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Love of 'We are all different' Day

Today our whole school had one of our special 'Love of Days' where we focussed on a moral aspect. Our theme was 'Celebrating Differences' whereby we learned about understanding physical differences through the mind of a Paralympian/Sportsperson with a disability . We started the day by having a launch assembly where I outlined the different journeys to disability - genetic, at birth, accident and illness. We then thought about how all people have goals/aspirations and the values needed in order to succeed...concluding that despite our differences - the values of determination, perseverance, commitment, strength and courage are exactly the same for all.

Each year group from Years 1-6 had a different group of athletes' and sports-peoples' stories to discover and the children wrote poems, newspaper articles, drew pictures, produced plays and used ICT to create fact files. In Early Years the children focussed on a story called 'William and the One Winged Dragon' which helped the children to understand that anyone can play sport and be part of a team.

At the end of the day we had a sharing assembly where representatives from each year group explained their learning to others. As usual the discussions we had with the children were very powerful and we were genuinely impressed with what the children were saying. We all discovered that we have different journeys but strive for the same destination. Tolerance, working together as a team plus having friends, families, coaches and people who believe in us are so, so vital so that we all find success in something and achieve.