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A Right Result!!!

On Thursday evening our A and B team went to play Hockey at Down Grange and wow, they did so well!!! Miss Brookes, Mrs Bausauri and Miss Grainger were so proud of the teams' determination and for their super sportsmanship too. I popped down to see them play before having to go to another meeting and I was so impressed with how they were using the skills taught to really play tactically. Well done to you all.  See the score sheet below:
Binfields A
N.Waltham   1-1 (draw)
St Marks A    0-2 (WIN)
St Bedes A    0-3 (WIN)
Binfields B
St Bedes A   2-0 (WIN)
N Waltham  1-2  (WIN)
St Bedes B    0-4 (WIN)


Thank you to the parents who supported the children too - the kids loved having you there.