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Hawthorn & Hazel Class (Year 3)

Summer 1


Despite this being a short half-term, we have still certainly ensured it has been jam-packed full of fun! Our Iron Man topic got off to a great start with the crash landing of Iron Man on our ACTUAL PLAYGROUND! This meant that we scrapped what we had planned for English and instead became reporters writing blogs about this mysterious event. We also looked at the imagery and descriptive writing Iron Man’s author Ted Hughes uses in the book and tried to magpie phrases and imitate his writing style. Finally, we looked at Brenda Williams’ ‘The coming of the Iron Man’ poem and analysed poetic devices such as: alliteration, rhyme and similes.

In Maths we have been dipping our toes into using the grid method and trying our hand at some tricky multiplication and division problems. We have also looked at shape where we built our own 3D shapes using polyhedra and we reminded ourselves about our knowledge of fractions and finding a fraction of a number.

We have been busy getting in some Athletics practise for our Sports Day next week and we have also used the wall bars in Gymnastics during our indoor PE sessions. Our Listen2Me Music sessions have been all about the ukulele and there’s been some sweet sounds coming from the Music Room on a Thursday morning!

In Art we have been inspired by artist Eric Joyner and his love of robots and doughnuts (what a combination!). We produced watercolour backgrounds then added the robots and doughnuts as a final finisher. Our Science has linked beautifully to Iron Man so we have been looking at scrapyards and sorting magnetic and non-magnetic materials. We have also done a couple of investigations looking at magnet strength and friction (car ramps and bubble wrap!).  In Computing we have been using PowerPoint to showcase our knowledge of the Iron Man book.  In French we have been revising our knowledge of colours when looking at facial features. We used SeeSaw to discuss the facial features of Boris Johnson which was great fun!

We have also been fortunate enough to experience Relax Kids with Kath this half term every Friday so we have been practising star breathing and doing some guided meditations which has really helped us have a finish each week on a calm note.

We are really looking forward to our Art Week and Exhibition next week and can’t wait to welcome you in. Have a wonderful half-term when it arrives and thank you as always for your continued support.

Spring 2 - All around the world


This half term, we continued our same topic but this time with a fresh look on the Geographical aspect of 'Rivers'. We launched our topic with foil baking trays, sand and food colouring in order to make a small-scale real-life model of a river. We have looked at the journey of a river from source to mouth as well as the different parts of a river such as tributaries, confluence and meander. We have looked at local rivers such as the Thames and those further afield, such as the Danube.

Sticking with the water theme, in Art we created a collaborative river collage. Our PE has also been Geography/water themed where we performed a Water Cycle dance to music. We chose our School Governors as our critical audience and they thoroughly enjoyed virtually viewing our performances. We received some super positive feedback and also enjoyed performing to each other within Hawthorn and Hazel. We also watched our performances back and gave ourselves warm and cool feedback which is one of our targets for PE this half term. Our outdoor sessions have been focused on tennis where we have used dome cones to practise throwing and catching. 

Science and Art have had some lovely links this half term - both focusing on plants. Our observational drawing on plants were second to none and the investigations we have been working on have really helped us to improve our Working Scientifically skills. English has been non-fiction based this half term and has taken us from information leaflets on recycling and our environment to a set of instructions on how to re-pot a mandrake (think Harry Potter!). In Maths we have worked on statistics (including pictograms and bar charts) and and using formal methods for addition (also known as the column method). Our concepts for the half term have been: aspire, conflict and consequences and if you ask us we could definitely talk to you about each and every one of them. Conflict seemed a particularly powerful one for some of the world events we find ourselves faced with currently. 

We had a Love of Day where we planned Personal Training programmes which we worked on in our indoor PE slot and we also showcased our musical abilities with our Samba Concert. We also had a DT week where we made photo frames for Mother's Day based on our own unique designs. We all met the brief of ensuring they were freestanding and had fun with: twisting, scrunching and folding paper to strengthen it. Finally (last but by no means least!) in French we have been working on greetings and family ('Ma famille') and we even used the i-pads to record some of us talking in French. Ooh la la!


Have a wonderful Easter break when it arrives and thank you for your continued support :-)

Spring 1 - All around the world


This half term seems to have whizzed past and we’re already halfway into our brand new topic of ‘All around the world’. We have been working really hard on our mountain knowledge, as well as using atlases to help us map out counties, countries and continents. This has tied in really nicely with our ‘Technology in our lives’ project for Computing in which we have been researching key information about countries of our choice, such as: capital cities, population figures and geographical features such as rivers and mountains. Alongside our e-safety learning about safe searches, we have been learning about how to format a document and we have even branched into the world of headers and footers!

Our concepts for this half term have been: resilience, dreams and influence and these have tied in beautifully with our Jigsaw (PSHE) work on Dreams and Goals, as well as our Children’s Mental Health Awareness homework. Our RE work on ‘good and evil’ has also made us think about how our dreams can be influenced by others. We have also dipped our toes in Tag Rugby for PE, as well as doing some ‘Real Gym’ as part of our brand new Real PE programme (more to follow on this but soon enough you will be able to take part in this at home too!). In Maths we have been learning about: fractions, angles and shape and in English we produced non-chronological reports on The Three Peaks and an adventure narrative based on a clip called ‘Marshmallows’ set in a forest. Our blended reading focus text has been ’The Abominables’ which is set in a mountain range of its own in The Himalayas.

