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Diversity Day - The Sikh Faith

Today, the children at Great Binfields Primary School looked at the Sikh faith as part of their ongoing Diversity learning. 

Many exciting activities took place across the school from EYFS right up to Year 6.  All the children learnt that the Sikh faith is built upon the humanitarian principles of Freedom, Equality and Justice - which link to British Values and Year 2 made wonderful links to the school values also. 


The children in KS1 learned about the 5 Ks ,which are very important to the Sikh faith, including the Kesh - which means that followers of the Sikh faith do not cut their hair as they feel it makes them closer to God. Year three learned all about the Holy Book of the Sikh faith - Guru Granth Sahib. Excitingly, Year 4 were delivered some samosas, that had brought in as a gift, by a classmate as his family are Sikh and part of their faith includes serving others and providing food and shelter, particularly in the Gurdwara - their place of worship. 

Year 5 looked into The Golden Temple and made some fabulous models whereas Year 6 examined the festival of Vaisakhi and made Kites in celebration of this.  


The children have really enjoyed learning about the Sikh faith. They were able to contextualise this learning and evaluate it in relation to other religions learned about throughout their time at Great Binfields.