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Cedar & Yew Class (Year 1)

The end of Autumn 1

Well it's hard to believe that we have only been a Year 1 family for one half term! This half term has absolutely whizzed by and we continue to be wowed by the children's passion and enthusiasm. Our topic this term has been Food and Farming. We have learnt lots about farms and where food comes from. We started by spending some time looking at the stories 'Rosie’s Walk' and 'The Enormous Turnip'; adapting these into both our Literacy and Maths learning was great fun! This included re-telling and drama based work on these stories. Everyone has been working hard on understanding what a sentence is and remembering that they need a capital at the start and full stop at the end. We have also been very lucky to have a farm visit at school, bringing lots of animals for us to learn about. We all wrote a thank you letter to Farmer Sarah to show our gratitude and to again practise writing sentences. We were very lucky to have a visit from Fyffe's Banana where we learnt all about the journey of a banana. This then linked in to our literacy learning where we created our very own banana character. In Art, we have used oil pastels to create farm landscapes and mixed primary colours together to make secondary colours. In Maths, we have practised our number formation and basic addition and subtraction. We have become more confident with our one more and one less numbers, with lots of us wanting further challenge too! We have recapped the names of 2D shapes and their properties and we used these to make pictures and patterns. Lots of great farm pictures were created by only using 2D shapes! After a shape hunt around the school, were amazed that shapes are everywhere in our world – not just in maths! We celebrated Harvest Festival by walking to St. Mary’s church in Old Basing – the teachers were very impressed with our behaviour. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Next half term, our topic will be Festivals. We will explore various celebrations from around the world!

Thank you for a great half term Year 1!

Our Year 1 Team.



Teaching Cedar Class this year is Miss O'Hagan. 

Teaching Yew Class this year is Mrs Harvey. Miss Green is a Schools Direct teacher in Yew Class too. 

Our LSA's this year are Miss Menard, Mrs Wallace and Miss Abbey.