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Keeping Safe Online

We have been reminding ourselves about how to stay safe online. In our assemblies we have been thinking about the importance of using the Internet the internet safely. We have also recently had a special E-Safety day where each year group learnt what they can do to keep themselves safe.


We have recently watched the DVD clip - Becky's story - and we have included the link below. The clip has been made by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre and contains some very valuable lessons about what happens when we share information about ourselves on the Internet. 


Becky's story

Please watch the clip at home with your children and discuss the important issues about staying safe online.

It is important to remember that social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and  Facebook are NOT designed for young children and have minimum age limits of 13. There are several websites that can offer advice to parents including the NCPCC site (Search for: NSPCC & internet safety) and the BBC also have a good site for sharing with primary-aged pupils


There are some further links below to help you to keep your children safe when they are online. This website - - is particularly informative.  

Every blue link below is a free resource to help everyone stay safe online. Please click and browse through the information they give. Also below is a pdf copy of the power point shared in our latest E-Safety workshop for parents.


A Guide for Parents to keep children safe online and when using mobiles.

Digital Parenting This Vodafone digital parenting guide provides fantastic advice for helping you teach your children how to protect themselves online.

Hector's World Hector is a dolphin who floats onscreen. Pupils can click on him to cover the screen if they see something they think is unsuitable. You can download it for your home computer on this link.

Think You Know 'Think you know' is a website created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre which has a range of games, videos and resources that teach children how to be safe online.

Transl8it!Transl8it! is a website that lets you translate text speak into plain English and vice versa.

K9 K9 provide free web protection.

E-Safety Workshop for Parents

How to stay safe - advice for children and parents

Leaflets and guides to help your family stay safe online