we have been looking at bones and fossils and comparing them to our own bones. As part of science week we had a visit from a GP who told us lots of interesting facts about human bones. Our friendly skeleton was quite a talking point in the classroom. The children created their own dinosaurs by chopping dinosaurs bodies into different parts. We had lots of weird looking Dinosaurs! This was excellent as stimulus for writing as we were then able to create dinosaurs who could run, jump, fly and swim all at the same time!!

As part of the Mother's day celebration the children were very busy making cards, writing letters and painting a portrait of their mum's. We had a visit to Chineham post Office where each child brought a stamp and posted their letter. The post office were very accommodating as we all cued up and brought stamps individually!

In literacy we have been writing cards and letters for Mother's day. The children enjoyed writing their letters and thinking why their mum is special. They had to keep lots of secrets that week and not tell you that we had walked and posted the letters

In Number we have had a focus on shape. We have had various shape activities inside and outside to encourage the children to talk about 2d and 3d shapes. Some of the shape words have been tricky, for example, cube, cuboid, sphere, but we have also encouraged the children to talk about their properties such as faces, edges, corners.

The children have really enjoyed this term and hopefully they will be looking forward to our new topic of Wonderful World which will spark our imaginations, and enthuse our creativity and interests to find out more about the world around us.

Spring 1 


This term the children have been very excited by our Dinosaur Topic.  The children came up with their own ideas about what they would like to investigate and shared their existing knowledge.  We discovered that we have a lot of dinosaur experts in class this year.  The children have been trying hard to use the correct terminology and are able to clearly explain facts such as 'a carnivore is a dinosaur that eats meat but a herbivore eats plants'.


Through our art work we have been creating paintings of dinosaurs, and using art straws and cotton ear buds we tried to create our own dinosaur skeletons.  One of our focus areas has been observational drawing and the children sketched some amazing pictures of dinosaurs.  They had dinosaur toys and pictures to study and we were very impressed by the effort and focus that the children displayed.  It was lovely to see how proud they were of their finished products.


In literacy we have been working on writing descriptions of dinosaurs.  We also read the book 'Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs' and then thought about what we would put in our buckets.  Some of the lists were very interested and the children worked hard on sounding out their words. 


Whilst playing in the sand the children found some dinosaur eggs!  We were all very excited watching the eggs hatch and seeing the baby dinosaurs emerge from them.  After looking at some examples of dinosaur fossils, the children also had a go at creating their own salt dough fossils and dinosaur bones, which we then also buried in the sand pit for someone else to find.


Alongside our dinosaur topic we took part in Internet Safety Day and our school Love of Tolerance Day.  Using Smartie the Penguin, the children learned about how to stay safe when playing on a tablet and the importance of not sharing information which strangers when playing computer games.  As part of our Love of Tolerance Day we thought about what makes us unique and shared the story 'A Rainbow of Friends' which looked at all the different friends we might have. 


Finally we have been having great fun in our woodlands as part of our Forest Schools.  We have been exploring the woods and learning the names of the trees and plants that we can find on our woodland walks. 


It has been a busy half term and the children still have so much that they want to learn about dinosaurs, so we will be continuing this topic after the half term holiday, as well as thinking about Mother's Day and Easter.



Autumn 2


We have had a very busy eight week term, jam packed with so much learning and fun. 

The term started off with a BANG, quite literally with Bonfire night and Halloween! In literacy the children wrote firework sounds and drew pictures, we learnt about Guy Fawkes and sequenced the Gun powder plot and by the end of the second week we were learning all about Armistice Day- and that was just the first two weeks! (Not to mention a cracking first set of parents evenings!)


The Halloween disco was a great success and the children had such good fun.

There were some pretty scary costumes and wonderful dance moves, it was great to see their confidence and social skills shining through.






 The children painted poppies in watercolour.



By week three, play practise was well on the way and I am sure you were hearing some of the songs at home already. The children really showed us their talents, with some great singers and confident little actors. We were so impressed with how the children learnt their lines and the hard work the narrators put into learning their lines. Thanks parents!

Before we knew it we were ready for our performance. The whole school was so impressed with their performance during dress rehearsal and they certainly didn't disappoint when it came to the real thing!


The children were amazing, Mrs Khan and I were so proud of all the children and they all looked adorable in their costumes.






Throughout the term, the children may have mentioned their Year 5 buddies. Once or twice a week the Year 5 classes come to each class to spend time with the children. They will often read with the children, help them with their library books, join us on our daily mile and have even come to explore the woods with us. The children love it when the buddies come and it is so lovely to see the older children become so nurturing towards the little ones.






All this great reading has also meant that the children have progressed with their individual reading and SO many children have moved up a book level this term- here's a few of our superstar readers showing just how proud they are of themselves!




Almost at the end of the term and you may have heard your children talking about Golden Time. This is a whole school event, where activities to suit the children of all ages are planned. Our children can find this a little daunting as they are in different classrooms with different teachers and children spanning across the whole school. But once again they knocked our socks off with their confidence and perseverance. 


With the last week now upon us the children had a very special visitor come to see them. The excitement of all the children and seeing their faces light up as Santa spoke to them all, really put us all in the Christmas spirit. 



It has been a long and busy term and the children really have been little superstars.  With changes coming to our staffing, with our wonderful and experienced early years expert Mrs Gibbs leaving us to go on her travels and myself (Mrs Davis) leaving to embark on a new adventure of my own (eek! What have I done?!), the children have been exceptional. They have embraced Miss MacDonald, our maternity cover, with open arms and are super excited to have Mrs Daly with us on a full time basis. We want to wish them both all the very best for the Spring and Summer terms and know that they are going to fall in love with our amazing children.

Autumn 1- Marvelous Me and Autumn


The first term has been a whirlwind of learning and the children have blown us away! I am sure most of you would agree that already we are seeing the children blossoming, growing in confidence and coming into their own.

