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School Dinner Menus

Welcome to our Dinner Menus page.


The menu is changed after Easter and October half term every year and is nut free. The current meal price in Hampshire is £2.50.

Menus for the Summer Term 2021 can be found below.


HC3S can provide special diets for pupils with allergies and intolerances who want to have a school meal. Special diets are provided for pupils with a medical problem, not just a dislike of certain food. We will require medical evidence confirming your child’s allergy. Our standard primary school menu is nut free. The ingredients are manufactured in a nut free environment so all children can eat our standard menu without having to register for a special diet. To prevent cross contamination, our school kitchens are unable to accept any products that brought in by parents or guardians. All of the menus are reviewed by dietitians and follow the School Food Plan.


We have re-introduced the snack trolley for KS2 children for mid-morning break with a variety of items to purchase:


Milk carton (chocolate/ strawberry)  50p

Orange or apple juice carton  40p

Selection of fresh fruit  30p

Mini bread roll or cheese topped roll  25p

Raisins  25p


Please do not send your child in with large quantities of cash or bank notes.


HC3S special diet team focus and devote their resources on feeding a healthy and nutritious lunch to children who have registered as having a medical special diet. This means they are unable cater for specific special diets for schools that choose to offer a morning break/tuck shop service. They can however provide a full list of ingredients for all the items they offer by emailing the HC3S Food Development Team at