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Learning Together, Achieving Forever


Participating in an ensemble truly is a place for musical, academic, and social-emotional growth.

When a student participates in an ensemble, they are not only forming life skills, they are also forming relationships.

They are not only making music, they are making memories.


Laura Mason - music educator

Music assembly

Every week on a Wednesday or a Thursday (depending on the key stage) our school comes together to have fun and experience the joy of singing together with other people. A range of songs are selected each week, the selection of songs is based on our school values, that are fund to sing and that the children will enjoy. There are firm favourites that the children love and we want to encourage children to sing and have fun.


It is always wonderful to see children flourish when they discover that singing is for fun particularly when they discover that when they sing for pleasure and enjoyment; the quality of the sound they make improves dramatically!


We reward children in singing assembly for their effort and enjoyment with house points and stickers. 


Our vocal band, along with our Vocal Ambassadors help and encourage others by providing a wonderful, confident sound that lends their experience of group singing to the whole experience. 





Vocal Band

Great Binfields Primary School is incredibly proud of its vocal band and all that it has achieved of the academic year of 2023 - 2024. It is the most popular after school club of the school and has around 40 members. The academic year started with us performing along with other schools at the Mayors Charity Concert at The Anvil in Basingstoke. Nearer to Christmas we joined with the other local schools, St Marys, Ructstall and Fairfields - along with The Costello school to perform to parents as a way of forming stronger links with our local Secondary school and also to begin to break down some of those fears and anxieties that exist at the though of transitioning to "Big" school. It is hoped that this will become an annual event and we received high praise for our achievements at this concert. 


We also supported our very own Children's Christmas Fair by performing to open the event. WE are always being asked to attend other events but alas we do not always have the time. 


In June the Vocal Band will join with other local schools to be part of a flagship event call the Basingstoke Primary Schools Music concert performing as a massed choir and massed orchestra.