Thank you so much for taking the time over summer with your wonderful 'All about Me' posters. It is such a great talking point to have in the classroom and for the children to refer to.




The children have also enjoyed starting our Monster Phonic sessions. So far we have been looking at some of the Black Cat sounds.

These include; s, a, t, p, i, n, m, g, b, l, c, k, qu. 


Along the way the children have also started picking up on some of the other monsters, Angry Red A and Green froggy are particularly popular, not to mention Tricky Witch, who seems to be blamed for an awful lot of things, not just phonics related!  




September 21st was World Peace Day. The children listened to a story called 'The Peace Stick' and watched the music video for John Lennon's 'Imagine'. During discovery time, some of the children coloured in symbols of peace and made paper plate white peace doves. 





In maths, the children have been counting Autumn leaves, conkers, sticks and acorns and impressing us with their knowledge. We also went for a very long walk to St Mary's church for our Harvest festival. They all did very well, our daily 'mile' walk has obviously been paying off! 


Maths Autumn Counting





Visit to St Mary's Church






And this is only a taster of what the children have been doing!




Watch out for next term, we will be looking at Treasured Tales as our topic, before we dive right in to Christmas! EEK!

Autumn 1


We hope that everyone is as excited as we are about the new school year.  In school we have been busy putting the finishing touches to our classrooms and getting everything ready for all of our new arrivals.  We will be starting the term with our home visits.  This gives us the chance to meet all of our new Rowan and Birch members in their own home and hear all about their summer.  It is always amazing to see how much the children have grown since we last saw them in July!


Then, in the second week of term, the children will all be joining the rest of the school at  Great Binfields.  Don't forget that on Monday 10th it is all the Autumn Birthdays starting, Tuesday 11th the Spring Birthdays and Wednesday 12th the Summer Birthdays.  We can't wait to see the children exploring their new classrooms and beginning to make lots of new friends  One of our favourite stories for helping us settle into school is Pete the Cat who is Rocking in his School Shoes.  You can find it on Youtube but be warned the song will stick in your head. 


Our first topic of the Year is  Marvellous Me.  During this topic we will be learning all about each other and finding out what makes us unique.  Check out our page at the end of this half term to see all the exciting things that we have done during Autumn 1.

Summer 1 and 2 

Mythical Creatures


Last Term! How are we here already? The children have loved this topic and have really thrown their all into into it. We learnt about such a variety of creatures, from the Gorgons and Medusa, Cereberus and Chimera to unicorns an fairies. The children have embraced them all!


This topic has been a perfect stepping stone for different writing, role play and story telling, art, history and geography; It really has enabled the children to target all areas of learning with so much fascination. 



                                                                            Mythical creatures from around the world.




Woodland Fairy Art


The children have also enjoyed their first ever school trip! And they were all so well behaved. As much as Hillier Gardens is a wonderful place to visit, for some of our children the coach ride alone was excitement enough!

There certainly isn't enough space for all the photos, Mrs Davis took nearly 200 pictures alone that day. So we will share just a few..................







The children have also been fantastic welcoming the new children starting in September into the school. They have shown them the classes and played beautifully with them on their stay and play visits. They have also been visiting Year 1 and their new teachers from time to time and transition day. I can't believe this year has flown so fast and it's not long now until September comes and they will be in Key Stage 1!


It has been an absolute pleasure to tech these children and get them settled into school. Miss Khan and I are going to miss them terribly. However, this term especially they have shown us just how ready they are for Year 1. 


Good Luck Birch and Rowan Class. 



Mrs Davis and Miss Khan



Spring 2

Space, Mother's Day Concert, Science week and Easter


Once again the children have blown us away with their attitude and enthusiasm to learning. This term has seen some fantastic progress and work to be truly proud of.

The term started off with Writing week and the focus across the school was, books without words. Year R looked at the book 'Pancakes for Breakfast'. The children wrote thank you letters from the main character, they solved calculations on pancakes and placed them on the correct saucepan. The children also created, using collage, their own pancakes. They planned their toppings and used their favourite ingredients to embellish with fabrics, paper, sequins and buttons.




With Mother's Day approaching, the children were hard at work creating cards, writing letters, learning songs and painting portraits of their Mummy or Nanny. The children once again made us so very proud as they performed the Mother's Day Concert and I am sure that there were a few tears of pride in the audience, if the letters home were not enough to set you off.  It was so wonderful seeing the children stand up and talk about their mummy's and then have a little time at the end for hugs and kisses and a spot of gardening.




Science Week proved to be a big hit with the children. We read the story 'Baby Brains' and discussed what it was like to be an astronaut. The children were fascinated to know that real astronauts also need to wear a nappy, just like Baby Brains, whilst on long space walks. We investigated and dissected a real (clean) nappy. The children explored the absorbency of different materials and then chose which materials were best for a new nappy.





We also learnt about Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in Space during science week. All the children enjoyed learning about her and were able to remember at least one fact about her. We also saw some of our best writing to date from the children as they recalled facts about her. 


As Easter approached and our Space topic started to draw to an end, we started to gauge from the children what their particular interests were at this time. The children came up with some wonderful ideas for our new topic and Mythical Creatures certainly was the favourite. I cannot wait to see what the children wow Mrs Khan and I with next term.

Spring 1- Winter and Space


Well that term just flew by! 

Although this term has been shorter, the children have been really busy. First week back, the focus was Winter- before we plunged into space full steam ahead. In Maths, the children ordered numbers and had a try at some addition sums. It has been great to see how much they are all trying their best, even when they are being challenged. We also looked at shapes and the children made snowmen by drawing around a selection of different shapes.



Week two, we shared the story 'Back to Earth with a bump'.

