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Oak & Maple Class (Year 6)

Autumn 2 – Space
The children in Year 6 could not have worked any harder this half term and we have been so proud of their resilience and flexibility considering some of the unforeseen changes we had to make throughout the term, for example, a sudden change in our Avon Tyrrell residential trip. Despite this, we have been able to squeeze in an abundance of wonderful learning opportunities and the children have LOVED learning about our Solar System. 

Within our English sessions, the children created beautifully presented and informative non-chronological reports about the mythical moon Pandora in the style of Professor Brian Cox; we also wrote an emotive letter to the Man on the Moon inspired by the John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas advert. Throughout these pieces, we revised our knowledge of different sentence structures, definitions of different clauses and word classes too.

During our Maths lessons, the children have completed a range of Space themed word problems, calculated a variety of missing angles, including within triangles and have gained an understanding of how to find fractions and percentages of amounts. We have also been refining our mental arithmetic skills and have had a real focus on building our quick mental strategies to enhance our efficiency and accuracy as mathematicians. 

Within our Art and Topic sessions, we were inspired by an incredible astronaut turned artist called Alexei Leonov. His work allowed us to explore different shading techniques and carefully consider how light can be represented on the page in order to create a more 3D effect; we used this technique when sketching our own astronauts. We also created our very own solar systems using a marbling technique to produce a unique set of planets. 

As a year group, we also enjoyed exploring a mature and ethical line of enquiry within our Geography lessons: ‘Should we stay or should we go now?’. We argued that as a species on this planet, we have not placed enough emphasis upon the preservation and care of our home. Therefore, we considered the dilemma of whether we should be allowed to explore our Solar System for alternative inhabitable planets, or should we focus on trying to rectify the damage that we have caused here on Earth first. Through this ongoing debate, we were able to interweave our curriculum concepts of responsibility and consequences when considering our impact on this planet. In conclusion to this, the children designed their own planets to conquer and consider the aspects that we need as a human race but also some of the differences we would make to our way of life in order to thrive as a species. 


Finally, Year 6 also managed to squeeze in gaining their road cycling proficiency (Bikeability) and also constructed their very own gingerbread houses in the final week of term. Reflecting back on this half term makes us all feel so incredibly proud. We truly hope the children have enjoyed this busy half term as much as the adults have!


Looking ahead to January, we will be starting our New Year learning about the Tudors. We will be looking at the trials and tribulations of Henry VIII’s reign during the Tudor period and will be eagerly anticipating our Hampton Court visit.

Thank you for all of your support and kind messages throughout the half term, particularly with our postponement of Avon Tyrrell. We feel so lucky to have such a wonderful cohort of children and supportive families.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Autumn 1 - We’ll Meet Again


This half term, our topic has been based around World War Two. We have been absolutely blown away by the level of in-depth discussion and ability to empathise with a variety of perspectives from World War Two – they have loved exploring and discovering more about such a monumental part of our history. The children have adopted a mature and compassionate attitude towards their learning as we have debated our historical enquiry: ‘Should we always do as we are told?’. They have raised some incredibly insightful viewpoints surrounding the moral conflicts many would have experienced in the face of such adversity.


During our History sessions, the children have learnt about the key dates and important facts from World War Two, some of the famous faces involved in the war and how the events impacted British History. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed our World War Two themed day where they were invited to wear evacuee style clothing to school and took part in a range of war time activities such as: an Anderson Shelter experience, sewing, gardening and army drills. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Treehouse Theatre, where the children performed a ‘play-in-a-day’ which reflected the key events throughout Britain during the war.


Our English lessons have also linked to World War Two as the children have written their own outbreak of war diary entry, fighter jet poem and letter from the perspective of a World War Two soldier. As well as this, in our Maths lessons we have focused on solving topic themed word problems, consolidating place value knowledge and beginning to explore fractions. 


In Art, we were inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein and focused on his work which reflected his time in the military. The children also produced their own propaganda posters to help persuade civilians back at home to help with the war on the homefront. They used their knowledge of blocking and mixing colours to create an eye-catching piece.  


We have been so impressed with the children's efforts this half term and have loved watching them embrace challenges and demonstrate real passion towards our topic. We're now more excited than ever for the next term where we will be delving into the mystery of outer space (and of course looking forward to Avon Tyrrell on November 22nd). 

First Week Back

In Year 6 this week, we have been learning lots about our WWII topic and the concepts we will be studying this term. The children have all enjoyed sharing their understanding and own personal links to WWII; they are showing such enthusiasm towards broadening their knowledge about such a significant event in British history. We are looking forward to exploring the concepts of ‘morality’ and ‘conflict’ in further detail which will certainly spark some mature discussion. This term, we are focusing on our school value of ‘resilience’ and it’s been wonderful to see the children already demonstrating their growth mindset skills when approaching a challenge within their learning. A blue luggage label could be up for grabs if the children continue to shine within this area.

We have kick-started the term with a gruesome science experiment where the class created their very own ‘blood smoothie’. We discussed the varying components in blood and used real life ingredients to replicate each one. It was lovely to see the children applying their knowledge of the circulatory system and justifying their predictions.


We’re certain the children will sleep well this weekend after such a jam-packed week. Don’t forget to keep checking this page for more updates! Have a wonderful weekend.

Welcome to Oak and Maple Class (Year 6) 2021-2022


Wow, what a start to Year 6 we have had! It has been fantastic to welcome the children back after a long summer break and hear about all of their adventures over the holidays. The children have all settled in brilliantly and have worked well in their new classes today. They have certainly impressed us with their focus and determination to succeed in lessons so far and have also been able to enjoy the perks of the exclusive Year 6 common area. All of the children have certainly adjusted to Year 6 life incredibly well!


Just to inform you, Year 6 PE will be on a Tuesday and Friday this year. The children will need to wear their PE kit into school to be worn for the duration of the day.


Please feel free to drop us an email or call via the office if you have any queries or concerns, we are always willing to help where we can. We can’t wait to meet you soon.

Below you will see a picture of the Year 6 staff team.

Left to right: Miss Crossley (Maple class teacher), Mrs Folan, Mr Wood, Mrs Bryne, Mrs Lemar and Mrs Roberts (Oak class teacher). We look forward to working with your children this year.