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Sycamore and Willow Class 2020-2021

Summer 1


Year 2 had a very exciting start to summer term. This term our topic was ‘Wish you were here’ where we learnt all about the seaside. We started by looking at what Bournemouth used to be like in the past. We thought about what attracts people to Bournemouth and why people want to go there. We even had a beach day where we got to have a real life beach experience. We spent the day in the sandpit, playing with the water table and making ice-cream. It did rain, but we decided the weather made it more of a British seaside experience.

In design technology we thought about what food we would take to the seaside. We got to design and make a seaside picnic! The children thoroughly enjoyed making seaside wraps, fruit sculptures and edible cake decorations. We think they probably enjoyed eating them all more though. It was lovely to see them getting stuck in to the theme.

We also learnt about plants this term, which was a topic that has been moved due to remote learning. We thought about what plants need and carried out experiments to prove that plants need water and sunlight. We then got to plant our own sunflower and we need to use what we have learnt to try and keep them alive!

We have ended the term with art week, which is always an exciting week at school. The year 2 children have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the ‘Lost words’ book and carrying out their art linked to the words fern and willow. Keep an eye out for the art festival video that will be uploaded to the website soon!

Autumn 2

This half term our topic has been ‘Fire, Fire’. We have been looking at what happened in the Great of London. We have thought about London in the past and compared it to London now. We thought hard about the differences in jobs, buildings and landscapes. We were lucky enough to be joined by Tree house theatre as a starter to this topic. The children got to act out the story and it allowed them to understand how it may have felt to be there on the day. We were very lucky this was able to happen safely, at a social distance. We also built houses and burnt them down (with help from Mr Quilter). This allowed us to see how it would feel for the people who lost their homes. 

As part of this topic we also looked at Fire safety. We had a special virtual visit from a fire fighter who explained how to keep safe around fire and what to do if a fire occurs in our homes. We really enjoyed the video call and it allowed us to ask them lots of questions. We then looked at the purpose of a fire engine and recreated our own fire engine in DT.

We also had an exciting virtual visit from Warburton’s over video call. We learnt all about how bread is made. We then thought about how the Great Fire of London started in a bakery. We compared how bread is made now and how it would have been made in 1666.

We have had a really exciting half term, and the children have really made us proud with their passion for learning and their ability to adjust to any situation.

Next term we will be looking at 'Traditional tales' and learning all about a range of stories.

Autumn 1


The children have really amazed us in our first term of year 2. They have accepted the new changes to school and have flourished in their learning. We have been really proud with how they have undertaken new challenges.

During the term they seemed to have really enjoyed learning all about the Funny Bones stories. They have thought hard about what each character might be like and used this to write character descriptions. They have also wrote their own version of a Funny Bones story, which were very enjoyable to read!

We really enjoyed seeing all their home learning on Seasaw too, it showed how creative our children really are!

In Geography we thought about all the continents in the world. We learnt that we live in Europe and we looked at how Europe looks different from one side of the continent to the other. We then had to help the Funny Bones skeletons choose where to go on holiday. They wanted to go to Europe but they wanted to go somewhere hot. We then discussed how we had to pick a country near the equator as these countries are hotter.

Welcome to Year 2

Our new year 2 children have settled in quickly into our new routines. They really have set a great first impression since being back at school. They have shown their love for learning and are eager to get stuck into their school work. The whole team have been really impressed with how enthusiastic they are. They have loved starting our new topic (Funny Bones) and we ae looking forward to seeing to looking at all the stories together.

Year 2 will have their PE session on a Thursday this year. Please remember that the children need to come into school wearing their PE kit and therefore should not need to bring any PE bags into school. Guidelines for this have been emailed to all parents.

We would also like to introduce you to the Year 2 staff team that your children will be working with this year. Miss Franklin (Willow class teacher), Miss Canfield (Sycamore class teacher), Mrs Pearce (class LSA), Miss Hunt (Class LSA), Miss Leavey (SD student). If you have not had chance already, make sure you take a look at our meet the staff information pack as it provides a lovely insight into all the different adults who are working in Year 2 this year.

Please feel free to drop us an email or phone call via admin office account if you have any queries or concerns at all throughout the year.

We look forward to catching up with you soon