In Science we have been learning about soil, rocks and fossils. We conducted an experiment on which rock would be most suitable for a statue and discussed the importance of fair testing. David Hockey and Andy Goldsworthy have been our artists so far this year and we produced some beautiful watercolour landscapes whilst imitating Hockney’s style. Last and by very means not least, we have continued our vibrant (and loud!) Listen2Me sessions with the wonderful Mrs Vaughan. We have thoroughly enjoyed using a range of different percussion instruments, as well as using our own bodies as a tool for making music.

We have also been fortunate enough to receive not one but two visitors this half term so a huge thank you to our Parent Governor Mrs Gilham for providing us with some invaluable First Aid knowledge and to fellow parent Mr Clarke for coming in as a representative of Thames Water. We learnt about the water cycle in preparation for our topic next half term and we saw some pretty gruesome pictures of London sewers as part of their ‘Bin it; don’t block it’ campaign!

On behalf of all of the Year Three Team, we thank you so very much for your continued support and we wish you a happy and healthy half term break when it arrives.

Autumn 2 - Victorians


Well, what a jammed pack half term Year 3 have had. We have been continuing our learning about what life was like for a Victorian child. To help us answer this question we immersed ourselves in a day in the life of a Victorian school child. We really got into character and were surprised at how strict Mrs James and Mrs Holdswworth were. Children and adults agreed that we were pleased to return to our normal school day the next day. We were also lucky enough to have Treehouse Theatre in for a Victorian Play in a Day where we explored the different lives of rich and poor children in Victorian children.


In Maths we have been focusing on fractions and measurement of money and lengths. We have recapped some of our Year 2 knowledge to support our learning. We have been particularly impressed with the children’s grasp of unitary and non-unitary fractions and adding different amounts of money.


In English we have been working on a number of writing styles such as diary writing, recounts and playscripts. We have been especially proud of our play scripts which we went on to perform with the Punch and Judy puppets and dioramas we have been making in Art and DT.


In Science we have been learning about skeletons and have enjoyed undertaking an investigation to answer the question ‘can people with longer femurs jump further’.


We told you it’s been jammed packed and that’s only a small part of our learning this term. The children have been fantastic and have continued to demonstrate all of our school values, they should be very proud of themselves.


We hope you enjoy the festive break and look forward to New Year when we will be starting our All Around the World topic.

Autumn 1 - The Victorians


This half term the children have been learning all about what life was like in the Victorian era. We have looked at how creative the era was and the inventions that came from the Victorians – the children particularly enjoyed learning about chamber pots and the first flushing toilet. We are looking forward to our Victorian Day in November and learning about life as a Victorian child.


During our maths lessons the children have really impressed us with their hard work and understanding of number, place value and the four operations. Keep up the hard work. In English we have been exploring life in the Victorian workhouses by writing a diary entry. The children have been working to ‘stretch’ their sentences by including preposition, adverbs, adjectives and fronted adverbials.


In DT we have been looking at seasonal food and why we are able to enjoy lots of different products all year round. We ended the half term by creating our own seasonal recipe of a Bramley apple pie! The children demonstrated fantastic cooking skills and made everyone else jealous with the sweet smell across the school! We have also ended the half term by creating our poly block prints, inspired by the work of William Morris. The repeated patterns were inspired by nature (like Morris) and are so effective.


We hope you have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you all in November for the rest of our Victorian topic.

The Year 3 Team

AUTUMN 1 - First week back

We have had a fantastic start back to life as a Year Three at Great Binfields. Last week we launched our brand new topic ‘The Victorians’ by …. Our enquiry question is ‘What was life like for children in Victorian times?’. We got super creative and thought about what we wanted our Topic book front covers to look like, thinking about each of the topics and what they may entail.

We made medals as part of our Jigsaw work which looks at ‘Being me’ and our goals for the future. We produced beautiful self-portraits in Art, considering Austin’s Butterfly Growth Mindset approach, not giving up until we were proud! In Computing we have been looking at e-safety and this will continue to be our focus for the remainder of the half-term.

We have been introduced to our brand new concepts for this half-term which will be: respect (school value), rights and fairness. These tie in brilliantly with our Victorians topic. Have a little discussion over the table at family dinner to consider your family’s understanding of the concepts. Will these change at the topic progresses?

Our teachers have been so impressed by our wonderful work ethic and willingness to learn. We have also showed great perseverance and determination and continue to do so! We can’t wait for what the rest of the academic year has in store!

Many thanks,

The Year 3 Team


Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 we are really looking forward to the new academic year with you all. Here is the Year 3 team:


(Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs James – Hawthorn & Hazel Class Teachers, Mrs Wood - Class teacher Weds-Fri who works across both classes, Mrs Browne – Hawthorn LSA, Miss Zamin – Hazel LSA & Mrs O’Neill – HLTA who works across both classes)