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Key Stage Two - 100 Words Writing Homework

Last week, Key Stage 2 were set the challenging homework task of writing a 100 word story. The children had to make sure they were very precise with their word choices as they had to hit the 100 word target – not a word over or under!


Two winners were chosen from each class and presented with a funky notebook and pen.

Below are the winning stories from each class. We hope you enjoy reading them!


Faith (Pine Class)

Holly the kitten lay bored in her house. The children who played with her were out for the day and she’d been left alone. Holly, not knowing what else to do, crawled through the cat flap into the big wide world outside. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a vibrant butterfly. Desperate for some fun, she chased the butterfly all over the garden. Not focussing, she slid on the mud and fell into the pond! She clambered out soaking wet. The butterfly had stopped on a branch to rest, so taking a deep breath Holly leaped…


Mollie (Pine Class)

Far far away, there lived a lively gummy bear called Squishy. One day his boss asked him to go on a top secret mission to find the legendary ‘Magical Chocolate Candy Cane’ which would bring more joy, excitement and imagination to the Jelly Town. Soon, the time came - Squishy set off on his extremely important mission…

Pushing through the candyfloss webs and strawberry lace spiders, Squishy became very sticky indeed! He ran as fast as he could. Ducking and diving under yet more webs, he gazed into the distance. Would he survive the next obstacle which stood before him?


Faye (Ash Class)

I remember when I first started gymnastics watching the ‘big girls’ train, thinking I want to be just like them. Then things started to get hard - when I fell, it hurt. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do that one skill. The girls I was best friends with started to disappear. My team became smaller and the pain just got worse. Then I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a little girl watching me and I realised how far how far I’ve actually come because only a few years ago, that little girl was me.


Kiran (Ash Class)

Swish! The doors open! Finally I am being chased by an eager mob. I’m in. People push and shove their way through. The crowd pulling new things as they go. I see the prize and reach for it. Someone stands in the way, I shoulder them to one side. Suddenly the swarm scream and snatch. My head and ears are buzzing. Oh no no! Someone’s stamping on my toes! I reach and grab something small and square that I had my eye on. I run to the till with it within my grasp, PHEW! I’m not doing Black Friday again!


Alexandra (Willow Class)

One early morning in the Sweet Shop, there were some children and they wanted candy. Later on, the shop closed and the shop keeper was packing up to go home. Suddenly a portal came up and sucked up the shopkeeper into a strange candy world. Then he met some gummy bears and chocolate bunnies crowding around him. Then one of the gummy bears said “we need your help to unblock the water. All we have to do is break it with a log. Come on let’s smash it!” so they smashed it and it broke. “Yey, thank you!” they cheered.


Sarah (Willow Class)

Sophie started searching for her musical instrument. The concert was on Friday. She started rummaging in her room while humming a tune but found nothing. Next she looked in the basement and she whistled as she went but she found nothing. Finally she searched the Wendy House while clicking her fingers but found nothing. In tears, she told her Grandma she couldn’t do the concert as she had lost her instrument “Don’t be silly dear, you are the instrument.” Said Grandma. Sophie smiled and whistled, hummed and clicked her way to school in time for the big musical concert rehearsal.


Milly (Sycamore Class)

Olivia awoke from her dream. The house was pitch black. Rain hammered against the window, footsteps crept up the super spooky stairs. She suddenly shivered as she remembered the mysterious monster her big sister had been telling her about. The howling wind danced furiously, making the curtains ripple. She shivered again. Strange shadowy figures stretched along the soot-like walls. A long, black and skinny figure appeared at the door, tiptoeing towards her. Olivia stared. The figure gave her a glass of milk with a red and blue straw. “Here you go Olivia,” said a familiar voice. It was her Mum!


Thomas (Sycamore Class)

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Tom who liked playing with dominoes. Every morning all of his dominoes were set up by themselves and he couldn’t figure out why. He decided to stay up but that did not work because he got so tired and fell asleep again. The second night he stayed awake but he didn’t see anything and was very disappointed. So on the third night he set up a video and guess what he saw? The glittering Tooth Fairy was setting up the dominoes with her magic. The strange mystery had been solved!