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Rowan Class (EYFS)

Spring Term


Before Christmas the children were all very excited about the new Frozen film that was in the cinema.  Therefore we decided that our Spring Term topic would be Frozen.  Alongside looking at the films, we will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctic, polar animals and different types of weather.  We will also be thinking about how to look after our world and discussing the different ways that we can do this.


During the first week of the term we spent some time sharing our holiday news.  The children were so keen to talk about the different things that they had been doing.  We completed a holiday writing sheet where the children had to think about something that they watched, a present they received, somewhere the went, something they ate and finally something that they gave someone else.  We were really impressed by how hard the children were trying with their writing and that they were starting to become more independent in their work already.


Following the first week we then moved onto our main topic.  In maths we have been doing lots of chilly work, such as sorting snowflake numbers, building a snowman by solving addition sums, creating paint snowballs to help us with our number recognition or addition and subtraction work.  In our writing work we have been thinking about the characters in Frozen and writing character descriptions.  We also helped Elsa and Anna sort some of their objects and tried to write some labels and sentences about the things that they had.  Alongside this we have been continuing learning our Monster Phonics and each fortnight we use a different story to support us with this.


One week we read the ebook "The Girl who went to the North" which was a girl who went on an adventure to the Arctic.  Following on from the story we did some beautiful art work, creating the Northern Lights from chalks.  We also became composers and composed our own soundtrack for the girl's journey.  


In the middle of the term we celebrated Chinese New Year.  We focused on the story of the Great Animal Race.  The children read the story and then wrote a short section, retelling part of the story.  In maths they sorted the animals into groups of whether they would be heavy or light.  They then weighed some toy animals, making predictions about much they would weigh and then checking to see how close they were.


Alongside our topic work, this term we have been taking part in Relax Kids sessions.  During these sessions the children are given time to be calm, learn breathing techniques and think about different ways to relax their bodies when they are feeling anxious or worried.  We also encourage the children to think positive thoughts about themselves and we send our negative thoughts away in imaginary balloons.   


Finally we had a mental health week and an internet safety day.  For mental health week we had the theme of being brave.  We read the story 'Be Brave Little Penguin' and thought about what it means to be brave.  The children came up with something that they were going to do in the future that would require them to be brave.  For the internet safety day we were thinking about what information we share with others.  We watch a Lee and Kim cartoon which taught us that we shouldn't share information such as where we live or go to school with people online.  


It has been a busy half term but we are all looking forward to continuing with our Frozen topic next half term.



Autumn Two term


This term has been very busy and the children have come back full of energy. The term kicked off with our exciting Halloween Disco and a fantastic set of parents evenings, where all the children have made us so proud. We have been practising for our Nativity, learning about our bodies and the changes in the season, Armistice Day and the true story of Christmas to name but a few. All of this alongside our reading, maths and writing learning! What busy busy children we have.....








Our Nativity- A King is born



Our children have been working very hard learning their lines and the songs this term and I am sure you will agree that the show was just brilliant! It is quite incredible to see how far they have all come in such a short space of time. Their confidence has grown so much and they impressed us all with their enthusiastic singing! 

At the end of the term he children have learnt about the Story of Christmas during their visit to Christchurch. Again, they have shown how sensible they can be with their walk to the church and whilst in the church itself.

Autumn One

Welcome to Rowan Class


We cannot believe that we have already reached the end of our first half term at school.  It has been such a busy time in Early Years, as everyone has been settling in, getting to know school routines and most importantly building relationships.  


It was so nice to see the children arriving at school so confidently on their first few days, with lots of beaming smiles from the children and the adults.  Over the first few weeks we have been learning about how to be a good friend, use kind hands and look after our classroom resources.  Before starting school the children had all completed some 'All about me' sheets.  They have then had opportunities to share these with their classmates.  It has been really interesting learning about each other and finding out what we all have in common.


Our main topic this term has been 'Ourselves' and this will be continuing into Autumn two.  As part of this topic we have drawn portraits of ourselves focusing on our facial features, and created writing and pictures about our families.   We also thought about how to keep ourselves healthy.  The children displayed great understanding of the importance of eating healthy food, getting enough sleep and doing exercise.  To support this the school nurse came in to do a talk about how to wash our hands properly.


Alongside our topic work we have been thinking about Harvest and Autumn.  The children have been exploring the school environment and looking for signs of autumn in our woodland.  Currently there are lots of berries and mushrooms growing within the brambles, and the children were very quick to tell us that we must not pick or eat any of these as they might make us poorly.  We have loved exploring the woods and are looking forward to spending lots more time in this part of the school.


Finally we had a very exciting day where we all brought our scooters to school so that we could take part in Scooter Training.  During our training we all learned about the importance of helmets to keep us safe.  We then completed several different activities including learning how to control our scooter, how to stop and start, how to glide on one leg and how to steer around cones.  We also went out to the road by school and practised how to travel near a road and then cross a road safely.  All of the staff we so proud of how well the children listened and demonstrated good understanding of road safety.


We are really pleased with the progress that we are already seeing from the children and look forward to our new adventures in autumn two.