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Hello everyone!


What a strange Summer term we have had? You have all worked so hard, showing our Great Binfields values of determination, creativity and perseverance the whole journey whilst at home. As Summer begins, we know you are all due a big rest – time to put an end to this chapter, time to connect with those we have missed and time to have a lot of fun! Having said that, we appreciate this Summer break is not going to have as many options as normal and may feel quite different. For those reasons, we have collated a range of easy ideas that you might enjoy picking up at some point over the next few weeks. These really are just ideas and there is absolutely no obligation to complete these tasks – however they may inspire you on one of those rainy afternoons inside (let’s hope we don’t have too many!).  We are all so proud of our school community and the hard work, patience and care that has been shown by everyone. Have a very happy and restful Summer– you truly deserve it.