This story is about a boy named Hal, who has a mission to find the sun when it disappears at night time and travels to space in his rocket bed. Hal finds the moon and other planets before he finally looks behind him to see the sun. The children made their own moons and planets with Mrs Davis by blowing bubbles into a mixture of paint, water and washing up liquid. The children had great fun doing this and were very impressed when they saw the results of their bubble prints, a very effective technique.




Also in our Art sessions, the children have been doing observational drawings. I was extremely impressed with how well the children concentrated and the attention to detail that some of them were able to show. They have also created 3D junk model rockets and space scenes on black paper. 






This term, the children have also been using the Ipads and Bee-bots in school. We have had an e-safety day where the children learnt from Smartie the Penguin how to stay safe online and we (staff and parents) also got to listen to an online safety presentation from Harrap (our I.T experts!) 



Forest Schools has been a huge hit and Miss Lyddon has loved having the children. Come rain or shine the children have embraced the outdoors and have just got stuck in (the mud). The children have also enjoyed using hammers and nails this term outside with Miss Khan.



Next term we will be continuing our Space topic, as the children are still very much enjoying learning all about space. Also, with writing week, World Book day, Easter and Mother's Day to fit in too, next term could then be our busiest yet!



Autumn Two in Early Years

Autumn Two in Early Years


Here we are and another term completed! I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and that the children were eager to return to school. The children really have settled back into the school routines beautifully and it now feels like Christmas was such a long time ago.

Autumn Two term was jam packed with our topic of Moana and all the exciting activities of Christmas.


First week back we hit the ground running. The children were excited about their new topic and so were we! The children explored items that had been washed up on Moana's beach for literacy, built rafts outside in the construction area, ordered numbers on Moana's shells that she had lost on an adventure and modeled volcanoes out of play-dough- all in the first two weeks back!




Getting closer to November, bonfire night was approaching fast. The children loved talking about fireworks and enjoyed all the writing, drawing and painting activities around fireworks and rockets. Lots of children shared their excitement of bonfire and firework parties and racing to the window to see them in the evenings.




With Bonfire night over, we were on the way to Christmas and the children started to learn some of their Nativity songs in their music lessons with Mrs Davis whilst Miss Khan took P.E. The children really impressed us with their effort and enthusiasm toward singing and I know that a lot of the parents were only just getting a taster of what was to come at home....... We'd like to tell you a story, would you like to hear it?


But before we move onto Christmas, here is a few more pictures of what the children have been up to this Autumn.





Activites include: Building a raft for Moana: Modeling a volcano from playdough: Skittles with Mr Wood: Write dance with Mrs Drewett.


December came before we knew it and the children had worked so hard learning their lines, songs and dance moves.

The Early years team were so so proud of the children and how well they all performed and behaved during play week.


Thank you to all our parents, grannies/nannies and granddads, aunties and uncles, and brothers and sisters who supported the children with costumes, lines and listened to the songs being sung over and over again. The play was a huge success and I am sure you were all so very proud.







I cannot believe how quickly this first term has gone and just how far our children have grown in confidence.

Well done Rowan and Birch, we are sure you will blow us away with pride come spring.


Autumn One in Early Years


We can't believe that we are already at the end of our first half term of school.  The children of Rowan and Birch classes have had a very busy half term and are definitely ready for a break.  This half term our topic has been 'All about Me' and we have had lots of fun finding out all about each other. 

Our first few weeks of school were spent getting to know our way around the school and learning class routines.  It has been lovely watching the children make friends and grow in confidence.  Despite still getting the odd name wrong, the adults are forming great relationships with the children and we are starting to see their individual personalities emerging.  We watched the story of Pete the cat who was rocking in his school shoes.  Everyone enjoyed singing along to his song and then thought about what they enjoy doing in their school shoes.

Alongside this we have had a couple of exciting trips out of school.  Our first trip was to St Mary's Church in Old Basing where we held our Harvest celebration.  We had been looking at the story of the Little Red Hen in class and thinking about where food comes from.  This also helped us to discuss the animals behaviour in the story and whether or not they were good friends to the Little Red Hen.  Our second visit was to Build a Bear in town to make our new class bears.  We used the public bus service to travel to town, which for some children was their first trip on a bus.  Each class then had time in the shop to select and make their bear.  We were very impressed with the children's behaviour on both of the trips.

During our last week of school we had the drama group Perform come into school.  The children worked with the drama teacher Sam to imagine that they were deep sea divers who had to go and find the lost pearl which had been stolen by a sea monster.  It was great fun pretending to move like different sea creatures and learning a song about Dolly Dolphin.

Throughout the term we also thought about Autumn and the changes that have been happening around us.  The children displayed good understanding of the changes that they would see on the trees and talked about what is happening with the animals.  Some of our art work included making clay apples and autumn leaf wreaths.  One of the festivals that occurred during this half term was Diwali.  The children learned about how Diwali is celebrated and listened to the story of Rama and Sita, as well as doing some Diwali art.

We have certainly crammed a lot of things in this half term and can't wait to see what new things we learn next term.




Summer 1


Everyone returned back feeling refreshed and full of energy after the Easter break. There was a great sense of excitement as the big move into our brand new classroom had happened. The staff worked very hard unpacking everything ready for the children’s arrival back to school. The first few days were spent getting use to the new layout and discovering and learning in our brand new areas.  Our amazing outdoor space is certainly popular with the children and staff.

This term our topic was ‘The Wonderful World’ and we have been learning about different countries, animals, habitats and climates. The children certainly enjoyed finding out lots of new information and comparing places to each other. During this we focused on the rainforest and the children wrote information about the different animals that live there and painted pictures of them. Some of them are displayed in our classroom and look fantastic.

