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Avon Tyrrell - Day 4

Terrific Thursday 

All of the children slept incredibly well again last night and settled into bed beautifully at bedtime. They have continued to impress us with this throughout the week and it’s meant that the children have felt well rested for all of the activities each day.


Today, the weather has been fantastic! We were very grateful for the warmth of the sunshine and felt it gave us an extra fire in our bellies to be even more determined to succeed in the challenges we faced.  Each group participated in another full day of activities, impressing the GBP adults and Avon Tyrrell staff along the way. The children have loved sharing their accomplishments and success stories with their friends when reuniting at mealtimes and it has been wonderful to see them grow a strong sense of self-belief as the week has progressed. It has also been lovely to watch the children’s teamwork and communication skills improve as the week has gone on and we look forward to seeing these abilities shining stronger than ever when we are back at school.


The children are currently bubbling with excitement ahead of the disco this evening and are looking forward to one more sleepover at Avon Tyrrell before returning home tomorrow.


Here are some quotes from the children themselves:

“I went on the zipwire today and it was very fun. I felt like I was going to faint as I have been so terrified of heights this week but I managed to do it! My friends really helped me to push through my fear and I’m so happy that I did it.” Darcie T


“I think it is really cool because you have loads of activities to do and it’s really fun. If are nervous of heights, they will try and encourage you to do it but there is no pressure. Some people overcome their fear. I managed to get higher on the ladder than I thought I would. I would really recommend it for other children.” Freya W


“Avon Tyrrell is the best! It has lots of different activities which I have loved doing this week. My favourite activity was the high ropes because I got to climb up really high and jump off the top with a harness on.” Rosie


“This week has been really good and enjoyable because they have lots of activities. All of the food is really good and they have been really helpful if you don’t like what’s on the menu. They always have a second choice.” Evie


“Avon Tyrrell is really fun because if you’re not sure how to complete an activity, they give you lots of help and support but also give challenges too. Also, if you don’t feel safe, no one will make you do anything you don’t want to do. However, they encourage you to have a go and reach your best potential.” Grace


“Avon Tyrrell is a great activity centre. I feel like I have been able to overcome my fear of heights as when I went on the abseiling tower, I came all the way down by myself in my harness. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it! I then managed to complete the zipwire, which went over the lake! It was a tricky situation to decide whether to do it or not but I was brave enough to give a go and even went down twice!” Tristan


Take a look at a selection of our photos from today.


We shall ensure we inform you of our departure time tomorrow so that you can come and collect your children a little earlier than usual school pick up time if you are able or would like to.


See you tomorrow! We are now going to boogie the night away 😊