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Sycamore Class (Year 2)

Spring term 1


This half term we have begun looking at Traditional tales. We have looked at a variety of stories including Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Jack and the bean stalk.

In English we have been writing our own version of Little Red Riding Hood, thinking about a different setting and different characters we could use. We then had great fun making puppet versions of these characters in Design technology. We had to design our character and think carefully about how we were going to make it. Many of us chose to show it together, and we showed real perseverance in doing this.

In history we have been thinking about how we remember things. We started off by looking at how we know about traditional tales and when they were written. We thought about how there are different versions of traditional tales because they have been remembered through history by word of mouth. We then thought about other events and key people in history and how/why we remember them. We looked at the first moon landing and how we remember it due to all the technology that was around at the time. We also looked at Mary Seacole and how we remember her through history books etc.

In P.E we learnt a dance about Jack and the Beanstalk. We had to think about how to move our bodies in different ways to show various parts of the story. The end dance looked amazing and the teachers were very impressed.

Next term we will be continuing with the ‘Traditional tales’ topic and we have lots of exciting things planned, including the ‘Traditional tales tea party’

Autumn 2


This half term our topic has been 'Fire, Fire'. We have been looking at what happened in the Great Fire of London. We have thought about London in the past and compared it to London now. We thought hard about the differences in jobs, buildings and landscapes. We were lucky enough to be joined by Tree house theatre as a starter to this topic. The children got to act out the story and it allowed them to understand how it may have felt to be there on the day. We also built houses and burnt them down (with help from Mr Quilter). This allowed us to see how it would feel for the people who lost their homes. 

As part of this topic we also looked at Fire safety. We had a special visit from a fire fighter who explained how to keep safe around fire and what to do if a fire occurs in our homes. We then looked at the purpose of a fire engine and recreated our own fire engine in DT.

This term we have also been busy with the Christmas Nativity. The children did all the staff proud and worked really hard to learn their lines and stage directions.

Next term we will be looking at 'Traditional tales' and learning all about a range of stories. 


Autumn 1


We have had a very jam packed start to year 2. The children have all settled in nicely into their new classes and have flourished with their new challenges.

During the term they seemed to have really enjoyed learning all about the Funny Bones stories. They have thought hard about what each character might be like and used this to write character descriptions. They have also wrote their own version of a Funny Bones story, which were very enjoyable to read!

We had an exciting visit from Subway and looked at what food groups we need in our diets. We then got to make our own sandwiches! We then used these to make our own set of instructions.

In science we have been looking at how to be healthy and what makes our bodies healthy. We have had some visitors in to help us learn about this including a nurse, dietician and doctor. All of these gave us different insights into the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Next term we will be doing ‘Fire, Fire’ which is all about the Great Fire of London. We will also be practising and performing the Christmas play!

Welcome to year 2!


We have been so impressed with how quickly the children have settled into life in year 2. They have blown us away with their work ethics and maturity and it has been a real joy getting to know each and every one of them.

We really enjoyed hearing about your summer adventures and seeing how the spades had been creatively completed. Each child seemed very proud of their work, and they all seemed to have super summers.

Our topic this term is Funny Bones and we will be completing lots of fun and exciting activities. We will be looking closely at the books written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. In Literacy we will be re-writing some of their stories as well as trying to write our own. We will be learning about how the skeleton words and what we need to survive. We have some exciting visits from some people whose job it is to keep us healthy and we hope we will find out lots of new facts as well as impressing them with what we know.

We are really looking forward to getting stuck into year 2 and we have a jam packed year ahead.