The term certainly ended on a high as it was our famous whole school art week. This year the children voted for the theme to be at the seaside. The school arts team busily worked alongside the teaching staff to plan some exciting and creative activities for the children to participate in. The children in Early Years got to create pieces of work in their own classrooms, then with the year 1 and 2 teachers. This year they created some foil fish, woven sea animals, printed sea animals, aquariums, an inchie - to create a whole school seaside piece and they responded to a piece of beach work painted by Lowry. All of this wonderful work was then displayed in our exhibition where the children could proudly so off their work to their families, and see what the rest of the school had been up too.  The highlight of the week was our whole school flash mob which the children performed to their families to open the exhibition.  The children worked hard to learn the song ‘Under the Sea’ and some actions to go along with this. The children did well to keep this secret and their families were totally surprised! Another great half term in Early Years.

Spring 2

This half of the term started very 'Egg'citingly for us all in Early Years. During our first week back we had a visit from Sarah, who works at Mill Cottage Farm, who delivered us 7 chick eggs and an incubator. She told us lots of information about the incubation period of chicks, this lasts  21 day. She showed us pictures of how the chicks change as they grow inside the egg. Sarah left us with lots of instructions and equipment, ready for the big hatch! Over the 21  days the children observed the eggs everyday, seeing them wobble and hearing  cheeps as the chicks were getting ready to enter the world. Everybody learnt lots of facts about chicks and  created posters on how we have to look after them.  We also read lots of and created our own chicken adventure stories. On day 21 the eggs hatched, an incredible experience, that was definitely worth the wait. Over the next week we saw how much the chicks changed, they certainly enjoyed eating! Once the chicks wing feathers had grown, the farm came back to collect them, as they needed a bigger space to roam around. We were very sad to see them go, but all enjoyed the experience. 

The egg learning experience also linked to our science week, as the theme for this was 'change'.  The children  set up some of their own experiments during this week, such as colour changing skittles and flowers, bouncy eggs (putting eggs in vinegar and the shell dissolves) and filling ballons with water, glitter and lego people and then freezing these. A great week full of fun and learning experiences. 

Towards the middle of the half term our focus changed slightly, as we prepared for mothers day, as the children wanted to say a big thank you to their Mums . The children worked very hard, painting pictures of their Mums, making and writing cards, practicing songs and poems for our special Mothers day concert and writing letters home. Everybody completed a secret mission to the post office, to post their letters home to Mum and all managed to keep it a secret - well done everybody, this is not an easy task! Our Mothers day concert was fantastic, the children spoke and sung with great confidence, and there was not a dry eye in the room. After the concert the children decorated a flower pot and planted a bulb with their Mum, for them to take home. We ended the term learning all about Easter, including learning about the Easter story, Easter crafts, egg and spoon races and ending with our half termly golden time treat. The children were also busy helping to sort out our toys and resources, ready for our big move into the new Early Years classrooms, Birch and Rowan. 

Spring Term

After the Christmas break we all returned to school feeling refreshed and ready to learn about Pirates, our new topic. The topic started with us receiving a message in a bottle from Captain Pete Pigeon, who was aboard his ship the Squeaky Sail. He told the children all about life as a pirate and asked the them to write to him, telling him why the think they would make a good pirate. Also, over the half term the children learnt all sorts of facts about Pirates and enjoyed reading Pirate stories. The children created some magnificent pirate ships and went on all sorts of adventures across the sea. In Maths the children helped Captain Pete to count his treasure, using 5p, 2p and 1p coins and used their addition knowledge to crack the codes on some treasure chests. The children also used the magnetics to help sort Pirate Pete’s treasure and did some floating and sinking exploration.

Our Pirate topic ended with a special Pirate Day. Pete Pigeon wanted to test the children's pirate skills to see if we were good enough to join his ship, The Squeaky Sail. Everyone arrived at school wearing amazing pirate outfits; the children certainly looked like they were going to be good pirates! The first task was to walk the plank into our rooms. Luckily everyone managed this and didn't fall into the shark infested water. Everyone was then split into six pirate crews and given several tasks to complete. These included making a pet parrot, designing a raft, learning a pirate song, pinning the eye patch on the pirate, designing a pirate flag, testing our pirate memory and going on a treasure hunt. Captain Pigeon was keeping a close eye on how we were doing through his special cameras. At the end of the day Captain Lemar spoke with Captain Pigeon to find out how we had done and luckily he was so impressed with us that he made everyone proper pirates! To celebrate he had sent us some treats and a special pirate certificate.

During the half term we also had a special taster session ran by the drama group ‘Perform’. The children were taken on a fairy-tale adventure and learnt a rap to help Rapunzel and had to protect the castle from the Wicked Witch. The children enjoyed using their imaginations and the exciting adventure they went on.

We also had a special whole school ‘Love of Music’ day. In Early Years we listened to two contrasting pieces of music; ‘The Storm’ by Benjamin Britten and ‘Silver Wings over the Sea.’ The children listened to the pieces of music and in to response to them, drew a picture of a beach scene on stormy and calm day. What a busy half term we have had! Our next topic is going to EGGS!

Autumn in Early Years


In Holly and Maple Classes , Autumn one just flew by!  The children were all very busy making friends and getting to know the school routines.  We were all amazed at how independent the children are and they are all keen to show us what they can do on their own.  As our construction topic developed we saw how interested the children were in houses, so we did a lot of work on designing and building houses.  The children also thought about the different things that would need to be in the houses if they were being built for different creatures.  


In our literacy work the children have been learning all of their letter sounds and trying to use them in their reading and writing. One of the stories that we focused on was The Little Red Hen.  The children looked at how they could help each other and why it is important to work together.


In Autumn one we also had a whole school Friendship Week and Peace Day.  During these days we looked at what makes a good friend and the sort of activities that we like to do with our friends.  We made friendship flowers and friendship bracelets to celebrate who our friends are.  On Peace Day we learned about what peace means and the things that we can do everyday to try to avoid conflict with our friends.  Using paper plates and our hands to draw around, we made doves which was fun but a bit tricky to avoid cutting off some of the fingers!


