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Year 2

Spring Term - Traditional Tales

In music this term we are going to listen, dance and play along to music about traditional tales. Here are 3 tasks you can do at home.

Activity 1: 

We are going to listen to the story of Peter and the Wolf: 
It is a 30 minute video so you might like to snuggle down and listen to it all at once or watch it in short sections. It starts with an introduction to the instruments and then tells the story.

Activity 2: 

We are going to listen to music about Rats!
Find a safe space to pretend you are one of the rats from the town of Hamlin. If you don’t know the story then there is a short story version here: 


You have 2 choices:
1.    Listen to the music and use your imagination to draw a picture of the rats that have taken over the town of Hamelin. Make sure there are rats everywhere even in unexpected places!
2.    Find a safe space to pretend you are a rat living in Hamelin. You might like to upload a video of you dancing or moving like a rat to the music.

Activity 3:

For the last activity, we are going to tell the story of The 3 Little Pigs with words and sounds.

You will need:

  • Scrap paper to scrunch or a shaker for the house of straw
  • Some sticks or wooden spoons for the house of sticks
  • Building bricks or Lego bricks for the house of bricks
  • A saucepan lid or a drum for when the wolf falls down the chimney
  • Your hands and your voice to make other sounds


You have 2 choices:

  1. Find a book with the story of The 3 Little Pigs in it or search for one on the internet then retell the story in your own words using your home instruments to add sound affects. Maybe you could video your story and send it into school to watch.
  2. Sing and play along to Mrs Irons telling the story our Video Resource Centre. There are 2 videos to watch - One to learn the songs and another telling the story.