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Hawthorn & Hazel Class (Year 3)

Autumn 1 - The Victorians


This half term the children have been learning all about what life was like in the Victorian era. We have looked at how creative the era was and the inventions that came from the Victorians – the children particularly enjoyed learning about chamber pots and the first flushing toilet. We are looking forward to our Victorian Day in November and learning about life as a Victorian child.


During our maths lessons the children have really impressed us with their hard work and understanding of number, place value and the four operations. Keep up the hard work. In English we have been exploring life in the Victorian workhouses by writing a diary entry. The children have been working to ‘stretch’ their sentences by including preposition, adverbs, adjectives and fronted adverbials.


In DT we have been looking at seasonal food and why we are able to enjoy lots of different products all year round. We ended the half term by creating our own seasonal recipe of a Bramley apple pie! The children demonstrated fantastic cooking skills and made everyone else jealous with the sweet smell across the school! We have also ended the half term by creating our poly block prints, inspired by the work of William Morris. The repeated patterns were inspired by nature (like Morris) and are so effective.


We hope you have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you all in November for the rest of our Victorian topic.

The Year 3 Team

AUTUMN 1 - First week back

We have had a fantastic start back to life as a Year Three at Great Binfields. Last week we launched our brand new topic ‘The Victorians’ by …. Our enquiry question is ‘What was life like for children in Victorian times?’. We got super creative and thought about what we wanted our Topic book front covers to look like, thinking about each of the topics and what they may entail.

We made medals as part of our Jigsaw work which looks at ‘Being me’ and our goals for the future. We produced beautiful self-portraits in Art, considering Austin’s Butterfly Growth Mindset approach, not giving up until we were proud! In Computing we have been looking at e-safety and this will continue to be our focus for the remainder of the half-term.

We have been introduced to our brand new concepts for this half-term which will be: respect (school value), rights and fairness. These tie in brilliantly with our Victorians topic. Have a little discussion over the table at family dinner to consider your family’s understanding of the concepts. Will these change at the topic progresses?

Our teachers have been so impressed by our wonderful work ethic and willingness to learn. We have also showed great perseverance and determination and continue to do so! We can’t wait for what the rest of the academic year has in store!

Many thanks,

The Year 3 Team


Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 we are really looking forward to the new academic year with you all. Here is the Year 3 team:


(Mrs Holdsworth & Mrs James – Hawthorn & Hazel Class Teachers, Mrs Wood - Class teacher Weds-Fri who works across both classes, Mrs Browne – Hawthorn LSA, Miss Zamin – Hazel LSA & Mrs O’Neill – HLTA who works across both classes)