Autumn two looks like it is going to be even busier than Autumn one, especially with Christmas fast approaching.  We have started off the half term by learning about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night.  The children made some great firework pictures.  We will be continuing our construction topic as we lead up to Christmas.  So far the children have looked at bridge construction, linking it to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and we are now looking at vehicles which is linked to the story of The Ugly Duckling.  As an art study we will be looking at the work of the artist Mondrian and then trying to create our own art in the same style.


As we move into December our focus will move onto Christmas.  We will be learning about the Christian Christmas Story and looking at the different ways we celebrate festivals.  The children will do some winter art and look at the changes in their environment.  



Autumn One in Early Years


Autumn term is always an exciting one in Early Years as we welcome all our new children into the school.  We have lots of new and interesting things planned for the children to get involved in.  Our main topics will be Ourselves and Construction.  As part of our topic about Ourselves we will be talking about our families and thinking about what is the same or different about them.  We will also be exploring our senses and learning about how to keep our body healthy.  Through our art work we will be creating collages of ourselves as well as drawing self portraits.  In our Construction topic we will be exploring different buildings and designing our own constructions, with a focus on planning and evaluating rather than just building.  We will be spending time looking at the structures in different fairy tales such as the houses in The Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel's tower and the bridge in The Billy Goats Gruff.  


In our maths work this term we will be spending a lot of time looking at numbers up to ten.  As part of this we will be learning about where the numbers are on a number line, finding different ways to make that number and learning about whether they are odd or even.  


Alongside this we will be busy learning our phonics and getting our first reading books.  We will have lots of fun learning all the Jolly Phonics songs and actions, and will hopefully be able to teach them to our parents too.  




Spring 2

We started off the term by busily making lots of things for our Mums’ to show how much we appreciate them and to say thank you for all they do for us. The children did very well at keeping all of these things a surprise from their Mums, which was a tough job for some of us. The children each wrote a letter home to their Mum telling them what they loved about them and some of the things they enjoy doing with them. Once these had been completed everyone went on a special mission to the Post Office to send these homes. Lots of Mums mentioned how surprised they were when they received the letters and were impressed by the effort the children had put into these. The children also made a card and some yummy pepper mint crèmes as a gift.  The finale to our Mother’s Day work was a concert that the children worked hard on, to put together for their Mums. The children painted wonderful pictures of the Mums, which they shared, along with a poem and some songs. Everyone was very brave and showed great confidence in the concert, especially when they each stood up and read out why they loved their Mum - there was not a dry eye in the room. Everyone was extremely proud of the children.  

In maths we explored measuring the different length of flowers using cubes. Some of us tried estimating how tall we thought each flower would be. This was a little tricky, but we gave it a good go. Once we had measured each flower and recorded our results, we ordered them from the tallest to shortest; we enjoyed working in pairs to do this

During this half term the children took part in the schools Science Week. Everyone participated in lots of different science activities and experiments throughout the week and a huge amount of learning and fun was had. Some of the activities included; exploring bubbles – using different liquids to make our own, magnetic superhero scene, making a new rocket for Superman and looked at changing state by making our own yummy Easter eggs.

As part of science week we were also lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Maxwell. She taught us all about where she works, what she has in her doctors bag - we all surprised to find out she had bubbles, and leaned about her job role. She answered our well thought out questions and very kindly left us with some stethoscopes and theatre gowns to use in our hospital role play. Thank you Dr Maxwell for giving up some time to come in and speak to us – it was very interesting.

As this was a short half time we managed to squeeze in some Easter work. The children learnt about the Easter story and the true meaning of Easter. They walked down to Christ Church to participate in their exciting Easter service with the rest of the school – everyone was very well behaved. The children completed some Easter writing activities and have been putting in lots of effort into their independent writing. The term then ended with our well earned Golden Time morning and everyone was very excited to be involved in their first ever Great Binfields egg hunt.

Our topic for this half term will be Under The sea.

Spring Term


This term our topic is Superheroes. 


Throughout Spring term Early Years will be exploring superheroes.  We started the topic by looking at the superheroes that we know and discussing who are our favourites.  This then moved onto us creating our own superheroes and even turning ourselves into superheroes.  It was very difficult deciding which superpowers but being able to fly was definitely one of the most popular ones.   In our literacy work we wrote descriptions of our favourite superheroes and created simple comic strips.  To support our maths we had to help the superheroes find out who was the most powerful by solving their addition sums.  On the computers we were able to design our own superheroes using the Marvel website.  We made some amazing city scenes by coming paint and collage, they looked really good with our superhero flying over the city at night. 


During the middle of the topic we had a disaster.  The Green Goblin visited the school over the weekend and kidnapped our class bear.  We were all very upset by this and lots of children wrote letters to the Goblin telling him to give us back our bear. Everyone made wanted posters to help warn people to look out for the Green Goblin.  Luckily we arrived at school on the Friday to find our bear had been returned with a note from Spiderman, explaining that he had seen our wanted posters and managed to catch the Green Goblin. 


In our new science area the children have been conducting lots of experiments to help the superheroes.  One morning the children arrived to find that lots of the superheroes had been frozen in blocks of ice and had to find the best way to free them.  This was then extended to freeing superheroes from magnets and lasers. They have also explored different materials and tried to work out the best ones for making capes. 


As usual the children have been very busy in our outdoor areas.  They have created lots of traps for catching the super villains and even turned one of the areas into a Spider World for Spiderman.  In the water play they children designed ramps to create escape routes for the superheroes.


Alongside our superhero work we had an outdoor literacy week.  Our book focus was Winnie the Pooh.  The children create their own version of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and turned it into ' We're going on a Winnie Hunt'.  We then went into the woods to find the different characters from Winnie the Pooh and wrote about what each character was doing.  In maths we helped Winnie do some shopping and had to count out correct amounts of money to enable him to buy the items in his shopping basket.


