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Day 2 of The Night at The Museum

The vast majority of children slept through the night although it was a late night as we had jam packed fun at The Novium until late! 

The children were officially woken up at 6.45am but to be honest a few were awake by 6am. With help, the children packed up their overnight bags and squashed their sleeping bags into their tiny bags (which as you can imagine was tough and tested patience!!) Breakfast was served and teeth were brushed before we headed out on the minibuses again.

This time, we headed to Chichester Harbour where we boarded a solar powered boat that belongs to The Chichester Harbour Trust. We went out into the harbour and played I spy...some of our children were able to tick off lots of items due to super spotting and some thought they had seen a seal too! The skipper wasn't so sure though. It was a tad blowy but the children enjoyed the experience all the same - especially using the binoculars to spot things further out. 

Next we headed to Emsworth Beach and the neighbouring woodland. Unfortunately, it tipped it down with rain just as we got there so we ate our lunch on the buses. The children quite liked this to be honest. The rain soon cleared, so we made the short walk along the beach and through the woodland. It was a haven for birds and we even saw some oyster catchers. Everyone made a nature sticky picture using natural treasures found in the woodland and on the beach too. 

The children had a marvellous time but boy, were they shattered..... so were us adults too. The vast majority of kids gave it a huge 10/10. We are really pleased about that.