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Gingerbread Houses - Year 6 DT

In our Design Technology lessons this half term, Year 6 have worked hard to create their very own gingerbread house designs in small groups. The children were able to bring their creations to life today as we baked, built and decorated a whole village of gingerbread residences across the year group! Miss Barnett and Mrs Roberts were particularly impressed with the superb resilience that the children demonstrated throughout the entire process as they needed to edit, adapt and redesign elements of their house during each stage of the build. I think we can all now appreciate that building a gingerbread house from scratch is not for the faint hearted!


At the beginning of the half term, we started by conducting market research to formulate our very own success criteria, thinking about what makes a successful gingerbread house. Secondly, we created a computer aided design to carefully consider the measurements of each face of our 3D shape. After this, we created a prototype out of cardboard to ensure our measurements were successful. Then it was onto the baking, building and decorating of the gingerbread house itself! The children worked incredibly hard and demonstrated many of our Great Binfields values throughout the day – incredible cooperation, superb resilience and of course, a wonderful amount of creativity too. 


Take a look at some of the pictures to see the fun we have had whilst creating our gingerbread houses!