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Spring Activities

Here is a link to 30 fun and creative spring activities for kids of all ages including spring craft projects, art activities, recipes, and garden ideas

Paper Tulip Flower Craft

Our weather has been phenomenal this past week which has made me extra happy to start seeing my colorful tulip flowers start to appear in my garden.  Whether you are looking to make a colourful spring craft card or are on the hunt for a flower craft to make for a special display in vase, this paper tulip flower craft is perfect. The mixture of the tulips popping of the page in a 3D effect and the bright, vibrant colours makes this paper tulip flower craft a show stopper!  Check out the website link to see how you can create them!

How to make a bird feeder

Bring nature to your doorstep by keeping wild birds fed with a homemade bird feeder. Follow our steps to build a seed feeder from a reused plastic bottle.

Or perhaps make a butterfly feeder instead...  

Attract beautiful butterflies to your outdoor area with our easy-to-make fruit feeder. Put on a butterfly buffet and observe these intriguing insects. Find out which butterfly species you're most likely to see and get tips for success. Click on the link above for more information. 

Spring Chicken Bean Bag Tutorial

Mrs Lee has loved making these and you may have spotted a chicken version in our library! This craft is for older children at our school - Why not have a go at making your own with a parent close to hand to help if you need it?

Check out the website below for details on what you need and how to actually make it: