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Pine & Ash Class (Year 4)

Autumn 2 – The Ancient Greeks


Well, Miss Grove and Miss Hanafin said this is one of their favourite topics and we were not wrong – what a brilliant half term it has been. One of our favourite parts of the half term was listening to lots of different Ancient Greek myths. We analysed the characters, creatures, story lines and settings to find the key themes woven through myths: morals, punishments, gods and happy but sad endings. We used this information to write our very own myths. This was a real project for us as there were so many stages to consider but they turned out AMAZING and we look forward to sharing these with our adults at home.

In Maths we have been working on a range of skills, including time telling! We recapped some of our Y3 knowledge on the analogue clock and applied this to converting 12 and 24 hour times. Telling the time is such an important Maths and life skill. We were really impressed with the Growth Mindset from both classes during this TIME of learning!

In History, we have been exploring the question ‘why did the Ancient Greeks star the Olympics?’ We have worked hard delving deep into this question and even themed some of our Home Learning around this. Can you remember the answer?

Our Science learning has taken us around the world, getting to know different producers, prey and predators. We have learnt lots about different food chains from different habitats, including our very own woodland.


As we descend into the craziness of Christmas, we can reflect on how much progress we have all made in the Autumn term. We enjoy looking through our books and our Seesaw journals, seeing what our learning looked like at the start of the year and comparing it with now. Every single person in Y4 has so much to be proud of. We cannot wait for the fun that Spring will bring as we begin our new topic: EXTREME EARTH!

Autumn 1 - Scrumdiddlyumptious


Wow, what a whirlwind of a half term. We have thoroughly enjoyed working through this first half term, getting to know our new classes and exploring a whole range of learning. 


We started the half term thinking about chocolate (what else?!), being inspired by the world of Mr Wonka. We designed our own imaginary bars, made delicious chocolate bark bars and then wrote instruction on how to create an effective bar. We used a range of sentence structures and really tested our vocabulary in order to ensure our instructions were suitable for our audience. We then had a very exciting launch of our Ma Humbugs advertising poster. Nicky from Ma Humbugs came into look at our planning and share further advice about how to ensure our persuasive posters were fit for the purpose. It was such a valuable learning experience.


We have been enjoying delving deep into Maya civilisation in our History sessions, getting to grips with how they connect to the history of chocolate itself. The children have thoroughly embraced their learning and have loved learning about a civilisation so different to other aspects of history we have already explored. We have connected our Art to our History and have been thinking about drawing bodies in proportion. The children had to be extremely resilient in order to develop their skills and enjoyed seeing their progress across the half term.


The children have really impressed us with the way they have settled into their new routines but more importantly, how they have embraced exciting new opportunities as school begins to look a little bit more 'normal'. We have loved the active learning in Y4, having time to enjoy the outdoor area, the shared area and all of the wonderful practical resources we have to offer.


Next half term we move onto Miss Hanafin and Miss Grove's favourite topic .... The Ancient Greeks! 


First week back 2021


We have had such a wonderful first week with you all. You have made a wonderful first impression and we have loved starting to get to know each and every one of you. It is very clear you are all looking forward to the fun and learning we have ahead of us this year.

In the first week back, we looked at each of our Great Binfields values. It was great to remind ourselves of what our school values are but to also delve a little deeper into what they mean for us. We explored ‘resilience’ and ‘cooperation’ when completing team work games and challenges. We thought about ‘respect’ when looking at our behaviour code in school and in our own team acrostic poems. We delved into ‘aspiration’ when reading about inspirational people and thinking about our own hopes for our learning this year. We really got involved with ‘creativity’ when designing our own chocolate bars. And finally, we had some open conversations about ‘honesty’ when talking about our own personalities in the class.

We also introduced our three concepts for this half term: ‘honesty’ (GBPS value), ‘morality’ and ‘truth’. We can’t wait to get stuck into more concept learning.

All in all, a wonderfully busy, varied and fun week. Have a look at the pictures to see what we got up to.

Welcome to Year 4 2021!


Below you will see a Y4 staff team photo.

Left to right: Miss Grove (Pine class teacher), Mrs Lowe, Mrs Tomkins, Miss Hanafin (Ash class teacher), Miss Heath (Teacher training), Miss Rendall (working one day a week in Y4) and Mrs Clarke. How lucky we are to have such a happy and hardworking team.