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Sycamore and Willow Class (Year 2)

Autumn 2


This term has been another very busy term. We have been learning about the topic ‘Fire, Fire’ where we have learnt about the historical event of the Great Fire of London. To launch this topic we had a visit from the Tree house Theatre where we all had the opportunity to dress up as characters from 1666 and act out the events of the fire. We thought about how the people would be feeling and what happened on that fatal day. We then used this in our history learning to compare life in 1666 to life now, including the jobs of fire fighters. We then thought about who we thought were to blame for the fire. To end our topic we built houses and then burnt them. We thought about how we felt watching them burn and compared this to how they would feel in 1666, watching their precious houses and belongings burn.

We then applied all this knowledge to our English writing where we wrote a diary pretending we were a character from the story. We then pretended we were in a coffee shop from 1666 and read our diaries to our friends whilst enjoying a hot beverage.

We have learnt a great deal about fire fighters this term and we were lucky enough to have a virtual talk from them. We learnt about their job and how to keep safe around fire. We then looked at fire trucks and the use of them. In design technology we then explored how we could build our own fire engine, looking closely at the wheels and axels. We used all this information to build our own fire engines!

This term has also been very Christmassy as the children have been carrying out Christmas play practise and have worked really hard to learn all their songs and lines. They all did an amazing job and should be very proud.

Next term we are learning about the Traditional tales, which is a very exciting topic!

Autumn 1


We have had a very jam packed start to year 2. The children have all settled in nicely into their new classes and have flourished with their new challenges.

During the term they seemed to have really enjoyed learning all about the Funny Bones stories. They have thought hard about what each character might be like and used this to write character descriptions. They have also wrote their own version of a Funny Bones story, which were very enjoyable to read!

In science we have been looking at how to be healthy and what makes our bodies healthy. We had a virtual visit from Mrs Folan, who used to be a dental nurse. She explained to us how important it is to take care of our teeth. The children listened carefully and enjoyed learning all about her job. We then used this knowledge to create our own instructions on how to brush our teeth.

In RE we have been looking at how light is important to a variety of different religious festivals. We had a visit from Vivaan’s Mum who told the children about her religion, Hinduism. She talked to us about the Diwali festival and how it is celebrated.

Next term we will be doing ‘Fire, Fire’ which is all about the Great Fire of London. We will also be practising and performing the Christmas play!



First day back!


We had an exciting first day in year 2! We each had the responsibility of looking after a Jelly Baby. We used some of our class values by showing respect to our own and each other’s. We also learnt a bit about diversity and thought about how all the Jelly Babies are different. We worked really hard to think about the needs of the Jelly Baby. This then linked to our topic this half term which is ‘Funny Bones’. We were really impressed with how the children came back and we hope they are all looking forward to their learning this year.

Welcome Year 2!


We are very excited to have you all in our year group. In Sycamore class the class teacher is Miss Canfield and in Willow it is Mrs Franklin. We then have Miss Lockley, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Pearce supporting across both classes.