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Meet The Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Staff at Great Binfields Primary School
Headteacher: Miss Jules Rogers (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader)
Deputy Headteacher: Miss N Lyddon (Head Designated Safeguarding Leader and SENDCo) 
Assistant Headteacher: Miss A Rendall
Qualified Teacher for Visual Impairment: Vacancy 
Year 6 teacher:  Miss H Hunt (Oak Class) and Miss C Crossley (Maple Class)

Year 5 teachers:   Mrs R Osborne (Chestnut Class) and Mrs Vicki Ellis (Beech Class)

Year 4 teachers:   Miss L Hanafin (Ash Class) and Miss C Grove (Pine Class) 

Year 3 teachers:   Miss A Rendall (Hawthorn Class) and Mrs N Barnhouse  and Mrs L Featherstone (Hazel Class) 
Year 2 teachers:  Miss H Canfield (Sycamore Class) and Mrs E Franklin (Willow Class)
Year 1 teachers:  Mrs S Byrne and Mrs N Wood (Yew Class) and Miss G O’Hagan (Cedar Class)
Mrs C King 
Early Years Foundation Stage Leader:  Miss C Khan (Rowan Class)
Early Years Foundation Stage Teacher:   Mrs L Davis (Birch Class) 
Mrs C Harvey (currently on maternity leave) 

Mrs A James (currently on maternity leave)

Mrs M Holdsworth (currently on maternity leave)

Part Time Teachers: Mrs J McDonald and Mrs N Irons

Schools Direct Teaching Student:



Early Years Assistants:
Mrs A Drewett, Mrs E Daly and Mrs J Wallace


Learning Support Assistants:
Mrs K Barham,  Mrs M Pearce, Mrs C Folan, Mrs A Sheers, Mrs J Teasdale, Mr S Wood, Mrs J Lemar, Mrs A Bhawan, Miss L Green, Mrs G Clarke, Mrs N Wood, Mrs C Zamin and Ms E Lockley.
Learning Support Assistants for our Visually Impaired Children:
Mrs S Shillito, Mrs E Browne, Miss M Evers and Mrs K Wilson.

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs):

Mrs J Teasdale


Administration Staff:
Mrs D Robinson (Business Manager)
Mrs S Lee (Administration Assistant)

Mrs S Agozzino (Administration Assistant)

Caretaking Staff:
Mr D Quilter (Site Manager)
Mrs D Anslow (Cleaner)

Mrs J Sampson (Cleaner)

Mrs M L'Ecuyer (Cleaner)

Mr F Quilter (Cleaner)


Kitchen Staff:
Mrs L Furness
Mrs J Sampson

Mrs L Martino

Mrs D Anslow

In addition to our LSAs doing lunchtime duties we have the following Lunchtime Supervisory Staff:

Mrs J Wallace, Mrs M Lopez and Mrs N Kilgour.