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Meet The Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.
The Governing Body consists of twelve governors, made up as follows:

 Name                                    Governing Role                       Committee                                 Length of service

Mrs Janet Cullinane Chair of Governing Body         HR and Finance                             19 years  
Mr Martin Biermann Vice Chair of Governing Body HR                                                  19 years  
Ms Jules Rogers Headteacher                            HR, Finance and Curriculum          6 years               
Mrs Anna Brookes Co-opted Governor                  Curriculum                                  3 years  
Mrs Katy Daly Parent Governor                       Curriculum, HR                            2 years  
Mrs Aileen Brown Co-opted Governor                  HR & Curriculum                         2 years  
Mrs Helen Worgan

Co-opted Governor                  Finance, Curriculum                     2 years

Mrs Rebecca Osborne Staff Governor                          Curriculum                                   7 years  
Mrs Jo Gilham Parent Governor                       Finance                                        less than 1 year  
Mrs Claire Golding Co-opted Governor                  Finance                                        less than 1 year  
Mr Matt Dooley Co-opted Governor                  Finance                                        less than 1 year  
Mrs Alyson Lane Co-opted Governor                  Finance                                        less than 1 year  
Mrs Aileen Brown Safeguarding Governor  
Mrs Jo Gilham  Health and Safety Governor  
Mrs Katy Daly SEND and LAC Governor   
Mrs Helen Worgan Pupil Premium Governor  
Mrs Debbie Robinson Clerk to the Governing Body    FGB, Finance                                3 years  
Governors hold the school to account in many ways to ensure your child has a very good learning journey whilst being at the school.

Governors hold the Leadership Team to account by reviewing every term the progress rates of all children at year group level and also by monitoring children by conducting Learning Walks with the Leadership Team to check if they are reaching age expected expectations. They ask questions like - has every child in the subject made progress? If not, what is being done to move the children forward? As a school, we have also set ourselves a target of being in the top 25% of schools nationally at Key Stage 2 so we ensure children are being stretched and challenged. Governors also monitor Boys' attainment compared to Girls to ensure our curriculum is balanced and monitor any children with special needs  or have English as an Additional Language to ensure their needs are met and that they too make good progress. They also evaluate intervention strategies to support children with moving forward. Governors track termly trends to ensure progress is on track throughout the school.

Governors perform specific roles, for instance be a lead on Safeguarding, SEND, EAL, Curriculum, Finance, Human Resources,  Health and Safety and Attainment and Progress. Each Lead Governor meets on a termly basis with the person who leads an area for development in school (Teacher Team Leader, Leadership Team or Business Manager) so that we ensure what the Leadership Team is telling us, is actually what happens operationally. This also gives Governors a great insight to resource needs and helps with planning and challenge for resources as well as development. It also gives the opportunity to build  strong relationships with the school team.

Finally, Governors pay for an Education Advisor from Hampshire, known as our Lead Learning Partner to come and observe our teaching and validate our academic priorities. We want to ensure that our understanding of our school is validated by an external fresh set of eyes, at least two times a year. This again, gives the Leadership Team a professional challenge. As Governors, we also attend regular professional development to ensure their knowledge is in line with policy and best practise.

They are lucky enough to share with the children; excursions, open days and sessions, assemblies, time in class and just being stopped in school to be told of an achievement whilst they are in reviewing policies and carrying out their roles. Being a Governor is a privilege at Great Binfields Primary School. Parent Governors are regularly on the playground and should you wish to speak with the Chair of the Governing Body please ask at reception and an appointment can be made.

Click on this hyperlink: for Hampshire Governor Services.

GBP Governors Annual Statement and Impact Report 2019-2020 (last academic year)