We will now be continuing our superhero topic in Spring 2 but will be looking more at real life superheroes such as doctors, paramedics and firemen.







Autumn 2

The children came back to school, well rested and rearing to go, after the holidays. It was lovely to see so many eager and confident young children walking through the door.


We started off the term by focussing on fireworks and enjoyed learning about the story of Guy Fawkes, we found out lots of interesting facts. The children enjoyed using pipe cleaners, glue and of course glitter to create their own firework pictures. Lots of us had been lucky enough to have been to firework displays and this helped us to write descriptive words about fireworks, for one of our writing activities.

After this exciting week we moved on to our main topic of the half term ‘Creature Comforts’. Throughout this half term we all became bug experts and were very eager to find out and learn more about them.  This half term we engaged in a variety of activities based around Mini beasts.  After watching an episode of Jess and the Mini beasts, the children wanted to make their very own wormery. They worked as a team to layer up a tub with sand and soil, being very careful not to spill any. Some children went off into the woods and collected lots of leaves for the worms to munch on. The children had a fantastic time searching for and collecting worms to put in their new home. Early Years became the proud owners of 14 pet worms and each day excitedly tracked the trails they had made through the sand and soil and made sure they were well looked after. To finish off the topic the children received a letter from Mrs Ladybird, asking them to help create a bug ball for her birthday. The children were very busy that day making birthday cards, invitations, posters, tickets, vehicles for the bugs to arrive in, food in our mud kitchen and practising entertainment acts. Mrs Ladybird and the children had a fantastic time at the ball and she very kindly bought some party snacks and drinks for us all!


Over the last few weeks of term we have been getting ready for Christmas. The children worked very hard at learning all the songs, actions and lines for our Christmas play. All the hard work paid off and the children put on a wonderful Nativity – we were all very proud of them and were amazed at their confidence. A huge Well Done to everybody.


In Literacy we have been busy writing Christmas cards and re-telling the Christmas story. We have also enjoyed looking at different story books about the Nativity.  In Maths we have been focussing on odd and even numbers and have started to try some simple addition.


Both classes were surprised to find that they had an extra addition to the class – our two elves Jolly and Jingle. They had been sent from Father Christmas, so see how wonderfully we were behaving and to see all the super learning we have been doing. Unfortunately these elves were mischievous and we would often arrive at school in the morning, to find out that they had been up to something!! It is a good job that Early Years were able to show them how to make good choices, so that they will return back to Father Christmas knowing how to behave and what superstars we have at school.


During our last week of term the children enjoyed watching the pantomime of Pinocchio performed by M&M productions. The children had a great time joining in with the songs and we were all pleased the story ended happily.  In the same week, we could not believe, that we had a special visit from Father Christmas! He wished us all a Merry Christmas and kindly gave us a gift of our own.

What a busy half term we have had – we hope that everyone has a well-deserved rest, a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, where we will be learning all about Winter and Superheroes

Autumn 1

Wow! What a busy and exciting first half term we have all had at school. The children have all settled extremely well and it has been great to see them grow with confidence and character. We started the term off by sharing our ‘All About Me’ sheets, where we learnt lots about each other, lots of us like Superheroes! We all painted pictures of ourselves and our families, which also helped us find out more about our friends.


A few weeks into the term we learnt about the story of ‘The Little Red’, and learnt all about Harvest. We all really enjoyed the story and had a great time making our own bread, just like the Little Red Hen did in the story. It was very delicious!  During this week the children also, went on their very first school trip, to St Mary’s church, in Old Basing. Reverend Alec held a special Harvest service for us, where we found out about the journey of bread. We also sang some songs and listened to some readings read by the children in Year 5/6. Everyone was so well behaved, although we came back to school feeling a bit tired from the fun walk there and back.


During this half term the children we involved in their first ‘Love of Day’. The theme of this day was to learn about different religions around the world. Each year group in school had a different religion to focus on. Early Years learnt all about Buddhism and had an enjoyable time in doing so. We started off the day by learning all about the story of Buddha, looking at the clothes that they wear and their special symbols and there meaning. The children in Maple class each carefully cut out and stuck together their own Lotus flower, as these are one the symbols of peace to Buddhists. Everyone in Holly Class created their own Wheel of Life, these symbolise the 8 rules that Buddhists should follow to live a good life.  In the afternoon we took part in a whole school assembly, where each class shared their work and knowledge from the day. It was great to hear and see what everyone else had learnt.


The children have been discovering and exploring our outdoor environment and spending time in the woodlands. We have been looking out for and learning about the signs of autumn and collecting bits for our classroom. We have also had a great time at finding and ordering numbers outside, and collecting the correct pieces of natural objects for each number. We all managed to work well in teams, to complete this. Our mud kitchen and volcano have been greatly used, the children are creating some interesting recipes and super obstacle courses.

Welcome to Holly Class


We have made a fantastic start to the school year in Holly Class and are very impressed with how well everyone is settling in.  The children have all been getting to know each other and making new friends.  They have quickly learned the class and school routines, and have definitely become part of our school community.  This half term our topic is 'Ourselves'. We will be thinking about our families, likes and dislikes and our senses.  Alongside this we will also be learning how to work with a range of people and developing our sharing and problem solving skills. It is already proving to be a fun half term and we look forward to watching the children continue to grow in confidence over the term. 

Summer Term


This term Early Years has been invaded by pirates!  At the beginning of the term we discovered a message in a bottle.  It was from Captain One Leg!  Over the term he has been keeping in touch with us and setting us challenges.  We have been working hard to become real pirates by doing things such as obstacle courses, code breaking, digging for gold, learning about pirates and making our own parrots.  Everyone has been trying hard with their writing through writing messages back to Captain One Leg, lists of things pirate needs, wanted posters and writing descriptions of things they can see in a pirate scene. 


