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Writing at Great Binfields 


At Great Binfields, we believe that every child should learn to write through exciting real life experiences and opportunities. It is important that children have a real understanding of the purpose and audience for their writing and enjoy sharing this with the school and local community. By sharing excellent writing examples from a variety of different authors, we inspire children to emulate their styles and use this in their own writing. We encourage children to read their work for enjoyment, to read it aloud to others and provide audiences for writing. We want children to have an understanding that writing has a real purpose and that word choice and style can bring about change. Throughout our curriculum, we provide a range of writing opportunities in a variety of genres and text types. We also promote writing for pleasure and constantly reinforce how reading and writing are so closely linked.

Statutory requirements for teaching Writing

All schools have to follow an agreed curriculum in the teaching of writing (and other subjects).
Follow these links to find out more:

  • England: The National Curriculum 2014.

Developmental Stages of Early Writing

Writing and Drama in Action

A Quote from Ofsted


”In writing, pupils reflect on and improve their work. I observed pupils delighting in language and the ability to change nuance through their vocabulary choice or positioning words.” Ofsted May 2019

Book and Writing Week


Each year the children at Great Binfields take part in a Reading and Writing Week. The week follows a certain theme, for example poetry week or outdoor writing week. The children take part in a variety of fantastic activities linked to their class text.  Not all of these activities are linked to writing - they could be drama, art or maybe maths! 


World Book Day


World Book Day is celebrated by all at GBPS.  The children and staff love dressing up as their favorite book characters, bringing in their favorite book and taking part in World Book Day themed activities. 

What can children write at home?

* Write messages on funky post it notes or emails to each other.
* Encourage them to keep a diary either for themselves or for their pet/ toy.
* Write funny stories and letters to each other.
* Regular writing to a relative or close family friend – there is nothing more magical than receiving a letter through the post.
* Make it fun – get different coloured paper, pens, chalk, let them use the computer.
* Get them to make scrap books on holiday, write postcards, get a pen pal, write to their favourite pop group.
* If they’ve seen a film they loved, they could write a diary as one of its characters or write a play script of the story.
* Writing a match report on a match they played in on the weekend.
* Write a letter/ diary entry to their friend or teacher about what they have done over the weekend.
* Do not focus on their spelling or handwriting too much (I know it’s hard!)
* Any writing children do at home, teachers will be more than happy to look at and reward with stickers and raffle tickets.
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