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Cedar & Yew Class (Year 1)

Summer 1

Despite this being a short half term we have had a busy one. Much of our learning linked to our topic ‘The Secret Garden’.

In English we used amazing adjectives to describe the beautiful setting of a secret garden. To spark our imaginations we went for a walk in our woods and looked at all the different things in nature that we could describe.

Our Science has also linked as we have been learning about how plants grow, naming the parts and the difference between deciduous and evergreen. We have been excited to see our seeds grow into seedlings but also now know that plants can grow from bulbs, not just seeds.

In Maths we have been developing our number skills by subtracting on a number line, adding and subtracting 1 and 10 using a number square and one of our new mathematical words for this term is array. We learned that an array is way of arranging objects in organised rows and columns which helps us with repeated addition and multiplication. You may have seen the chalk arrays on our playground!  

During our History sessions we have been looking at changes in our school. First we looked at old photographs of the school which showed the building before the extension was built. We could identify the pond, the playground but were surprised to see that the car park was at the front of the building where EY is now! We then created questions to ask members of the staff who have been at Great Binfields for some time. The adults videoed the answers for us and we were delighted to find out the answers to our questions. We learned that the library used to be where the Forest Classroom is and that Early Years used to be where the staff room is now!     

Gillian Ayres was the artist that we studied in Art. We looked at examples of her work, which was mainly abstract and used this as the inspiration for designs. After completing a design in our sketch books we made our inchies (it was a little bigger than an inch!) from hessian and felt. Lots of thought went into these as we transformed our designs into our final pieces of which we are proud.

As well as our weekly art sessions we have had the excitement of Art Week which finished with the amazing Art Festival. Our parents and guardians had the opportunity to see the results of our hard work and admire our fantastic final pieces. It certainly was a busy week as we have used our creativity (one of our school values), and perseverance (another school value) to produce a range of magnificent pieces using different mediums. The focus for the week was Diversity – linked to this Cedar and Yew looked at art from India and used this as our starting point for our creations.  We made marvellous Mendi clay hands, wonderful Warli style bags and sketched elephants with colourful designs. Each class also worked cooperatively (yet another of our values) to produce a bright and cheerful banner around the theme of Tolerance. Finally, as this is the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II we all did brilliant portraits of her - many capturing a likeness or a familiar aspect of Her Majesty.


The end of Spring 2


What another incredible half term we have had in Year 1. We have been busy continuing our learning with our Toys Topic.


In Art, we learnt about printing and enjoyed making string prints of toys such as robots, Lego blocks and dolls. The effort of everyone was great and we were so proud of the outcome. This work was inspired by the Artist Andy Warhol. We learnt all about him and his style of art. Have you heard of him or seen any of his very famous pieces?


In Science, our focus was on forces and different kinds of movements. We loved learning about wind direction and using our investigative skills to predict which way bubbles in the courtyard might travel.

This extended into our DT learning, where we explored the history of kites and the materials and designs used. This learning led to us making our own diamond shaped kites. We even went outside to fly them in the wind - this was so much fun!


In Computing we enjoyed learning about algorithms, these are just like instructions. We learnt that we had to be really clear when programming the Beebots to move. We made our mazes and made the Beebots move around them. 


We have also enjoyed our Geography enquiry and have been learning about the Countries and the Capital Cities of the UK. We looked at famous landmarks found around the UK and as part of our home learning carried out some research about these. We then focused on London Landmarks and the story 'The Queen's Hat', supported us with this. We had to map the hats journey around London. It flew in lots of different directions.


In Maths we have been learning about time, repeated addition, fractions, understanding different ways of making halves and quarters.


Unfortunately this half term our toys quit and went on strike. In English we had to ask questions to find out why and then using the responses from the toys we wrote about this. We enjoyed taking on the role of the reporters. We then focused on some poetry and created some performance poetry pieces to win the toys back. Thankfully the toys enjoyed this and we won them back! We also produced some lovely Spring poetry.


Jigsaw Jack has helped to understand the different ways we can help ourselves healthy. One of these ways is to keep ourselves active and eat a balanced diet. Our PE sessions helped us with this as we were building on our multi skills. 


We cannot wait to explore our next topic in the Summer term. It is the Secret Garden ...... sssssh! 



The end of Spring 1


What a brilliant half term we have had in Year 1. Our topic this term is Toys and it has been amazing to kick-start it this half term and see so much passion and excitement to learning. Year 1 were lucky enough to look after an artefact box full of toys dated back as far as 100 years! 

This assisted our learning in many ways. In Art we practised our observational sketching of the toys and then transformed these into Pop Art style paintings. We learnt all about Andy Warhol too! In Science, we learnt about different materials and their properties. In our groups, we made a house for a teddy bear. Over the half term, we had many challenges. Our first investigation was to find a roof that would be waterproof so we began testing different materials with water- this was very fun and very messy! We then needed to find curtains that wouldn't let in any light. We needed to investigate which materials were translucent and which were transparent. Another challenge was to find the strongest material for a table. The children worked collaboratively on this and were very successful! In History, we researched and learnt about toys in the past and found out how/why they have changed over time. It was interesting to see some similarities but lots of differences too. Some of this research extended to our Home Learning where we asked our Grandparents questions about their childhood. This extended to our English learning where we wrote biographies about our Grandparents life. We also learnt new games and wrote up the instructions. Year 1 are really looking forward to showing off all of this learning at their Grandparents Tea Party.  Get ready to extend your Toy learning as we carry it on into Spring 2!



The end of Autumn 1

Well it's hard to believe that we have only been a Year 1 family for one half term! This half term has absolutely whizzed by and we continue to be wowed by the children's passion and enthusiasm. Our topic this term has been Food and Farming. We have learnt lots about farms and where food comes from. We started by spending some time looking at the stories 'Rosie’s Walk' and 'The Enormous Turnip'; adapting these into both our Literacy and Maths learning was great fun! This included re-telling and drama based work on these stories. Everyone has been working hard on understanding what a sentence is and remembering that they need a capital at the start and full stop at the end. We have also been very lucky to have a farm visit at school, bringing lots of animals for us to learn about. We all wrote a thank you letter to Farmer Sarah to show our gratitude and to again practise writing sentences. We were very lucky to have a visit from Fyffe's Banana where we learnt all about the journey of a banana. This then linked in to our literacy learning where we created our very own banana character. In Art, we have used oil pastels to create farm landscapes and mixed primary colours together to make secondary colours. In Maths, we have practised our number formation and basic addition and subtraction. We have become more confident with our one more and one less numbers, with lots of us wanting further challenge too! We have recapped the names of 2D shapes and their properties and we used these to make pictures and patterns. Lots of great farm pictures were created by only using 2D shapes! After a shape hunt around the school, were amazed that shapes are everywhere in our world – not just in maths! We celebrated Harvest Festival by walking to St. Mary’s church in Old Basing – the teachers were very impressed with our behaviour. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Next half term, our topic will be Festivals. We will explore various celebrations from around the world!

Thank you for a great half term Year 1!

Our Year 1 Team.



Teaching Cedar Class this year is Miss O'Hagan. 

Teaching Yew Class this year is Mrs Harvey. Miss Green is a Schools Direct teacher in Yew Class too. 

Our LSA's this year are Miss Menard, Mrs Wallace and Miss Abbey.