In maths we have been getting more confident with our numbers, addition and subtraction.  Of course no pirate is happy unless they have some treasure, so we have been creating our own treasure and using it to help us understand money.  


We had a slight break from our pirates when the drama group Perform came to work with us for the day.  Everyone had to imagine that they were part of the circus.  The circus lion was feeling very sad and didn’t want to do his act.  Luckily we were all on hand to cheer him up and save the show.


It has been fun learning about pirates and we will continue with this topic after half term.

Shiver me timbers!  What a wonderful pirate day we had on Thursday 30th April.  We are pleased to say that everyone passed the pirate tests.  Check out the Latest News page to find out more about what we did.

Spring 2


We had a very exciting start to Spring 2 in Early Years as we went for a visit to The Gordon Brown Centre for a Percy the Park keeper day.  In class we had been looking at the different Percy stories and getting to know the different animals that live in Percy’s Park.  When we went for our visit we took part in lots of activities such as making smelly pots, following treasure hunts and building shelters for the animals.  We even got to meet Percy!  It was a great day and a wonderful way to start our half term.


The following week we started to think about our mums and Mother’s Day.  The children were all able to share their ideas about why they thought their mum was special and discussed the different things that they do with their mum.  During this focus, the children painted pictures of their mums, learnt mother’s day songs, wrote about their mums, made some sweets and learnt a poem.  We also wanted to give our mums a bit of a surprise so all the children wrote a special letter to their mum and we went to the post office to buy stamps and post our letters.  The children behaved wonderfully on the trip and were very confident when asking for their stamps, even if a few asked for a ‘2nd School Stamp’ instead of a ‘2nd Class stamp’.  On the Friday before Mother’s day we invited all of our mums into school for a special concert.  The children were a little bit nervous but they all did brilliantly.  There were lots of very proud mums and just a few tears!


As the weather started to change, the children started to notice the plants starting to grow in our environment.  We used the book Jasper’s Beanstalk to think about how we care for plants.  Following this we decided to plant some beans of our own and they are now growing quite tall.  We hope that over the next few weeks we will start to see the beans growing.  As part of this topic we did lots of measuring work and explored different shapes.  We also solved some addition and subtraction sums using the beans.  In our English books we had a go at retelling the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk.


Towards the end of the term we started to think about Easter.  As a school we went to Christchurch for an Easter Service.  We thought lots about what the meaning of Easter is for Christians.  Back at school we looked at the Easter story again and had a go at sequencing the events when Miss Khan got them all muddled up!  Alongside this we looked at other aspects of the Easter celebration.  We used potato mashers to make our own Easter eggs and Easter cards.  In the craft area we created our own Easter pictures using different materials. 


Throughout the whole term we had lots of fun in our developing mud kitchen and outdoors area.  The children have developed a real interest in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so for a few weeks we had several ‘turtles’ wandering around the room as the children transformed themselves.  It was wonderful to see how creative some of them were being.

It has been another very busy half term and we hope the children have a great rest over the holidays and come back full of energy for our new topic in Summer 1.

Take a look at some of the things we got up to in Spring 2

We were really pleased with our fantastic turn out for our 'Plant a bulb day'. The children loved being able to work with their parents to decorate a pot and plant a bulb in it. A big thank you to all the parents who gave up their time to take part in this.

Percy the Park Keeper Day

On Thursday 26th February Holly Class had a fantastic day at the Gordon Brown Centre experiencing a Percy the Park Keeper Day.  Despite the rain we all had lots of fun and were kept very busy all day long.  We started the day by exploring our different senses.  For smell we made smelly pots and for touch we had to guide a blindfolded team member to a tree so they could feel it and then had to guess which tree they had felt.  For sight we used mirrors to look up in the sky or down on the ground, for listening we all closed our eyes to hear all the sounds around us and for taste we had digestive biscuits and squash! 

After our snack we heard a story about a Treasure Hunt and then discovered that Percy had actually set up a treasure hunt for us to follow.  We had to use the picture clues to find our way around and eventually get to the treasure.  It was very exciting to find the treasure which was chocolate coins, yummy!

After lunch we went down into the woods and had another story, 'After the Storm'.  This was interrupted briefly by an unexpected visitor, it was Percy!  He had been busy fixing a fence at the centre, so popped down to say hello.  Once Percy had gone back to his work we finished the story and then had to do some work ourselves.  We were asked to build some new shelters for the animals.  Everyone worked brilliantly as a team and made some super shelters. 

It was nearly time to go back to school but we just managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the goats and the rabbits. 

We had a wonderful day and look forward to going back to the Gordon Brown Centre again.


In P.E we have been exploring multi skills. We have been practising our jumping, throwing, catching, balancing and rolling.

Spring 1


This half term Early Year’s topic has been Polar Explorers.  We have picked a different book each week based around the cold and winter.  We were very excited that we did managed to get a little bit of snow to play in which helped bring our topic to life.


During our first week back we shared lots of holiday news and thought about our New Year’s Resolutions.  We have lots of children who are determined to get better at reading and writing and who have also promised to be more helpful around the house!  It was lovely to hear what everyone had been up to in the holidays and it sounds like all the children had a wonderful break.


Over the following five weeks we looked at several stories including Footprints in the snow, Lost and Found and Big Bear, Little Brother.  As part of these books we learned all about polar bears and penguins, made ice mobiles, learned to identify animals by their footprints, went on an animal treasure hunt in the woods and lots more.


In our writing we focused on descriptive and adventurous writing.  One of our activities was to imagine that we were a snowflake and write about where we would land and what we would be able to see.  It was amazing how many snowflakes landed in Disney World!  We also wrote adventure stories for the characters in Lost and Found, and a Polar Bear adventure for the bear in Big Bear, Little Brother. 


