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Week 10 (Week beginning 25th May)

Week 10 - 25th May 


We hope you enjoyed sailing the seas and flying through the skies during Peter Pan Week. This week, as we step into the tenth week of home learning, we thought it would be a good time to come 'off theme' for a moment and take a short time to reflect on what we have been doing, practise some fun life skills and take things at a slightly slower pace – where that is possible! For some families, we know you will be doing your own thing this week as it is actually half term. For some families, we know you have valued having the planning continuing through half terms as you follow your own routine. We hope this week suits everyone.You are doing a brilliant job and taking a break and having a rest is just as important as working hard. As ever, pick and choose what you would like to do and don’t forget, you can always look back over previous weeks if there was an activity you enjoyed or didn’t get round to doing. Take care everyone