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Here at Great Binfields Primary we want to set our children up to succeed in a world which is becoming increasingly digital. We take Digital Literacy very seriously and are fortunate to have access to a wide range of IT equipment, including I-pads and Beebots. E-safety is embedded throughout the curriculum as it is vital our pupils know how to stay safe online. Best of all, our pupils have great FUN through their Computing learning and this is at the heart of all we do throughout the curriculum.

GBPS' Progression of skills

Safer Internet Day 2021

This year, we celebrated 'Together for a better internet' with a whole host of activities relating to consent and staying safe online:


  • We read a fairytale with a twist 'Goldilocks - #a hashtag cautionary tale' and discussed the implications of Goldilocks' careless attitude towards e-safety. We then hot seated Goldilocks and gave her some top tips for staying safe online.
  • We looked at the 'Rights of the child' and how they relate to staying safe online. We sorted our cards into a diamond 9 shape depending on our priorities.
  • We pretended to describe consent to an alien and played a game about proximity and how our facial expressions and actions show our feelings about consent as well as the words that we use.
  • We predicted who the biggest internet users of the world are and then represented our data in a variety of different ways.


KS1 also took part in the day focusing on making safe choices and staying safe online. Each year group celebrated the day with a whole host of activities and discussion and we can't wait to share our masterpieces and nuggets of learning in Friday's celebration assembly.

We had so much fun and, best of all, we now know exactly what we need to do to stay safe online and how important it is to both ask for, and give, consent.

Mrs H's Computing Club


Mrs H previously ran a Computing Club every Monday from 3-4pm where pupils across Key Stage Two came and participated in a wide range of activities. Some of the fun tasks we have completed are:

  • Editing black and white photographs with a colour tool
  • Writing a blog and sharing it online
  • Evaluating online websites which we would like to use in our classes
  • Creating a picture using the blocks on Excel

We also created a blog - please check it out here:




Digital Leaders


This year we have continued with our wonderful Digital Leaders, who are Computing Ambassadors throughout the school. They take on a number of key roles and help their teachers to troubleshoot when Computing goes wrong (as sadly it does from time to time!). They also promote the importance of e-safety and remind their peers of this on a regular basis. Take a sneaky peak at their Job Description (which they take very seriously ;-)



Digital Leaders' Job Description

Useful websites


Here are a variety of websites which you can enjoy safely at home - for free! They may also help you with a touch of subject knowledge too, should you require a top-up!


Useful e-safety websites


We are incredibly passionate about e-safety here at GBPS and take the online wellbeing of our pupils very seriously. Here are some websites you can check out at home to help support us with this:


“The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. The school’s core values of respect, honesty, co-operation and resilience promote and foster excellent relationships across the school. The school provides high quality training and guidance to the pupils about staying safe. Through the work the school provides, pupils understand very clearly why they must be careful when playing games online or using social media sites on the internet.” ~ Ofsted

Pupils' views


At GBPS “We are not tolerant of cyberbullying”

“It’s about staying safe online”

“It’s about knowing what to do if you see something which is not safe”

“It’s about sticking to age limits on games and online”

”That’s called PEGI”


“I like that we can express ourselves in different ways”

“I find programming fun”

“I like doing PowerPoints”

“We can use it every day in a different way”