Our maths focus this half term has been subtraction and we have been so impressed by how quickly the children are picking up this new skill.  We started off introducing subtraction with a little help from some smarties.  Maths certainly was a lot more fun when you had to eat the sweets to ensure that you got the sum correct.  The children have then been moving onto using practical equipment and even number lines to help them solve their number sentences. 


Our outdoor area is continuing to develop and the mud kitchen is becoming a firm favourite for the children to play in.  We look forward to continuing to develop this area as the weather improves.  A big thank you to everyone who has donated any equipment and helped us to create a fun and inviting environment for the children to play in.


Our final week of the half term was Book and Film week.  Early Years were studying the book ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’.  We had lots of fun retelling the story, making gruffalo cakes, building dens in the woods and dressing up as characters from the story.


It has been a busy half term and the children were more than ready for the holidays.  We hope that they have a restful week as we have another jam packed half term waiting for them when they come back.  

To finish our wonderful book and film week, we all dressed up as characters from 'The Gruffalo's Child'. I am sure you will agree that everyone looked amazing.

As part of our week looking at the Gruffalo's Child, we have been making dens for the gruffalo and the mouse. We worked really well together and made some super dens.

We have been investigating shadows.

The Early Years children have been very busy in the mud kitchen making dinner for the Gruffalo. A huge thank you to all the kind parents who donated kitchen supplies to help us stock our mud kitchen

In cooking we made some Gruffalo cakes using rice crispies, melted chocolate, smarties, chocolate buttons, mini marshmallows and laces. Some of them looked very scary!

Holly Class have been learning to make scones.

Balances - We have been learning to do two, three and four point balances in P.E.

Welcome to Holly Class

Autumn 2


After a much needed break the children of Holly and Maple Classes came back full of energy and excited to find out what we were going to learn this half term.  We continued with our colour topic for the first few weeks before moving onto Christmas near the end of the half term.  


During our first week back we focused on the story of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night.  Lots of us had been to firework displays at the weekend so were able to talk about the sights, sounds and smells of bonfires and fireworks.  We made some wonderful firework pictures using pastels and glitter.  Over the week we learned about who Guy Fawkes was and decided that he was a very naughty man to want to kill the king!


The following week we had another special focus.  As it was the anniversary of 100 years since the start of World War 1 we decided to spend the whole week thinking about Remembrance Day and the people who died in the wars.  We made some beautiful poppy pictures and as part of the whole school made paper poppies to help create a field of poppies.  It was a very special time.


We then moved onto the story of Mrs Rainbow.  She loved colours and lived in a very colourful house.  The children learned from the story that the council didn’t like her house standing out so make her paint it grey to fit in.  However it was a happy ending as the villagers rallied round her and found a super solution to the problem.   Following this we talked about what a council is and linked this to our school governing body.  We were very lucky to even have a visit from one of our school governors to talk about the role he plays in our school.


By now Christmas was fast approaching and we starting looking at what the celebration means to us.  Alongside this we also studied Hanukkah and looked at similarities and differences between the two celebrations.   Everyone had lots of fun making menorahs and learning about some of the Jewish traditions. 


Our Christmas play was focused on the traditional Christmas story.  The children put a lot of hard work into learning all the songs and their lines.  The shows were excellent and we were all very proud of each other. 


Towards the end of the term we had two special days.  The first one looked at the celebration of Christmas and we made video clips about how we celebrate Christmas and what Christmas means to us.  The second day was a Love of Christmas around the World Day.  Each class had a different country to investigate how they celebrate Christmas.  Holly class studied Mexico and learned that the Poinsettia is a very important part of their celebration.  Maple class learned about Russia and the story of Babushka. 


Just as term was ending and we didn’t think that we could take any more excited, we had a very special visitor.  Father Christmas came to see us and to find out how we had been behaving at school.  He was very impressed with how hard we had all been working and even brought us an early Christmas present each.

It has been another busy half term for us all and we ready for our holidays.


Autumn 1

Holly class have had a very busy and exciting start to their school year. Everyone was a little bit nervous starting school, but we all soon made lots of friends and have learnt our way around the school. During our first few weeks of school we shared our 'All about me' sheets with each other.  We did paintings of ourselves and our families.


We then moved on to our main topic which is Colour.  So far this half term we have looked at the stories of Elmer the patchwork elephant and Rainbow Fish.  As part of our work on we made milk bottle Elmer’s and CD Rainbow fish. These have made our classroom look very colourful.

During Harvest we went on our very first school trip! We went to visit Reverend Alec at St Mary’s chuch in Old Basing. We really enjoyed the walk from school to the church, especially when we had to go under the railway bridge. Reverend Alec held a special service for us and we got to sing songs, join in with activities and listen to some fantastic poems read by the children in Year 5 and 6. Everyone had an enjoyable time and it was a fantastic first trip for us.


Whilst learning all about colour, our role play area became a paint shop and everyone has enjoyed shopping there. We have been buying paint, wall paper and all sorts of decorating tools.  To help us know what we wanted to buy at the shop, we wrote shopping lists.  In the creative areas we have been making bubble wrap rainbow fish, painting pictures of things which are our favourite colour and paper plate fish.


We have also been enjoying discovering and exploring in our outdoor areas. Climbing our giant volcano and getting messy in our mud kitchen have been some of our favourites.

Towards the end of the half term we had the drama workshop Perform come to visit.  We met a friendly Alien who needed our help to make the Cruel Commander become friendly and kind.  The children had to travel to different planets in our super speedy rocket to find the Cruel Commander.  It was lots of fun exploring and travelling to each of the planets and we were pleased that we completed the mission.


At school we held our first 'Love of day', which was a great success. The aim of the day was to find out about celebrations, cultures and customs. Early Years focused on Brazil and we learnt lots! Throughout the day we made carnival floats, carnival head dresses, learnt some carnival dancing and tasted some yummy food. We enjoyed sharing all we had learnt in our school assembly at the end of the day and finding out all about what the other children had been doing!!




Our visit to Chineham Library